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UK: Knifeman arrested in London with a large hunting blade

Knifeman is arrested outside Westminster Cathedral carrying large Rambo-style hunting blade

  • Police spotted a man acting suspiciously outside Westminster Cathedral today
  • During a stop and search officers found a large ‘Rambo-style’ commando knife
  • Police were patrolling the area which is renowned for anti-social behaviour 
  • The suspect has been taken to a central London police station for questioning

 The Metropolitan police have arrested a man carrying a large ‘Rambo-style’ commando knife outside Westminster Cathedral.

The suspect was stopped and searched after officers from Operation Bobcat thought he was acting suspiciously.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: ‘At approximately 11.45am on Thursday August 31, officers on routine patrol in the Victoria Street area of Westminster attempted to speak with a man who was seen acting suspiciously in an area known for anti-social behaviour.

Police released an image of the large Rambo-style commando knife seized outside Westminster Cathedral by officers working on Operation Bobcat 


‘The man was found in possession of a large knife. He was arrested and taken to a central London police station where he remains in custody.

‘Enquiries continue.’

Scotland Yard confirmed the incident is not terrorist related.

Operation Bobcat operate in plain clothes tackling knife crime and robbery in the heart of Westminster.




4 thoughts on “UK: Knifeman arrested in London with a large hunting blade

  1. I’m sure he had innocent reasons for carrying a giant hunting knife. Maybe he was just holding it for a friend. Maybe he was there to protect everyone from crazies. Maybe I gets food stuck in his teeth. Maybe he is worried he would be attacked with acid. Maybe he was there making sure no-one insulted Islam or fire up a koran. Maybe be is afraid he will be mistaken for a white preteen and could be raped by gangs. We dont know.


  2. HM is in Balmoral, the boys of Diana probably up with the rest of the Spencers – it is time England shipped the f*******g lot back to Madman’s land for the Hajj, drop an MOAB and voila thousands done in one attack.


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