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10 Facts About The Arab Enslavement Of Black People

The Atlanta Black Star, a has put together a very impressive short but succinct video narrative of the Arab slavery of Africans. In honesty, it’s rarely you see this level of historic fact in black reporting. Good for them. The more the black community learn, the more they will see that the entire world suffered through this horrific human evil of a trade as much as their ancestors did, and managed to put it behind them. And the biggest suffering came under Islam. The temptation for wealth brought Muslim slavery to the Atlantic. Unlike historic slavery around the world, Islam never stopped and continues to enslave millions of people around the world.

Image result for slavery in africa on the ship

Image result for slavery in africa on the ship

Image result for slavery in africa on the ship

Image result for slavery in africa on the ship

In the Arab slave trade the transport conditions were so cruel that 90% of the cargo died before reaching the destination. Therefore, African slaves were of much greater monetary value and price on the Transatlantic slave markets than Irish slaves, who were cheap.

Image result for slavery in africa on the ship

Muslim slave keepers transporting their goods to a foreign shore. After declaring a ban on slavery in the early 1800s, Britain enforced the ban on other nations. Here is a batch of black slaves rescued by the British Navi from raids on Muslim slave-trading ships. [East African slaves taken aboard the Dutch HMS Daphne from a Arab dhow, November 1st, 1868]

Image result for slavery in africa on the ship

An African merchant selling his fellow Africans as slaves. African kings and chiefs sold an estimated 140 million of their people into slavery in exchange for clothes and alcohol.

Related image

Related image

French Colonial authorities arrested a group of African black slave-drivers [see the Islamic cap on many of them which tells you where the permission came from?] during the fight against slavery in Senegal between approximately 1850 And 1920.







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  2. Reblogged this on Liberty Vibe and commented:
    People don’t realize that the Arab race came from the union of Hebrew (Abraham)and an Egyptian handmaid (Hagar).These people settled in Egypt,(Northern African), and have(throughout the centuries)been spreading their culture throughout world ever since. Snowflakes have no idea that white men from the American colonies DIDN’T invent slavery. In fact, those in the American colonies that participated in the slave trade purchased them from tribal Arab/Africans that had captured their own people and sold them.

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    • That is rubbish. The Arabs do not descend from Ishmael and there is no external corroborating source apart from Arab false claims that they do. Arabs were steeped in paganism before Mohammad plagiarized Judaism and Christianity. There is no history of monotheism in pre-Islamic Arab culture. Secondly Ishmael was the product of the union of Avram and Hagar. Although Avram and Abraham were the same person they have a different theological status once Avram was renamed. Isaac was the son of Abraham and his descendants chosen for God’s purpose. Ishmael might just as well be considered American because there is no majesty or greatness attached to Araby.


      • Coudenhove-Kalergi is now the program for the Rulers slaves. Slaves have been around for long, Hebrews even made slaves of themselves. But much of the business was under jewish hand.
        Quite a few jewish authors have written books and articles about this subject like for instance rabbi Lody van de Kamp and Menachem Wecker (Forward, June 20, 2015, Jews in the Caribbean).
        The largest shareholder of the VOC, the Dutch East India Company, was Isaac Le Maire who was like many other VOC shareholders, of the jewish faith.

        +Johnty Dee sharings= Eat sh*t and die and wake up to a mighty Israel every day that has a long arm and holds the mandate of Heaven. Now crawl back under your rock to the slime and filth from where you came and writhe in the agony waking everyday to Jewish victory and success that increases every day. There is nothing you can do about it but spew trash here from your sh*t infested cave quoting anti-Semitic psychotic deranged morons.
        Europe is finished and you’re the reason why. It shot itself in the brains when it got rid of the Jews. You are and were nothing without the Jews and to nothing you will all return under the Nazi Islamic heel you crave for.


      • Arabs are considered to be of Ishmael’s descent. He was not a “majestic” person.

        Genesis 16:11–12 “And the angel of the Lord said to her, ‘Behold, you are pregnant and shall bear a son. You shall call his name Ishmael, because the Lord has listened to your affliction. He shall be ia wild donkey of a man, his hand against everyone and everyone’s hand against him,and he shall dwell jover against all his kinsmen.'”

        The “Paganism” Mo was steeped in was Hinduism. Most of the science knowledge Ara bs claim is from Hindus.

        Are you saying that Americans have no majesty or greatness? Whoever you are, you’ve shown yourself to be an ignorant man all around.


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