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For wider educational exposure we now offer our news and political articles in monthly bundles. Marketers and advertisers can now buy our political blog articles and content. No need to spend thousands of hours to collect and create content, edit, photoshop and research for content. It’s all there within minutes of importing it to your website or blog.


We have visitors from over 150 countries and over 21 million visitors since August 2012. We average anywhere from 15,000-35,000 visitors per day. Content is widely searched by visitors without any particular relevance to publishing date. At least half of daily visitor stats refer to older published content.

Top Countries

United Kingdom
European Union (unverifed ip displays as EU)
For full list of countries please see pdf.


The content get high quality referrals from other political websites, blogs, social media channels on a daily basis.


“Pillar Content”, content that is of high value. All articles are political in content with rich keyword content for search terms and tags such as terrorism, middle east, Muslim in Europe, refugee crisis, Muslim migration, asylum crisis, jihad in Europe, terrorism in USA, muslim statistics, and many more.
Roughly 2% of articles are republish/redirects from our other blog portals. 2014 bundles are offered at discounted rate and have a slightly higher number of republished articles.


Our blog content is compatible with almost any blog platform or CMS:

Blog platforms: Blogger, Blogroll, GoDaddy Quick Blogcast, Israblog, LiveJournal, Movable Type and TypePad, My Opera, Posterous, Storylane, Tumblr, WordPress, Xanga, etc.
CMS providers: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Ghost, ImpressPages, etc.

File Format

We provide an XML file containing all bundled and this file can be imported into another blog or website within minutes. This path to importing content is ideal for people who are looking for rich political content for marketing, backlink creation, seo, advertising, etc., without wanting to spend the labor to create content from scratch.


The volume of monthly articles differ, but roughly range from anywhere of 170 to 250 articles per month


Default category: Muslims worldwide. Categories can be edited for keyword specific words.


Default post author: “Admin”. Post author can be edited during the XML file import process to your own keywords or name. Individual articles carries the name of the original author in the text content.


Most images and links are active and should show up on the XML imports. There may be video links, especially prior to 2015, that are deleted by youtube and which are beyond out control.
Notice: Many images and links refer to an external source to save on storage. Should the original source delete their content, the images and links may show blank. They can be replaced by new images or links.

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Payment Instructions

All payments must be made by donations only. Blog content will be mailed by password accessed link within 36 hours of the receipt of your donation. Please specify during the donation payment process what month and year the bundle is for so we can mail you the right articles.


Sorry, no refunds. All content is offered on ‘as-is’ basis.

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