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Female trio spark outrage in Saudi Arabia with music video mocking men, ‘May men be eradicated’

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SAUDI SEXISM SCANDAL Female pop band spark outrage in Saudi Arabia with music video mocking Donald Trump and condemning oppression of women

The girls can be heard singing: ‘May men be eradicated as they cause us to have mental illnesses’. 

4th January 2017, 12:38 pm
Updated: 4th January 2017, 12:38 pm

A MUSIC video in Saudi Arabia featuring a trio of female singers dressed in Islamic niqab mocking men and Donald Trump while dancing – has sparked outrage in the conservative country.

The catchy pop tune entitled Hwages, which means “concerns” in Arabic, has been branded “disgusting” and “extremely inappropriate” by many Saudi citizens on social media.

 The music video titled Hwages translates to

The music video titled Hwages translates to “concerns” and slams the oppression of Saudi women

Female trio spark outrage in Saudi Arabia with music video mocking men

In the controversial clip, a young lad can be seen driving a car full of women while the song mocks the state’s law that bans women from driving.

Then three veiled women appear to prove they can do it all by riding in bumper cars, playing basketball and rollerskating while singing about oppression of women in Saudi.

The lyrics, which was produced and written by Saudi producer Majed Alesa, include: “If only God would rid us of men”.

 In this music video, Saudi women can be seen playing basketball, skating, breaking out in dance and riding bumper cars

In this music video, Saudi women can be seen playing basketball, skating, breaking out in dance and riding bumper cars

 They sing:

They sing: “May men be eradicated as they cause us to have mental illnesses”

 The catchy song has gone viral and has split the Saudi nation

The catchy song has gone viral and has split the Saudi nation

 The song mocks President-elect Donald Trump who was caught up in sexual harassment allegations during the US elections

The song mocks President-elect Donald Trump who was caught up in sexual harassment allegations during the US elections

 Under Saudi Arabia’s law, women can't do anything without seeking permission from a male relative

Under Saudi Arabia’s law, women can’t do anything without seeking permission from a male relative.

The girls also take a swipe at President-elect Donald Trump, who was accused of sexually harassing women during the 2016 US elections.

“May men be eradicated as they cause us to have mental illnesses,” the women sing. “May they all go crazy, they seem to be possessed.”

Since its release last month, the video has been viewed more than two million times on YouTube.

While many have taken to Twitter to praise their efforts to help empower women living in the oppressive regime, others were completely outraged.

One tweeted: “The director offends the Muslim women in our country. Where are our preachers to deny this?”

Another called it “cheap and extremely inappropriate”.

It comes after, Saudi women were finally allowed the right to vote last year – but they remain unable to drive cars, interact with men, play sports, or even try clothes on when shopping.

Under Saudi Arabia’s law, all women require the permission of a male guardian – typically a father, brother, husband or uncle – to travel, marry, open a bank account, get a job or education and have surgery.

Last month, a Saudi man was slapped with a one-year jail term after calling for the end to the kingdom’s guardianship system, which allows men control over women.

He was also fined £6,540 by a court in Dammam, eastern Saudi Arabia, for “inciting to end guardianship of women”.

23 thoughts on “Female trio spark outrage in Saudi Arabia with music video mocking men, ‘May men be eradicated’

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  6. This is what happens when you let them drive. Next they’ll be expecting to be in the government or, even worse, allowed to wear short skirts.


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