Content Removal

The Muslim Issue is an Open Source blog upon which political readers and writers can archive news content from around the world on Islam and the after-effect of Islamic culture and ideology on politics, laws, society, media, civil liberties, etc.

As an Open Source blog platform for newsfeed archive purposes The Muslim Issue has no specific “owner” or “operator”.


Ownership of Content

The Muslim Issue does not own any content on the blog.

The Muslim Issue publish content / news under FAIR USE for discussion, criticism or review citing US 17 U.S.C. § 107 fair use protection, Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976 and UK Section 30(1) of the 1988 Act.

The Muslim Issue is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Content Inaccuracies

Articles are obtained and provided from numerous sources sent to us by readers, mainly from major news outlets. If you have any objections or find inaccuracies in these articles or posts, or comments of a specific person or company and you wish to bring this to attention, please provide evidence and post your comment and a link to the article under the article. Provide a clear explanation as to why the link challenges the accuracy of the article in question. Public feedback and corrections in the comment section will serve as a reminder that content can be unintentionally faulty.


Report Violations / Copyright Content

If you believe that any content on has been published without consent or could violate copyrights, please read the instruction for removal carefully:

  1. Please describe the violation in clear terms.
  2. Provide a link to the article of the violation.
  3. Post this information in the comment section under the article.
    Note: As TMI is an Open Source blog it can take time for notifications to be reviewed. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE CONTACT FORM TO ASK FOR REMOVAL OF CONTENT AS IT MAY NOT REACH VOLUNTEERS.
    If you do not see a response from an admin team/volunteer within a reasonable time-frame, add a second comment in the comment section under the article.
  4. When a volunteer has been notified about your request, a reply under the comment field will provide an email to which you must send your evidence / ID proof for your right / authority to demand removal of content.

Ideally, a request of removal of content should take place within 30-days although this cannot be promised. As an Open Source blog the content in the blog may remain unattended for long periods of time.

Without ID and proof volunteers may decide to keep the content on the blog but you will be notified in the comment section.


Contacting WordPress

If you feel that you have legal right to remove content and a volunteer is taking more than 60-days to respond and give instructions to help the process of removal, you may wish to contact wordpress to ask for the removal of content:

Please include a copy of this link validating the blog’s approval for WordPress to interfere to remove content for qualified individuals (only) without a court notice.


Personal Injury Content

If for any reason, you find third party content on this blog that may be personally damaging and a potential cause of harm to your personal life, or safety, please try to notify volunteers immediately and follow the procedure under ‘Report Violations’ to ask for removal of content, and explain the reason it should be removed.

Volunteers cannot remove content that is an opinion, ambigious, indirect or insulting to the personal likes or dislikes. There should be a clear potential cause of harm or damage, that can be backed up with ID proof and other forms of evidence.