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UK: Muslim Ice Cream Seller Stashed MDMA And Cannabis, Spared Jail

Why the special treatment?



Legoland ice cream man stashed £16,000 of MDMA, cannabis and cash in his home

Sami Lane – also known as Samiur Ali – told officers he had “a little bit of cannabis in the flat”.

Josh Robbins
IBT, By September 7, 2017 11:52 BST

mdmaCannabis Marijuana

Sample batches of MDMA and marijuana (file photos).

A man who spends his summers selling ice cream at Legoland has been convicted of drug dealing after police found £10,000 of MDMA and heroin, along with £6,000 in cash, at his Bournemouth home.

Sami Lane – also known as Samiur Ali – was spared jail by a judge who predicted he had a “reasonably bright future” despite hoarding 724g of cannabis and 15g MDMA at a house in his old student town.

The graduate opened his Columbia Road front door to police officers carrying a search warrant on 11 November 2016, The Bournemouth Echo reports.

“I’ll be honest with you,” he told them. “I’ve got a little bit of cannabis in the flat.”

On inspection, officers found stashes of cannabis and MDMA with a combined street value of £,9,000 to £13,000, as well as £5,962 in sterling.

The MDMA powder, which is the active ingredient in ecstasy pills, was contained in yellow bags with “Gold” printed on them.

Bournemouth Crown Court heard that Lane sells ice cream at Legoland during the summer and has also done marketing work for firms including Nestle since graduating with a degree in digital media.

Counsel for the defence Claire Stevenson said: “He got into using drugs at university. He does have an addictive personality and he fell into the trap. Over four years, it became a problem and spiralled out of control.”

Authorities in Bournemouth first suspected Lane of involvement in the drug trade after a tip-off from London’s Metropolitan Police, acting on information from a stop-and-search in the capital.

Judge Adam Feest pointed out to Lane that MDMA can “kill very easily” before handing down a suspended sentence.

“I am urged by the Sentencing Council to start by looking at a sentence of between three and four-and-a-half years. I’m going to pause so you can think about that,” he said.

Bournemouth Crown Court
Lane was sentenced at Bournemouth Crown CourtGoogle maps

“Despite this significant stain on your character, it seems to me that you still have a reasonably bright future. I’m not going to blight that by sending you to prison today.”

Lane – now living in Avenue Road, Romford – pleaded guilty to possessing the drugs with intent to supply. He received a two-year prison sentence suspended for two years, 210 hours community service and a three-month curfew to be monitored electronically.

Judge Feest warned Lane that he would undoubtedly be sent to prison if he breached the terms of his probation.

Legoland has been approached for comment.

3 thoughts on “UK: Muslim Ice Cream Seller Stashed MDMA And Cannabis, Spared Jail

  1. Hardly the crime of the century.

    In my youth the border price of a commercial kilo wrapped in colored paper was $45. The valuations used by the police have an exaggeration co-efficient of ten to a thousand. The veracity of police testimony is so questionable that technical measurement of the metabolic indicators of prevarication are forbidden in American criminal prosecutions. This prohibition facilitates the illusion that these practiced liars are being truthful as the prosecutors and judges pretend to believe them.

    The whole process is corrupt in its concept and its execution. It is, as Steve Martin of The Jerk declared, “a money thing”.


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