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Muslims Praise and ‘Like’ The London Bridge Attack On Social Media

They need to stop calling them Jihadist. Jihadists is a term being misused by the media to refer to some rare, isolated group of rouge terrorists who have invented a new religion. They have invented nothing. There is only one version of Islam and they follow it to the letter.

Jihad means the exact same thing to every Muslim around the world, all 1.5 billion of them. It has no separate meaning to ISIS than to the average Muslim you see passing you on the street. Jihad is a duty that ALL Muslims are suppose to engage in, just as Hajj is a duty for all Muslims to engage in at least once in their lifetime.

Only the brave ones join to actually fight and even fewer offer to die for Allah. Therefore, they are seen as the heroes, and worshipped and admired as the Supermen of Islam. Muslims are generally big in words and cowardly in actions, which is the only relief that terrorism doesn’t spread even faster. But that doesn’t mean the majority of the Muslim community object to Jihad. It would be rare to find a Muslim who objects to Jihad, which is a fundamental obligation in Islam. It would equal to blasphemy. It would be haram to object to Jihad. Understand the thought process behind Islam, and everything else will be clearly visible.



Jihadis Celebrate Deadly London Terror Attacks Online

Muslims celebrate London Bridge attack
A fighter of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) waves a flag as they celebrate in the city of Mosul, Iraq June 23, 2014. REUTERS/Stringer.

Ryan Pickrell, Daily Caller
China/Asia Pacific Reporter
10:30 PM 06/03/2017

Islamic State sympathizers are reportedly celebrating the latest attacks to shake the United Kingdom online.

Attackers slammed a van into pedestrians on London Bridge late Saturday evening. The incident was immediately followed by a string of stabbings at Borough Market nearby. Pro-ISIS channels are heralding the attacks as “the black days we’ve promised” and are anticipating an ISIS claim, reports the SITE Intel Group, which monitors jihadi activity worldwide.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombing in Manchester that killed almost two dozen people and injured numerous others. In the wake of the attack, ISIS warned that “what comes next will be more severe on the worshipers of the Cross and their allies,” and in this month’s magazine, ISIS said that another terrorist attack in Britain was inevitable.

No specific group has announced that it was behind the London attacks, yet ISIS sympathizers have been celebrating for hours.

Pro-ISIS accounts were particularly active in the immediate aftermath of the Manchester attack as well. Sympathizers encouraged jihadis to “hunt your prey” in the U.K.

isis poster-409x600

London Bridge Attack Muslims celebrate terror attack 2London Bridge Attack Muslims celebrate terror attack 4London Bridge Attack Muslims celebrate terror attack 1

Image result for muslims celebrate london attackLondon Bridge Attack Muslims celebrate terror attack 3

They always rejoise following each attack. It’s the few times you see them genuinely happy: 

London Bridge Attack Muslims celebrate terror attack 5London Bridge Attack Muslims celebrate terror attack 6

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Image result for muslims celebrate london attack

Image result for muslims celebrate london attack

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9 thoughts on “Muslims Praise and ‘Like’ The London Bridge Attack On Social Media

  1. Remember: there is only one Islam. And the choice is not take-it-or-leave-it. The choice offered is:


    The real Islam is lubricated with infidel blood.


  2. These penny-ante attacks pale by comparison to REAL war! 9/11 was a pretty good lick but is the LAST lick the goat-humpers will be allowed. All this pathetic car crash, steak knife stuff is TINY as is your “god” and your jihad. You are benefitting from Europe’s cowardice (with apologies to the REAL men of Europe), which flows from the TOP of government in Germany, Belgium, France, and the UK. Know ye, oh godless Muslims, there is a storehouse of courage in America. We are the real Europeans and we are the army you have to face! We have a 15 point IQ advantage on you and a 1500 year headstart. You are FOOLS, following a “god” who does not exist. Need I draw you a picture? You are decades away from non-existence, at best.

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  3. I prefer to characterise what’s happening as the continuation of the ‘hijra’. They’ve long held that we dudded them out of their conquests in Southern and Middle Europe from the 12th century onwards. Now they’re continuing Mohammed’s personal ‘jihad’ to reclaim the lost lands for Allah and subject us all to become Muslims through forced apostasy.

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  4. All their accounts should be immediately blocked on Facebook and Twitter etc. If social media does not act then Facebook etc should be completely blocked.

    All descent people should close their accounts if they fail to act. Companies should Withdraw their adverts.


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