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UK: Mother of Satan Jihad bomb could have been deadlier than 7/7

Mother of Satan? They found a suitable name.



What would have happened if Mother of Satan bomb had exploded? Experts say £100 device packed with nails could have been deadlier than 7/7

  • 29 injured when the detonator went off, but it is thought explosives didn’t ignite
  • Experts say had the bomb gone off as intended it could have been devastating
  • Device’s timer sparks theories it could have been planned for busier stations
  • Pictures of device appear to show builder’s bucket with fairy lights hanging out
  • Terrorists have attempted to use such lights as detonators to bombs before 

Joe Sheppard For Mailonline
Published: 10:11, 16 September 2017

The Parsons Green bucket bomb could have caused more devastation than those that killed 53 people in the 7/7 attacks, experts have said.

The explosive device sent a huge firewall through a packed London Underground train, injuring 29 people as they made their way into the centre of the capital.

But fortunately the main explosive charge failed to detonate, preventing potentially catastrophic consequences.

A timer is understood to have been found on the device, suggesting the terrorist left it on board the train and then got off. It also suggests it was intended to go off at busier stations further down the line.

There were also reports that the bucket had been filled with nails and was to be set off by a booster charge of hexamethylene triperoxide diamine.

6 thoughts on “UK: Mother of Satan Jihad bomb could have been deadlier than 7/7

  1. The worm of Jihad arrives with Islam; the worm is already within the fruit.

    Jihad and Islamic Supremacy cannot be vetted out. It is simply impossible for Islam to be anything than itself, and that self seeks Supremacy through Jihad, because as a political religion, its kingdom is built in this world; they proclaim pre-existing hegemony of the next. The suckers can wait, Muslims take what they want now.

    Only Societies which are Islam-free are Jihad-free. This straight-forward observation has guided smaller countries with responsible governments to simply banish the supremacist political identity calling itself Islam. Nothing else seems to work.

    Ask the Japanese.

    And no apologies from Samoa.'s-constitution


  2. All moslims have to be deported, if not then they need to be executed.

    Knowing that the majority of moslims are inbred and subsequently mentally retarded, it seems understandable that they believe in their fake moon god & the cult of islam. Islam is the enemy of all Christians and Jews and will always be our eternal enemy and there can be no reconciliation.

    Moslims need to convert to Christianity and devote their lives to atonement and amends for 1400 years of barbaric sins they have and committed continue to commit daily worldwide. They are inbred and retarded.


  3. I fail to understand the purpose of these bombs. They will injure or kill random people of any sex, nationality or faith. They may encourage a few simple minded individual to join whatever group are planting the bombs but nothing else


    • In the Manchester bombing, an attack directed at little girls at a music concert, an eight-year old was shredded with shrapnel ripping the flesh from her face and torso. The people who did this plan to kill little girls again, and again, and again until we stop defending ourselves, and the Christians flee or convert and London becomes Beirut, then Karachi.

      Anyone, and everyone, who does not support the unequivocal expulsion of Islam is complicit in crimes against our civilization.

      No tears and teddy bears, no hugs: EXPULSION. Or you all die. Get it?


      • I totally agree, send them to damn Saudi whether Saudi likes it or not, dump them in prison ships on the shores of Arabia and let the Oil Barons deal with their protege’s. Everyone with a brain knows this comes from Wahhabi Islam and Saudi has been funding this for over half a century.


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