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Myanmar’s So called Rohingya Question by Dr. Jacques Leider

Chittagong terrorists referred to as Rohingya, and infiltrated into Myanmar along with civilians (exactly what is happening with the European ‘migrant crisis’), are again circulating in the media. Rohingya is, as usual, painted as innocent victims. Nothing of the kind.

Dr Jacques Leider clarifies that the Rohingya was not even known as Rohingya until the 1990’s (this again is similar to the “Palestinians” who never called themselves so until 1972) and that they are painting a victimhood narrative. Buddhists are constantly being shortchanged and excluded from talks.

All of this originates from the Islamic nationalism to create yet one more Islamic state out of Myanmar. All these conflicts originate from the “Palestinian” conflict which encouraged muslims a lot to infiltrate through immigration to take possession of a nation.

9 thoughts on “Myanmar’s So called Rohingya Question by Dr. Jacques Leider

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  2. In the 1950s, soon after Burma’s independence, the ‘Mujhahadeens’ drawn from the Rohingya community… tried their best to combat Burmese carve out an islamic state within Rakhine. Imagine, if they had succeeded in the 1950s, what would have been the situation in Rakhine today. The Rakhine buddhists would have long been if in a slaughter house…..! ARSA is raising its deadly head in a similar way an otherwise peaceful region..!!!


  3. Eat Timor

    The Portuguese departed East Timor [ largely Catholic ] in August 1975, and Indonesian troops soon began infiltrating the border from Indonesian West Timor. On November 28, the democratically elected government of East Timor, fearing an imminent Indonesian invasion, proclaimed the Democratic Republic of East Timor.

    On the morning of December 7, Indonesia responded by initiating a naval bombardment of the city of Dili, followed by landings of paratroopers from the air and of marines on the beaches. On December 10, a second invasion force captured the second largest city, Baucau. Elsewhere, East Timorese resistance continued, but by 1978 the annexation of East Timor by Indonesia was essentially complete.

    During the initial years of the Indonesian invasion and occupation, more than 100,000 East Timorese died as a direct result of the conflict. Most of the dead were civilians killed by the military or starved to death in internment camps or while hiding in the hills from the Indonesian military. Small groups of East Timorese guerrillas continued their resistance for decades….

    It is never a good day when armed Muhammadans appear on you doorstep.

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    • With a Muslim population in East Timor of well under 1%, eye-witnesses declared the invading troops opened their “offensive” by literally murdering every person they saw. Pure Islamic butchery.

      It just goes to show that it is impossible to be too Islam-o-rejectionist.

      Kindly remind your lawmakers of your opinion, and the indisputable facts.


    • #Rohingya #Arakan
      In the current affairs the terrorists are Rohingyas, no doubt. But in Muslim media and Muslim communities the terrorists become victims. Consider if Rolinyas become majority and Myanmar natives minority, and the latter are killed, there will be no protest at all. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi once remarked that Buddhists are minority in the world. Now the majority Muslims try to suppress minority Buddhists, neglecting the truth.
      ARSA launched attack on 30 police stations, then extended  to local Buddhist villages which include hindu and christian communities. Some Buddhist villages were completely wiped out now as the military intervention was slow down by the parliament. According to a police who fought at front witnessed that they were only allowed to shoot with rubber bullets. All bengali speaking villages were actively involved in killing nonbelievers and government officials. This region has long story and you need to really looked at their true motivation: to build a state within a state. They do not want any, but only the bengali speaking muslim who cooperate with them.

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      • I would hate to see Buddhists of Mayanmar bred out by Muslims, where ever they go they bring bad habits and have too many children off of child brides. I stand with Mayanmar Buddhists we need to keep them among us all. The Bengali habit of slaughtering animals in the street is disgusting and totally against Buddhist principles.


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