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Erdogan: Not Letting Turkey into the EU is ‘Nazism’

Erdogan dreams of his totalitarian Caliphate. His chances of becoming the hero who opened all transport routes into Europe to turn the entire region into a Sharia state,  overnight, are weakening.



Merkel and Erdoğan pose for a picture after meeting in Istanbul | Tolga Bozoglu/EPA

Erdoğan calls Merkel’s stance on EU membership ‘Nazism’

The Turkish president blasted the German chancellor for discussing an end to EU accession talks.

Politico, By 9/6/17, 8:19 PM CET
Updated 9/6/17, 9:01 PM CET


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Wednesday criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her election rival Martin Schulz for discussing an end to EU accession talks for his country, German media reported.

In a TV debate on Sunday, Schulz made clear that if he were elected, he would break off negotiations immediately, while Merkel said Tuesday she would push the European Union to reconsider its relationship with Turkey.

“What happened is Nazism,” said Erdoğan in response. “What happened is fascism.”

“I am not saying ‘you are a Nazi, you are a fascist.’ I am only defining what happened.”

Earlier this year, Erdoğan compared German officials to Nazis after local authorities blocked Turkish politicians from speaking at rallies ahead of a Turkish referendum on expanding the president’s powers.

The Turkish president maintained that his government still has the goal of becoming a full EU member. He argued that while Turkey has fulfilled the necessary requirements, the EU has not kept its promises, calling accusations against Turkey something “not to be tolerated.”

Both Schulz and Merkel have condemned Erdoğan’s crackdown against opponents in the wake of a failed coup last year. Twelve Germans are currently being held as political prisoners in Turkey, according to the German government.

Merkel on Tuesday called political developments in Turkey “more than alarming,” and warned that the country was “increasingly leaving the path of the rule of law.”

Erdoğan also compared the current atmosphere in Europe to the rise of fascism before World War II.

“Do you know where this approach of Europe leads? It is heading noticeably towards the climate before World War II,” he told members of his ruling AKP party.

He further criticized how he and Turkey have become campaign topics ahead of the German election on September 24.

“They are constantly concerning themselves with Turkey. They continue to concern themselves with Erdoğan. What has Erdoğan done to you all anyway? Is this election in Turkey or in Germany? You all should worry about your own affairs.”

The Turkish leader again told Turks living in Germany not to give their votes to “people hostile to Turkey.” In August, Erdoğan told Turks not to vote for either Merkel or Schulz’s parties.

4 thoughts on “Erdogan: Not Letting Turkey into the EU is ‘Nazism’

  1. Turkey in the EU is like a paedophile in a school playground.

    The Turkish bloke can name call all he wants, he’s shown what he wants to do and it’s not good.


  2. Derek, Europe became great and the epitome of civilization after the fall of Rome because of this religion that you try to put down. It was people who believed the so-called myths that developed art, music, sculpture, science, literature, engineering, and everything because of their beliefs which began from a “search for God”.
    Without Christianity guiding the world for at least 1500 years, if not the last 2000 years, Europe would be no different than the Game of Thrones world. And that is a far worse world to live in than the one we’re in now. Open both eyes and engage brain and look again at European history objectively, not through your anti-god biases and assumptions.

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  3. I love Turkey and have Turkish friends but as much as I would like Turkey to become part of the EU I am very worried in allowing country who’s government has a strong religious influence joining the EU. All religions are based on myths and legends and all religious leaders no matter how sensible they are must be influenced by the writings of historical leaders and founders of that particular religion who actually believed events which we now know are mainly fiction


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