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Muslim ‘Asylum Seeker’ Arrives in Norway, Rapes Woman at Airport

He couldn’t even make it past the airport.

The European Union brought in over 1 million Muslims each year for the past ten years, legally and primarily men. Long before the ‘migrant crisis’. The migrant crisis allowed this inpour to at least come to public attention since the public is not being informed what their government is actually up to.



‘Mentally Ill’ Asylum Seeker Receives Two Year Sentence for Raping Woman in Airport

Breitbart news
by Victoria Friedman, 18 Oct 2017

Translated from:
by Maria Schiller Tønnessen,
by Roar Dalmo Moltubak,

Norway Muslim 'Asylum Seeker' Arrives in Norway, Rapes Woman at Airport

The rape occurred at Oslo Airport Gardermoen in March 2016 when a woman, in her late twenties, was sitting on the floor by the lift in the parking garage waiting for her boyfriend’s evening flight to arrive.

The Upper Romerike District Court heard that the 20-year-old Somali asylum seeker, who was housed in a care home for young asylum seekers with “mental difficulties”, was “giving her compliments” and asked for her number and Facebook details.

After the girl declined his advances, he tried to kiss her. She tried to push him away, but he held her tight and forced her fully to the ground where he raped her as she cried out for help, reports TV2.

Eventually, a passerby arrived at the scene and the rapist ran away. The Somali was arrested later that day at his youth asylum home after being identified from CCTV footage.

During interrogation, the migrant admitted to the rape charge, but in court denied the admission, claiming that there were “communication problems” with the translator.

The court considered whether the Somali was mentally competent at the time he raped the woman. Immediately after the arrest, he was assessed by a psychiatrist to see if he were “psychotic”, monitored for a further four days, and was found to not be suffering from any form of psychosis.

One therapist, who assessed the asylum seeker after the rape, even remarked that he seemed “normal”.

The judgement concluded that “the court is convinced that the defendant was sane at the time the acts,” but the rapist received a shorter sentence because of an alleged mental illness.

Initially, the court contemplated a sentence of one year and nine months, but that was considered too lenient. The asylum seeker must also compensate the victim 120,000 Norwegian Kroner.

The Somali’s defence lawyer, Per Ove Marthinsen, said he would speak to his client to see if he intends to appeal the sentencing.

6 thoughts on “Muslim ‘Asylum Seeker’ Arrives in Norway, Rapes Woman at Airport

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  2. FAKE NEWS!!!



  3. The country is lost. Judges like this should go to jail. Judges should Give proper sentences or face jail themselves for the crimes that the defendant has committed.
    If this was a Norwegian who committed the rape they would have got a longer sentence.


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