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Myanmar Rohingya ‘Insurgents’ Tied to Notorious Islamic Terror Group linked to Muslim Aid-UK

We reported an article from Tunisian media in April 2013, that Qatar was funding 3,500 jihadist to travel to Myanmar (Burma) and slaughter Buddhists. Of course the Burmese people will fight back to protect themselves. If they are only allowed to.

One of our readers from Myanmar (thank you, Wai Phyo Aung) gave an update on the current situation in the country with the Rohingya:

ARSA terrorists launched an attack on 30 police stations, and then extended their terrorism on local Buddhist villages which include Hindu and Christian communities. Some Buddhist villages were completely wiped out because the military intervention was slow down by the Parliament due to international pressures. According to a police officer who fought at the front, they were only allowed to shoot at terrorists with rubber bullets (!). All Bengali speaking villages (=muslims) were actively involved in killing nonbelievers and government officials.

That’s the reality in Myanmar today, not the terrorist propaganda funneled by the UN and the progressive media.

‘Reformed’ British Takfiri militant Abu Muntasir, who used to recruit for Al-Qaeda and paved the way for ISIS, gives an idea what is happening in Myanmar: He ended up in the jungles of Myanmar along with other foreign muslims with the sole aim of slaughtering Buddhists in the cause of jihad. There in the jungles, he began to regret what the muslims were doing in the country and realised they were the infiltrators, the enemies. Their militant Jihad aggression in the country, which victimized and butchered innocent and unarmed Buddhist natives, backlashed into a military response against “native” muslims who were newly imported arrivals from Bangladesh brought their to breed and fight, and who didn’t even speak the local language (after all, muslims rarely care if a non-muslim becomes a victim. Their care is only for muslims).

“I came back [from war] and opened the door and the trickle turned to a flood. I inspired and recruited, I raised funds and bought weapons, not just a one-off but for 15 to 20 years. Why I have never been arrested I don’t know,” he said in the the documentaryExposure: Jihad – A British Story” from 2015.

Muntasir said it was when he was in Burma – now Myanmar – that he began to question his way of life and set up Jimas, which according to its website “works to create greater understanding about Islam amongst Muslims and People for other faith and no faith backgrounds”.

Muntasir was active in the 1980s and 1990s, when he helped radicalize “thousands” of young Muslims, encouraging large numbers of them to travel to fight in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Burma, Bosnia and Chechnya. The aftermath of this is what we see today in the Rohingya victim-narrative, while the Rohingya is the actual infiltrators and exported to Myanmar for the sake of committing Jihad. Of course, Jihad fighters are blended in with civilian Bangla Rohingya, whoms duty is to populate rapidly from within the country – a common and popular Jihad strategy within Islam.

The Rohingya are no innocent people. The conflicts began with the Hijrah mass migration into Israel in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The success of this Saudi initiative encouraged Muslims to demand Pakistan from India, then Bangladesh – which then lead to tgem ollegally pouring into Myanmar or Burma as it was called at that time, to establish and grow their presence there.

“We are being raped in every town, being sexually harassed in every town, being ganged up and bullied in every town. In every town there is a crude and savage Muslim minority like this.”
“We are not attacking any race. We are not insulting Islam. We are not destroying Islamic culture. I am preaching this, as a means of protecting our people, our religion, culture and country for national security.”
“The local Muslims are crude because the extremists are pulling the strings, providing them with financial, military and technical power.”

WIRATHU, Ma Soe Yein Monastery, Mandalay

Muslims are working overtime on a HUGE propaganda campaign right now to recruit more jihadists to send them to Myanmar. You can find it everywhere across social media, like this Pinterest board titled Rohingya Muslims… Burma, which contain photos of ‘abuse against muslims’ but have nothing to do with Rohingya and Burma, and many of the photos are actually of muslim atrocities against non-muslims:

Myanmar will turn into another Syria. The regressive left media, as usual, is helping muslims at full force by reporting the victimhood narrative terrorists always use as their main strategy. The victim narrative help to make young muslim men angry and fueled up to volunteer to join the jihad. Just look at this fake and blurry photoshopped image of a “Buddhist” who is pasted into a photo to show throwing a “muslim baby” into a burning ditch:

Related image

Picture: Photoshopped Islamic propaganda. 


