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UK: Prosecutors Plan Life in Prison for Islamic Acid Attacks After Surge

With a few exceptions most of the acid attacks in England are committed by Muslims. Most of the victims too of these attacks have been Muslims. Why waste enormous amounts of tax funds with life in prison when they should be sent to Saudi Arabia to be executed instead?



Thugs carrying acid face four years in jail while those who throw it could get LIFE behind bars as prosecutors announce major new crackdown following spate of attacks

  • Anyone caught throwing acid could face life in prison under tough new plans
  • While those carrying it could face four years in jail as CPS launch crackdown
  • This comes after 69-year-old woman left with 24 per cent burns after attack 
  • And after five people were targeted with acid by moped gang last month 

Aspiring model Resham Khan, 21, suffered 'life-changing' injuries after being attacked with acid in June 

Thugs carrying acid face four years in jail while those who throw it could get life behind bars as prosecutors announce a major new crackdown following a spate of attacks.

The Crown Prosecution Service has today unveiled plans to charge offenders caught with dangerous materials with possession of an offensive weapon, which carries a four-year prison term.

A spokesman told MailOnline they hoped it would act as a deterrent after the Government and CPS noticed a worrying trend in attacks.

He said: ‘From our side there is certainly a trend of these attacks becoming more prevalent and hopefully by publishing this information it is a useful exercise in show how the Crown will be dealing with offenders.’

This means judges and magistrates will be able to deliver tougher sentences when attackers end up in court.

The guidelines have been published today, two weeks after the Home Secretary Amber Rudd called for tougher punishment following a spate of horrific attacks.

Aspiring model Resham Khan, 21, and her cousin Jameel Muhktar, 37, both suffered ‘life-changing’ burns in the attack in Beckton, East London in June.

Then the following month, five victims were subjected to separate acid attacks across London after a moped gang struck.

Miss Khan has said she wants to ensure ‘no one ever goes through the living nightmare I have endured’ after being left with horrific face and neck injuries and launched an online campaign for harsher sentences.

Jabed Hussain says he was lucky not to be more seriously injured after he was the first victim of a gang who sprayed acid in the faces of delivery drivers on moped 

It appears her persistence has paid off as the CPS announced new plans today.

In the new guidance, the CPS urges prosecutors to consider include the crimes of possession of an offensive weapon on school premises and threatening with an offensive weapon in a school or public place.


Anyone caught carrying acid will now be charged with carrying an offensive weapon – the same charge used to convict people unlawfully carrying a knife or a gun.

This gives the courts the power to sentence defendants up to four years in prison – even if the acid hasn’t been thrown or used as a part of a crime.

The changes mean anyone now arrested for throwing acid deliberately – even if not intended to harm – could be sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Crown Prosecution Service has tweaked the guidelines to give the judges and magistrates more power to sentence defendants to longer prison terms.



The CPS states if ‘the offence is widespread in the area where it was committed’ and that a ‘culture of carrying weapons encourages violence’ that ‘may lead to more serious criminal behaviour’.

Another factor in favour of charging is that prosecution will have a ‘positive impact’ on community confidence.

The guidance also describes how acid and corrosive substances can be used ‘in connection with hate crime, so-called honour based violence, domestic abuse, and by gangs in retribution.’

It adds: ‘Acid and corrosive substance attacks have a devastating effect on victims and when thrown on to the victim’s body – usually their face – cause the skin and flesh to melt, sometimes exposing and dissolving the bones below.

‘The long-term consequences .. may include blindness, permanent scarring of the face and body, and social and psychological difficulties.

‘Acid and other corrosive substances are becoming a preferred weapon of offenders carrying out criminal activity, due to it being easy to obtain, cheap and difficult to trace back to the perpetrator.’

Miss Khan's cousin Jameel Muhktar also suffered 'life-changing' burns in the attack on June 21

The CPS currently has 14 acid prosecutions for offences in London underway after a spate of muggings, revenge and hate attacks carried out with corrosive substances.

Official figures have revealed that more than 400 acid or corrosive substance attacks were carried out in the six months up to April 2017 across England and Wales.

Bleach, ammonia and acid were the most commonly used substances. Home Secretary Amber Rudd has responded by promising stricter rules on acid sales and a review of law enforcement measures that can be taken against the problem.

Last month UberEats and Deliveroo drivers were specifically targeted for their mopeds in a spate of horrific acid attacks across east London, with police arresting two teenagers aged 15 and 16 over the incident.

One rider was attacked and robbed while another man was heard ‘screaming in agony’ after suffering catastrophic injuries when doused with flesh-burning liquid.

Another victim who also had his moped stolen was filmed having litres of water poured over his face by police to wash acid from his eyes by the side of the road in Hackney.

Andreas Christopheros has called for tougher punishments for acid attacks after he was seriously injured when a corrosive substance was thrown in his face

Mr Christopheros before the attack

His attacker David Phillips (right) had his life sentence overturned on appeal and will now be able to apply for parole after eight years

The two-man gang went on a rampage across east London as they sprayed five men between 10.25pm and 11.37pm in Stoke Newington, Hackney and Islington.

One of the drivers was confirmed to work for Deliveroo, while another was a father-of-one UberEats driver who said he was ‘saved by his moped helmet’.

A 15-year-old boy was arrested at an address in Stoke Newington on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and robbery, after a 16-year-old was detained.

And just weeks ago a burglar inflicted 24 per cent burns on a 69-year-old woman by spraying a liquid on her after breaking into her home in Ilford, Essex.

Offenders who miss their target or fail to inflict injury because the victim is protecting themselves will risk an alternative charge of throwing acid or a similar corrosive substance with ‘intent to maim, disfigure or disable’ a person. It too carries a maximum life sentence.

The shocking incident follows a growing trend for attacks with acid. In 2014 Andreas Christopheros, from Truro, was assaulted at his home by David Phillips, a man he had never seen before, in what is believed to have been a case of mistaken identity.

After pleading guilty, Phillips was initially handed a life sentence – but that was cut on appeal to a 16-year term, with a possibility of parole after eight.

5 thoughts on “UK: Prosecutors Plan Life in Prison for Islamic Acid Attacks After Surge

  1. These vindictive ,spiteful evil men of islam ,those who throw acid should be jailed for life ,they ruin the lives of others because of their religious beliefs ,they are not going to change because they migrate ,they bring it with them.

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    • Fourteen centuries of animus say that, no, they are not going to change.

      After our first two foreign wars and the attacks of 911, how could anyone question their expulsion? Their immigration is suicidal, their presence inexcusable.

      One out of five humans is now Muslim. Two more doublings and they are the majority world-wide. “Waste not an ovum” wail the Muslim Populationists down at the mosque. “Whelp and re-whelp for Allah!!”

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  2. Still not good. Of all heartless cruelty, accid is the worst. The damage, pain and costs remain the rest of he victims life.
    Costs for society are also high

    Then: imprisonment is also very expensive; and it is a certain status; good life, without working

    I suggest: re-introduce hard labor and chain gangs.
    When that is executed good, it will be experienced as punishment and it will pay for its own costs.

    Life (hard labor) will scare off.
    Note: victims are considered to be less than animals by these psychopaths


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