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ACLJ: Ex-Muslims in America speak of the dangers to their lives after leaving Islam

This week Jay Sekulow with the American Center of Law and Justice talks with three former Muslims who have converted to Christianity.

The extreme dangers these ex-Muslims live under with daily threats, is completely unacceptable in our society. And this is only happening because Islam has been allowed to enter into the West and freely flourish. Followers of Islam should never have been allowed outside of their own countries.

Wafa Sultan, Noonie Darwish and Amil Amani speak on Islam and the difficulty of leaving the religion.

Wafa Sultan reveals how she receives daily threats, telling her where her children go to school, how they will rape and mutilate her daughter, how she will be beheaded and more. And it’s all 100% real and no empty threats. Let’s not forget that this is happening with a mere 1% Muslim population in a huge nation like America. Imagine how the situation will be when the population grows much larger – and it grows very fast. It’s not uncommon for one muslim male to father 15-18 children.

3 thoughts on “ACLJ: Ex-Muslims in America speak of the dangers to their lives after leaving Islam

  1. The arguments for Islamic expulsion from the USofA are overwhelmingly compelling. Old clichés about immigration making America great and strong wilt upon examination. Islamic immigration is poison, and I want every non-secular Muhammadan removed. [ You might ask, what is a secular Muslim? ]


  2. That’s all this trash does is collect welfare and breed
    To hose who were smart enough to leave that cult congrats be careful

    – Jacquie



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