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Jamaat has ties with Rohingya militants

by Saleem Samad
Dailyasianage, Published: 03:57 AM, 06 September 2017

The Rohingya insurgents who claim responsibility for the attacks on Myanmar border posts 12 days ago has strong links with Jamaat-e-Islami. The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) headed by a 40-year old Ataullahabu Ammar Junjuni has been aided and abetted by Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI), informed source said.

Chris Blackburn, a British researcher on Islamic terrorism confirms ARSA recruitments, training and funding were under the shadow of JeI in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The Rohingya diaspora, from where ARSA commander Ataullah Junjuni hails was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, to a family of Rohingya refugees. Ataullah later moved to Saudi Arabia, where among a Rohingya diaspora community of around 150,000 he served as an imam in a mosque.

Muslim Aid, a British charity organization which was setup by fugitive Bangladeshi war criminals (who have been tried in absentia and awarded death penalty) have links to JeI in Pakistan and Bangladesh, Palestinian Hamas and numerous jihadi groups.

Dr. Wakar Uddin, who was featured prominently on the Arakine Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) Facebook page has ties to Muslim Aid, is the chairman of the relatively shy American branch of the charity. It was known that  Wakar Uddin was in fact running ARSA’s Facebook page. Most terror and conflict research outfits have warned several countries about this.

Image result for The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA)

Last Friday, the Facebook admin has blocked the ARSA account, so has YouTube too deleted their video posts deleted. Chris, who also specializes on Jamaat-e-Islami shared his findings with the Daily Asian Age, has said against this backdrop, ARSA armed insurrection is shown as home-grown, which is not true.

“The leadership of Rohingya insurgent (ARSA) were recruited from among those who were born and raised in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan,” he said. He said that ARSA is not an offshoot of now defunct militant group, the Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO).

Indonesia’s extremist Islamic – Defenders Front (FPI) with links to the Jamaat-i-Islami’s Muslim Aid network of charities have announced in the social media and in press interviews that FPI is now recruiting volunteers for ARSA in Myanmar. Volunteers, Chris observed that actually means recruiting Jihadis.

Aris Munandar, an Indonesian of Jemaah Islamiya, facilitates and provides support to Jamaat-e-Islami activities in Southeast Asia. He is also the head of KOMPAK, a non-governmental organization that produced videos used in the recruitment of JeI members.

Munandar, a disciple of Bashir, is considered as a dangerous Indonesian and is still on the UN sanctions list for ties to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. He was the point-man for foreign charities such as Muslim Aid and al-Haramain money laundering funds for jihadi groups in Syria and Myanmar.

The said Munandar, did not hide his strong reservation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for destabilizing Pakistan and Jamaat’s activities in Bangladesh. The shadowy militant faction whose offensive on 25 August threatened to plunge Myanmar’s western Rakhine state into wider conflict, with real potential for large-scale communal violence, is committed to securing citizenship and basic civil rights within Myanmar for the state’s Rohingya Muslim population.

Myanmar authorities on August 27 outlawed ARSA as a “terrorist organization” called “Harakah al Yaqin” (or Faith Movement), a clandestine militant force.

However, Myanmar officials refer to ARSA insurgents as ‘ARSA extremist terrorists’ and have stopped calling them ‘extremist Bengali terrorists’, after Bangladesh lodged protest over the word ‘Bengali’, which means the people of Bangladesh and West Bengal in India.

6 thoughts on “Myanmar Rohingya ‘Insurgents’ Tied to Notorious Islamic Terror Group linked to Muslim Aid-UK

  1. I am so sick of the world not recognizing what Islam is up to, this has gone on for centuries why can’t the press see this? Who is paying the wages of the Press? If Kim wants to drop missiles then let him do so on Muslim nations, this would at least be useful.


    • The answer to that is simple look to Saudi Arabia they finance everything to do with shariah Law the want to see world domination by Islam.The word Islam comes from the word Salam meaning peace which also means Submission.The 100yr war was set up in 1928 by the Muslim brotherhood look around you it’s certainly happening & my belief is its planned tge Kalergi plan NWO.


      • How is it James these facts have been ignored, so we are expected to all have submitted by 2028, and this is in my lifetime. When are the electorate going to understand this one asks? I’ve seen Saudi dominate over and over and now even Israel is talking to them how foolish is this?


  2. And as usual we see only reports of the “oppressed” Rohingya, fleeing for their lives, ‘dead children’ and many other photos which even the BBC admits are fake – like the one from the Rwanda genocide circulating in Turkey (though this report has since disappeared from the website). These news outlets like CNN, BBC and others are outdoing Joseph Goebbels in their effort to feed us lies.


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