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Devout Muslims Urged to Lure Kafirs to the Kill with eBay & Craigslist

ISIS ‘terror playbook’ urges lone wolves to hide behind fake Gumtree and eBay ads

The ninth edition of Rumiyah, Islamic State’s online monthly magazine, urges supporters to carry out terror attacks. Source: AFP / Clarion Project

Islamic State has called on supporters to place fake ads on popular websites like Gumtree to lure innocent victims who will be held hostage and then executed.

The latest edition of the terror group’s online magazine Rumiyah outlines in chilling detail how would-be lone wolves can carry out such attacks.

In a disturbing featured section of the 58-page magazine titled Just Terror Tactics, Australia’s home-grown terrorists Man Haron Monis, Numan Haider, and Farhad Jabar are all named and applauded.

The article declares that the objective of hostage taking is “to create as much carnage and terror as one possibly can”. For optimum impact, potential attackers are encouraged to create a drawn out hostage situation to leverage maximum media attention.

A collection of Rumiyah covers, the slick multi-language propaganda magazine produced by ISIS. Source: Clarion Project

“This is because the hostile kafir (a derogatory word to describe non-believers) only understands one language and that is the language of force, the language of killing, stabbing and slitting throats, chopping off heads, flattening them under trucks, and burning them alive.”

In what is a kind of murderous ISIS playbook, the propaganda piece advises a variety of ways a jihadi can hijack popular classified ad websites trafficked by millions of people every day to take hostages.

ISIS methods include advertising decoy jobs, second hand items for sale and rooms to rent on websites like Gumtree, eBay and Craig’s list.

All are ploys designed to snare unsuspecting victims for execution.

The six-page article goes on to explain how to subdue and kill people with knives and other weapons, once they have been trapped.

Rumiyah instructs readers that bogus job advertisements posted to websites such as Gumtree should ideally appeal to men and non-Muslims.

“After garnering a significant amount of applicants, one can then arrange the ‘job interview’, location and times, spacing out the applicants’ appointment times so as to give oneself time to subdue each target as he arrives – luring him to an appropriate location before attacking, subduing, binding, and then slaughtering them.”

Man Haron Monis, Numan Haider, and Farhad Jabar are all mentioned in the opening paragraphs of ‘Just Terror Tactics’ feature. Source: Clarion Project

If advertising property for rent, it is recommended to offer a fictitious small single room or studio apartment, or something “suitable for students”.

The article cautions those setting up ads for second-hand items on eBay, Craig’s list and Gumtree that prices should be set at an appropriate level, so as to not attract suspicion.

A well-deployed ad selling make-believe goods will stipulate that the buyer must pick up the item, and “upon the target’s arrival, one can then proceed to initiate his attack”.

Typical of ISIS, whose slick and aggressive propaganda machine has been used to recruit followers and incite attacks with alarming effect, the content and language in the article is confronting.

The word “harvest” is used to describe the killing of western citizens “residing in the lands of disbelief”.

Readers are pointed to a back issue of the multi-language magazine which showcases what kind of knives are best suited to carry out an execution.

Tactics such as turning up the volume of the stereo to drown out screams and what type of equipment can be bought from a hardware store to restrain a victim’s hands are also included.

Over the past 18 months, counter-terror analysts have observed just how responsive ISIS supporters can be to such suggestions.

Earlier issues of Rumiyah have detailed how knife attacks should be carried out in public, and implored followers to drive cars into crowded public spaces such as festivals and markets.

“Australia is a priority target but the thing that is important to understand is that there really isn’t a place that is not a priority target,” Michael S. Smith, counter-terror analyst, told Source: Fox News

“What ISIS are calling on lone wolf soldiers to do in these type of attacks is all very easy,” Michael S. Smith, a US counter-terror analyst who specialises in the terror group’s cyber activities, told

“Since late 2014 you’ve had [IS] repeatedly emphasising simple types of attacks, using knives, using cars. You see this play out frequently.”

This issue’s Just Terror Tactics feature opens by briefly paying tribute to Man Haron Monis, Numan Haider, and Farhad Jabar, who have all launched recent terror attacks in Australia.

Smith said Islamic State had been using its cyber networks to explicitly call for attacks on Australia – a “priority target” – since the southern hemisphere autumn of 2014.

“Australia is interpreted by so-called caliphate jihadists as an important part of the West,” Smith said.

“They have been very explicit in describing the types of targets.”

An example of a typical official Islamic State infographic pushed out through its network of media channels and dispersed across common tech platforms and social media sites. Source: Clarion Project

Sydney’s annual month-long Vivid festival began last weekend and there has been a noticeable increase in security around various city venues and popular public vantage points.

Heavy concrete road blocks to stop cars and heavy vehicles have been installed at Martin Place, a pedestrian mall in the CBD, and the location of the Lindt Café siege.

Residents around highly-trafficked Circular Quay were unable to drive and park their cars because of security restrictions at various key times on Saturday and Sunday.

ISIS used its social media channels and encrypted messenger services to call on supporters to wage “all-out war” on the West during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, it was reported over the weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Devout Muslims Urged to Lure Kafirs to the Kill with eBay & Craigslist

  1. Whilst they are intent in causing carnage during Ramadan the west should seize this time to have pig roast parties outside of all mosques.

    Ban Muslims from leaving their houses for the safety of the general public.


  2. Make-believe goods?
    Like blow-up dolls? Porn magazines? Jars of Vaseline? Detonators? Wire? Plastic explosive? AK-47s? Opium? What else do they have to offer?


  3. Could have mentioned Fecbook too. The paranoia is running hot over at Facebook as legitimate users find their accounts blocked and suspended indefinitely as the moderators demand genuine pics and real name information, with photo IDs and government-issued documentation. Political groups are under pressure not to publish anything that may cause offence to radical organisations.
    Many people decline to freely hand that kind of info over to online websites, consequently losing their communications with family and friends. What used to be seen as a free, open means of internet communication is taking on very sinister tones.


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