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“Mosque pulpits in America are out of control”

Mansour Al-Hadj, Director of Reform at MEMRI, interviewed on Al-Hurra TV on August 24, talked about the problem of imams coming to the U.S. from the Middle East. Such imams, who are “ignorant of the values” of tolerance, liberty, and freedom of belief enjoyed in the U.S., spread the traditional religious discourse, he said. Al-Hadj called for imams preaching in America – “enlightened, tolerant Muslim Americans, who accept the other” – to be trained there, through the funding of Muslim societies in the U.S. ”Imams influenced by extremist religious fundamentalism should “step aside and make way for people with progressive Islamic ideas,” said Al-Hadj, adding that he hoped that “we in America will export [our tolerant] Islam to the Middle East.”

Our opinion is that reforming a religion is pretty futile and a complete waste. Would anyone, for example, try to reform Nazism? It’s a very similar ideology. No one reforms Nazism. They ban it. When people disagree to Nazism they turn away from it. Islam needs to be banned. Muslims need to admit that the problems they have originates from their own religion, and therefore, why do they continue to cling on to that religion? After all, Muslims themselves are massive victims to Islam. When people talk about reforming Islam they don’t want to fully admit that Islam has always been founded on terrorism. They instead adopt the idea that Islam has been “hijacked”. They still continue to adopt the idea that a warlord was a ‘prophet’ and that his word somehow constitute truth. Islam has not been hijacked. It is the same brutal and destructive evil it always was. You cannot separate terrorism from an ideology founded on it.

4 thoughts on ““Mosque pulpits in America are out of control”

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  2. rubbish every muslim lives by the book of the Koran to change anything you have to change the Koran i don’t see how that can happen when you die if you contradict it in anyway more taqyia I’m afraid


  3. Time to close these cult houses before they start to use them as whore houses
    We need homeless shelters no whore houses

    – Jacquie



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