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Germany: Wave of Muslim Honor Killings



8 thoughts on “Germany: Wave of Muslim Honor Killings

  1. In the one case, why was the immigrant even allowed to have 3 wives?? Some people are calling for a new Crusades to rid Europe of the scum.


    • I stand by the Traditional Rule of Capital Preservation:

      If it flies, floats or fornicates, RENT, don’t buy.

      Seriously, the tool needed is the loyalty test. Are Muslims loyal to the civil state, or to the Umma and the traditions of Islam? Disloyalty is not to be tolerated. The truly pious are relentlessly seditious. The piously disloyal must be expelled.

      The presence of Islam is cured only by the absence of Islam. And our politicians are to be hounded, and replaced, until we have government that brings this situation about. It is their job. No excuses.

      So do your part. Annoy your lawmakers until they sic the dogs of the security service upon you.


  2. Soren Kern is one of the top writers with Gatestone Institute at the same time writing for a number of other publications. A factual informative piece, it seems the politicians currently running Europe are oblivious to these atrocities against women and children and law breaking in Germany, Yet when it comes time to vote Merkel out as Macron and who ever the nonsensical leader of the Netherlands – we will see Merkel returned. The EU needs disbanding the investigation into fraudulent expenses will be deemed a nothing. Unless we get some strong leaders in Europe and EPM’s who are not corrupt this will go on and on. Trump at least has shown the EU up for what it is. Trump probably aught to pull out of the UN leave Europe to its own unholy mess. As for Sweden worrying about Russia dropping a bomb on them this is about as likely as fly among a wasps’ nest. Europe deserves to fall apart – the idea of one European currency was a good idea but this is where it should have stopped. Borders open only to Europeans not the third world. Status should never have been given to any of these men from the third world. The original Turks who came in during the Cold war were only too glad to get away from Islam and caused little trouble. Erdogan has now set another time bomb in motion.


    • If the muzzrats want to kill each other, why not let them do that? It’s stopping them killing normal people that matters.


      • I have less problem with Muslims killing other Muslims providing they do it in their own caliphates. After all, they’ve been doing that since the days of Mohammed.


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