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France: Muslim shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ slits a woman’s throat with a butcher’s knife in Marseille

Of course they attack women, children, the elderly, the disabled before they attack a man.



Two passengers are killed as attacker shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ slits a woman’s throat with a butcher’s knife and stabs another at Marseille station before soldiers shoot him dead

  • Attacker stabbed two female passengers at Gare de Marseille-Saint-Charles
  • He was shot dead by the French army who swarmed the area this afternoon
  • Reports claim he was heard shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ before stabbing passengers 
  • Both victims were women, one of whom was left ‘with a sliced neck’  

A man carrying a butcher’s knife and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ killed two female passengers before being shot dead by soldiers at Marseille’s train station in southern France.

The attack at Marseille’s busiest train station took place early this afternoon, as scores of armed police officers and soldiers swarmed the area.

Both victims were women, with one left with a ‘sliced neck’. The other was stabbed in the stomach.

Local official Oliver de Mazieres told AFP: ‘Two victims have been stabbed to death.’

Marseiile: Police shoot dead knife-wielding man at station

The prosecutor for the area Xavier Tarabeux said the knife man was shot by soldiers, while Marseille police urged people in the city to avoid the area around Saint-Charles station.

The prosecutor’s office in Paris said in a statement the probe would focus on ‘killings linked to a terrorist organisation’ and the ‘attempted killing of a public official’, two terror-related charges.

Early pictures from the scene showed a woman lying on the ground and armed police standing over the attacker on the floor. A white sheet was later placed over the assailant.

After the stabbings in Marseille, anti-terror prosecutors said they had opened an investigation into

A body lies under a white sheet outside Marseille's main train station after a man with a butcher's knife attacked two women at the station

The assailant was shot dead by soldiers who were patrolling the station

Two women were stabbed to death and their assailant shot dead by soldiers in Marseille

A police source said the stabbings were ‘frenzied and took place in front of lots of witnesses. The man first shouted threats, and then launched into the two women.

‘The two were killed by a knife, and then solider on anti-terrorism duties intervened. They shot the man dead’ said the source.

He added that the suspect shouted Allahu Akbar – Arab for ‘God is the Greatest’ – during the attack. He was estimated to be aged between 25-30 years and no had no identification papers on him.

The soldiers were part of Operation Sentinel, a wide ranging security operation involving armed patrols dispersed all over France.

It is thought to be the latest in a long series of Islamic State atrocities across France and the rest of Europe.

French security services are pictured guarding the Gare de Marseille-Saint-Charles after today's deadly attack, which left two women dead, including one with a 'slit neck'

A knife man shouting Allahu akbar stabbed two female passengers to death before being killed by the French army at Marseille's train station (pictured) today 

Local prosecutor Xavier Tarabeux said the assault took place just before 2pm.

As they dealt with the attackers, hundreds of rail passengers fled in panic, and there were fears that there might be a dangerous stampede.

‘There was screaming and shouting, and people were running everywhere,’ said one witness. ‘People were picking up children, and trying to help those who weren’t very good on their feet. They just wanted to get away.’

Another female witness called Hajar told FranceInfo: ‘I heard two shots, that was what triggered the panic. People came out of a waiting room shouting ‘Run! Don’t stay in the station. Everybody outside.’

‘I had just got to the station when everyone started running. People sitting on the terrace of a fast food restaurant came inside and shouted ‘Run, get out! Then I saw a woman on the floor, they were giving her CPR.’

One witness told local media he had just arrived at the station (pictured) when he heard two shots being fired

The witness, named as Hajar, told FranceInfo: 'People came out of the waiting room shouting 'Run! Don't stay in the station! Everybody outside'

Armed police officers and soldiers swarmed Gare de Marseille Saint Charles (pictured) after the attack early this afternoon

French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb has announced he is travelling to Marseille in wake of the attack to liaise with anti-terror police chiefs.

A spokesman for Mr Collomb’s department said: ‘Anti-terrorist prosecutors have opened an enquiry, and the terrorist theory is privileged.’

France remains under a state of emergency following a series of attacks by Islamist radicals linked to Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.

Passengers are pictured waiting outside Marseille's busiest train station, Gare de Marseille Saint Charles, after this afternoon's attack 

The attack took place at the Gare de Marseille Saint Charles (pictured) this afternoon

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