Trained to hate- Arab child a “true Muslim” برمجة عقول الاطفال « The Muslim Issue 2012-08-05 19-22-58

UAE: Trained to hate: Arab child “a true Muslim” برمجة عقول الاطفال

Parents demonstrate their pride to Arab daytime TV: their 3.5 year old daughter, Basmallah, who hates Jews and Christians and refer to them as ‘apes and pigs’. The host is so delighted at Basmallah’s true Muslim qualities she express a wish that all Arab families will be “blessed” to have a child like Basmallah.

Somali Muslim kids in Minnesota assault gay man « The Muslim Issue 2012-08-05 19-42-08

USA: Somali Muslim kids in Minnesota harass gay man with ‘we hate gays’ taunts and pelt stones

Muslim detest for democracy and rights of all people is well known. But what happens when Muslims are allowed to immigrate to a democratic nation? In the UK the entire nation’s prison population is 30% Muslim, out of an entire 5% Muslim population nationwide. This video shows Muslim Somali immigrant kids in Minnesota harassing and…