Nasari – Mark for Christians

A big hat tip to the readers who are designing and managing the t-shirts. A portion of the proceeds are donated to The Muslim Issue. Thanks guys! You can order t-shirts through their online store:

One thought on “Nasari – Mark for Christians

  1. Should we really be this hostile and challenging to another group? Should we not try to win them over as Christ told us to. Not by disrespecting their way, but by showing HIS is better? I have no problem taking out a threat to me or my family , is this not feeding the ugly side of Christianity. I am asking questions because this US a what nation) has started more wars than any other nation in history , has KILLED/MURDERED more people than any other.. Where do we get this alleged moral high ground 100 million natives, 60 million babies , 1.5 million Iraqis'( mostly children)


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