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Scotland: Muslim mother kills her baby daughter because she preferred a boy

Poor little kid! Her young life was one of abuse.

The tragic irony of Islam is that its ‘sacred’ text, the Qur’an, is particularly solicitous of women’s well-being and development, yet Islamic traditions discriminate against girls from the moment of their lamented births. Islam is proud to have abolished female infanticide, yet one of the most common crimes in many Muslim countries is the “honor killing” of women by male relatives.

The Qur’an permits divorce without fault, but Muslim societies have made divorce both legally and socially very difficult for women. The Qur’an stipulates that both parents must concur on the raising of children and not use the children against each other, but in many Muslim countries divorced women automatically lose custody of their children when the boys turn 7 and the girls 12.

There is no marital age-limit for a woman, girl, or infant baby girl to be handed over to an adult male. There are no restrictions on sexual abuse, incest or even rape within a family.

While the Qur’an offers Jannah (heaven) to men, no such rewards are promised to women. The woman is not viewed as an individual being, but as with animals, they are the “property” of men meaning the men can do whatever they please to them and no law can come to the rescue of women.

No wonder the mother did not want a gender that displeases Allah so much.



Woman Kills Her 14-Month-Old Daughter Because She Wanted a Boy Instead

by Dave Andrusko
Oct 18, 2017   |  6:19PM Glasgow, Scotland

Scotland Sadia Ahmed with murdering her 14-month-old daughter in April 2016 inayaahmed

In a tragic case full of twists, prosecutors in Glasgow, Scotland, have charged 28-year-old Sadia Ahmed with murdering her 14-month-old daughter in April 2016 by placing a cushion over Inaya Ahmed’s face and shaking her.

“The prosecution alleges that Inaya was assaulted by her mother on 17 April 2016 and died in the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow three days later,” the BBC reported.

Ms. Ahmed denies the charge.

Testifying at the trial before Judge Lord Matthews, her aunt, Shagufta Yasmin, said her niece “was not happy” and cried when she discovered she was having a girl,” according to the BBC.

“She used to say she wanted a son, not a daughter,” the aunt told the court.

“She said she wanted an abortion. We said ‘have faith in God’ and he might give her a son next time.

We said if you wish to have an abortion that’s your decision. But we’re happy with whatever it is.”

After they returned from the hospital the day Inaya died, Ms. Yasmin testified she spoke to Ms Ahmed in her bedroom and asked, “’Tell me how you killed Inaya.’ Initially she said: ‘It is between me and Allah.’”

In the beginning Ms. Ahmed did not tell her aunt “how she did it,” Ms. Yasmin testified.

Ms. Yasmin told prosecutor Paul Kearney that Ms. Ahmed said she had put her legs over Inaya to stop her thrashing about and kicking her legs.

Mr. Kearney asked: “Do you remember your emotions when she was telling you this?”

She replied: “I said: ‘Do you not feel any mercy for her?’ and Sadia smiled.”

Why didn’t she tell anyone about the conversation? “I became fearful of her. I couldn’t believe a mother could do something like this.”

But it turned out that on May 4, 2016, Ms. Yasmin had confessed to killing the child! Prosecutor Kearney asked why she had confessed if she hadn’t killed Inaya?

Ms Yasmin replied: “I thought they would release Inaya’s body. I just wanted justice for Inaya and her body back.”

The witness was then asked: “Why did you not tell the police it was Sadia that killed Inaya?”

Ms Yasmin told the court: “Because at that time I didn’t understand what to say or what not to say because I was scared.” Note: Dave Andrusko is the editor of National Right to Life News and an author and editor of several books on abortion topics. This post originally appeared in at National Right to Life News Today —- an online column on pro-life issues.


7 thoughts on “Scotland: Muslim mother kills her baby daughter because she preferred a boy

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  3. This woman needs bullets pumped in to her head and then that way the stupid evil thing won’t have to worry if she has a boy or a girl and can go to her FAKE paradise which is really nothingness.



    What is the total number of legal abortions since 1973?
    Since the legalization of abortion in 1973, there have been approximately 50 million abortions performed in the United States.
    Source: Guttmacher Institute, 2011, August. Facts on Induced Abortion in the United States.

    How many abortions are performed in the United States each year?
    According to the Guttmacher Institute, there were 1.21 million abortions performed in the United States in 2008, the most recent year for which data is available. This amounts to 3,322 abortions per day.
    Source: Jones, Rachel K. and Kathryn Kooistra. “Abortion Incidence and Access to Services in the United States, 2008.” Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 43, no. 1 (2011, March): 41-50.


    Dr. Martin Haskell giving a presentation at the 16th Annual Meeting of the National Abortion Federation Conference in 1992 in San Diego. It was a gathering of abortionists — men and women who make their living by killing babies. Haskell was describing to his audience how to do a partial-birth abortion. Listen to his words about how this procedure takes place:

    “The surgeon then introduces large grasping forceps … through the vaginal and cervical canal … He moves the tip of the instrument carefully towards the fetal lower extremities — and pulls the extremity into the vagina …The surgeon then uses his fingers to deliver the opposite lower extremity, then the torso, the shoulders, and the upper extremities. The skull lodges in the internal os. The fetus is oriented … spine up … The surgeon then takes a pair of blunt curved Metzenbaum scissors in the right hand. … the surgeon then forces the scissors into the base of the skull–spreads the scissors to enlarge the opening. The surgeon–surgeon then introduces a suction catheter into this hole and evacuates the skull contents.”

    Haskell, having described these brutal details, shows his audience a video of himself doing one of these procedures. And at the end of the video, after the sound of the suction machine taking the brains out of the baby’s head, the audience applauds.


    See that baby in the corner?
    Her life might not be so good!
    I can tell she’ll be a problem….
    That much, ma’am, is understood!
    She’s not really quite a “person”;.
    Yes, we’re sure she’s unaware.
    Her life may not be worth living….
    Let’s “abort” and show we care.
    She’s just not what we’d call “human”…
    She’s not really at that stage.
    “Cute” enough, but just not “with it”…
    Unaware and disengaged.
    She has no real moral standing….
    Not just yet, and that’s the glitch!
    She’s no diff’rent from a tomcat,
    Or some tiny mongrel!@#$%.
    We’ll decide for you what’s “human”…
    When a “what” becomes a “who”!
    On these shifting sands of reason,
    Moral Law we may undo.
    These things change, ma’am. Please don’t worry!
    We know best about these things;.
    We’ve been schooled in Bio-Ethics,
    Singing songs that Singer sings!
    That’s the song of Peter Singer….
    (Margaret Sanger sang it, too).
    If that melody’s familiar,
    Maybe you should ask the Jew.
    That’s the downbeat of Eugenics,
    Euthanasia’s Rhythm Band.
    Dr. Mengele’s still drumming.
    Out there on that shifting sand.



  5. Islam is a misogynistic religion. They hate females. Or barely tolerate them. If a male child is born, they kill two sheep. If it’s a female, one at most. That is their aqiqah- Islamic practice. It is also used as a common reason for taking another wife. (“She makes only girls, not sons”)


  6. And the aunt says” it’s between me and allah” and proceeds to inform the so called infidels. Standard lies from this lot. Rotten to the core.


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