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Manchester: ‘Hug a Muslim’ Vlogger plays on grief for social media ‘click bait’

Is this really the ‘spirit of Manchester’? Vlogger who went viral with ‘trust me I’m a Muslim’ video is accused of playing on grief for ‘click bait’ as footage emerges of him wasting police time and harassing people in the street

  • Vlogger Baktash Noori stood by a sign and asked people for a hug in Manchester
  • The striking video went viral and people stopped in the street to embrace him 
  • But it can now be revealed he filmed clips where he tries to embarrass the public

The blogger who went viral with a video of him hugging people in Manchester has been accused of being an ‘attention seeker’ as more footage of him harassing people in the street has emerged.

Baktash Noori stood next to a cardboard sign which said: ‘I’m a Muslim and I trust you. Do you trust me enough for a hug?’

The video was watched almost 400,000 times on his YouTube page which also includes other clips of him playing pranks on the people of Manchester.

But viewers have criticised Mr Noori and accused him of ‘playing on people’s grief for a click bait social experiment’.

Baktash Noori's friend (left) was running with a football and fell to the ground when going past a police officer. Mr Noori then sprinted over and showed the man a card 

He then proceeded to speak to the two officers and 'book' the man after his friend went past him

Social media user ‘Celtic Tiger’ wrote on YouTube: ‘Man, you’re sad. Playing on people’s grief at a time like this for some YouTube click bait social experiment.’

Delilah McNally added: ‘What is the purpose of this exactly? You know must of these people don’t actually trust you right?? They don’t even know you.

‘Get real! This is just a feel good video to distract from reality.’

It comes as another clip on his Facebook page shows him running up to a police officer to give him a yellow card after his friend pretended to dive as he went past him with a football.

Meanwhile, other videos called ‘Asking People Random Questions’ show him embarrassing people by asking them ‘What is the capital of America?’ and ‘How many oceans are there?’

Some of the people answered his questions correctly – but many failed to do so and he edited the clips in a way which appeared to mock them.

In the police officer video, his friend was dribbling with a ball but fell to the ground and looked at the officer as if he had committed a foul in a game a football.

Mr Noori then sprinted over to the officer and pretended to caution him like a referee would during a match.

In another clip, he asked a different officer in Manchester city centre if he knew where he could ‘get some After Eights’.

In one of his clips he was almost beaten up by a man who had taken an exception to him falling into him during his trust social experiment 

During his video, he would approach random people and fall into them to see if they would prevent him from falling 

During a different video he was filmed approaching random people in the street to ask them directions – before sprinting off in the opposite direction.

He also tried another social experiment which he named the ‘leap of faith’. In that particular clip, it looked like Mr Noori was almost attacked when a man took exception to him falling towards him.

During the hugging clip which went viral, it shows people walking by until one man reads the sign and turns back to give him a heartfelt embrace.

He said: ‘Good man, you’re not alone kid and don’t think you’re outside.’

A police officer walked past him in the street and Mr Noori asked him if he knew where he could get any 'After Eights' 

Then a woman quickly approached and hugs him and a man, and another woman. People of all ages later hug him after reading the sign.

He wrote on his YouTube account: ‘Making this video has been a great experience, the warmth and love I felt from each hug was truly wonderful.

‘I want to thank the two guys that helped me out with this video, without them, I would not have been able to do this: Ahmad & Abdullah.’

Miss Phase wrote on his YouTube channel: ‘I love this video so much! I’m Mancunian and what happened absolutely broke my heart and as a Muslim, it brought a wave of pain, fear and anxiety.’

Baktash Noori stood by a sign which declared 'I'm a Muslim and I trust you. Do you trust me enough for a hug?'

The video shows him hugging one man who stopped after he read his sign in the centre of Manchester

He also hugged another woman who came up to him during the video which has almost been watched 400,000 times on his YouTube page  



6 thoughts on “Manchester: ‘Hug a Muslim’ Vlogger plays on grief for social media ‘click bait’

  1. “Hug me I’m a Muslim.” And what’s the most common Muslim MO? A knife in the body. So umm, no fucking thanks, Moozzoo, I’d rather kiss a poisonous snake…


  2. Maybe this was a dumb thing to do. But isn’t anyone else concerned about how cold the people of Manchester are. I might not try to catch a perfect stranger in my arms, either, but I’d at least check afterwards and make sure he was OK.


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