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UK: Nail bomb explodes in Manchester – Media keeps silent for a week

They report on this only NOW – a week later??



Explosion that was heard across Manchester was caused by a NAIL BOMB say police as they probe who planted the crude device

  • Sources close to the investigation say it was ‘packed full of nails and screws’
  • The explosion outside the Salford cafe was heard across Greater Manchester
  • Four men in a Lexus were arrested after police chased them down the street 
  • Police believe it may be linked to another explosion in the county days earlier
  • An industrial style firework was strapped to an exhaust to blow up a car 

A bomb which exploded outside a café was packed with nails and screws.

It was left under the shutters of The Lounge in Pendleton, Salford, earlier this week.

It damaged the shutters, canopy, windows and pavement outside the cafe.

Sources close to the investigation say a device that exploded outside a Salford cafe was packed with nails and screws

The bang was heard across Greater Manchester at around 12.30am on Tuesday.

Police said the nature of the device is still the subject of forensic examination.

A source said: ‘It was packed full of nails and screws and forensics have been pulling them all out of the woodwork.’

Another person close to the investigation confirmed nails were in the device.

The explosion came after a car was blown up with an industrial style firework in Eccles, also in Greater Manchester, three days earlier.

Bomb disposal units were dispatched to both scenes and police believe the incidents could be linked.

The device is still being probed in a forensic investigation after it exploded outside The Lounge in Greater Manchester 

A baffled family in Grafton Avenue, where the firework was attached to a Vauxhall Corsa’s exhaust, said they had no idea as to why it was targeted.

Gina and Tom Harrison say the firework ripped the bumper and back lights off the vehicle.

The incident followed another explosion in Eccles three days earlier, when an industrial style firework was used to blow up a car

Their son, Tom, heard a car ‘screeching’ down the road at around 6.30pm while watching football upstairs with a friend.

When the young men looked outside they saw a ‘red glow’ underneath the car and heard a ‘huge bang’.

Four occupants of a Lexus car were arrested by police after they tried to escape on foot following the explosion

Four men have been arrested on suspicion of possession of explosives after a police chase.

At about 7pm on Thursday officers saw a Lexus car on Stockport Road, which was thought to be stolen and linked to the explosions.

Officers followed the Lexus for a short time before it stopped and reversed, ramming the police car near to Regent Road, Salford.

The occupants abandoned the car and attempted to escape on foot but officers soon caught up with them and detained them.

The men, aged 20, 24, 24, and 29, have since been bailed pending further enquiries.

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