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Preachers at Manchester mosque called for gays, British soldiers and kafirs to be killed


Well, MP Alec Shelbrooke is completely off. This mosque is just the normal Islamic mosque in Britain or anywhere in Europe today. Only a minority of mosques will have few hate preachers and no hate messages. What is  needed to tackle terrorism is a total ban on Islam, a total ban on Islamic preachers. But who has the gut to do what is needed?



Preachers at mosque where Manchester bomber prayed called for homosexuals, British soldiers and non-believers to be killed

Conservative MP Alec Shelbrooke urged mosques to take greater responsibility for who they allow to speak.

By Ben Lazarus
28th May 2017, 4:09 am

THE mosque where bomber Salman Abedi ­worshipped hosted hate preachers who called for British soldiers to be killed and gays and adulterers to be stoned to death.

Didsbury Mosque’s YouTube channel still features videos from clerics including American Abdullah Hakim Quick.

Didsbury mosque still features YouTube videos from clerics like Abdullah Hakim QuickDidsbury mosque still features YouTube videos from clerics like Abdullah Hakim Quick

Image result for Abdullah Hakim Quick

He called for homosexuals to be killed and death for those who do not follow Islam.

MPs accused the mosque of playing a part in Abedi’s radicalisation.

Labour’s Khalid Mahmood said: “It has to be asked where a 22-year-old man born and bred in Manchester gets that sort of hatred from.

“We tend to think the problem is the internet and social media.

“But people don’t just turn up one day and look at things online.”

Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi worshipped at the mosque where hate preachers were welcomedManchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi worshipped at the mosque where hate preachers were welcomed

Moment of explosion during Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in suspected terror attack

Manchester Muslim terror attack
Salman Abedi, 22, detonated a bomb in the foyer of the Manchester arena killing 22 people

“They have to be groomed towards such ideas and extremist preachers often act as a gateway.

“They set up the thought process and once someone’s mind is conditioned towards hatred they stop seeing people around them as human.”

Conservative MP Alec Shelbrooke urged mosques to take greater responsibility for who they allow to speak.


Abdullah Hakim Quick is simply another Muslim preacher who re-invents history. It’s rather amusing that Imam Quick talks about Valentine’s day ‘where people carry out the wishes of Venus or Aphrodite’ [Aphrodite is the Greek version of the Ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor]. In 730 AD John of Damascus claimed that the black stone in Mecca is actually the head of Aphrodite ‘whom they [Muslims] call Chabar [Kaaba]’, or the Mesopotamian cruder goddess of sex and war, Astarte [Al-Lat/Allah], who was later worshipped as a smaller version of Aphrodite – minus the beauty and fun. The black stone was taken as booty during Muslim invasion into Crete and Cypres. There it ‘fell from the sky’ and broke in two as it was severed from the body while the Muslim invaders fought over it. It was then transported to Arabia and installed in the Kaaba. Islam is built on two foundations: sex and war. 


18 thoughts on “Preachers at Manchester mosque called for gays, British soldiers and kafirs to be killed

  1. What about the prostitutes of Babylon? Do they forget? It’s not convinient to remember..
    This is older than any Christian organ inspired rites.
    This man is sick.

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  2. So the answer is to burn down the Mosques, expel all Muslims from the nation? It seems like some of you need educating. All acts of terror are NOT from Muslims only, some are Christian. Do you see people wanting Christians out of their/our country? Did you not see the 30,000 strong demonstration by MUSLIMS against ISIS and what it stands for in the UK recently? Probably not because the media doesn’t WANT you to see it. We should tackle the extremists themselves and not the innocent 99%. The government needs to be harsher with those who incite hatred towards anyone not Muslim, yes send them back home if they are not born here. Those that are born here need locking up for it. But don’t pick on the other law abiding citizens of this country for no reason! In fact, the people that are saying they should be ‘executed’ or killed are doing EXACTLY the same as they are. So YOU need locking up for you inciting hatred towards Muslims!


    • You sound like another crazy liberal. You fabricate “solutions” and incite burning down mosques and then accuse others of inciting hatred. Maybe you need to go and see your doc and go back on your pills!
      Islam is far more dangerous than nazism. Nazism has been banned to assure it is shunned and gets not support from the general public. Islam needs the exact same treatment. You can argue against it as much as you like, which makes you completely clueless and uneducated on the subject.

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    • I see this march as nothing more then most doing it to deflect things from the actual truth using… taqiyya for those who do not understand it I urge you to look the word up and its understanding. I am not the brightest star in the sky but i see enough around me to see lies, deception etc I for one will not be convinced knowing what i do from the things i have personally seen and experienced. and this is a result not of the minority but the majority..

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    • Islam is different. As an unbiased perusal will confirm.

      Given the malice and the compulsion to demonstrate supremacy with religious blood-letting, there is no long-term solution short of blanket, permanent expulsion.

      They want one thing only: oblivion for the rest of us, and all historical record of our existence, by smothering the lamp of civilization.

      That’s all.

      The reason why multiculturalism exists is to pretend that inferior cultures aren’t inferior and that superior cultures aren’t superior. It’s a way to tell nice lies about rotten cultures and rotten lies about great cultures. And from this, we’ve set ourselves up not only to believe the enemy propaganda that ‘Islam means peace’, but to propagate it ourselves, all the while blaming ourselves for the enemy’s war on us.

      Bosch Fawstin

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    • Somehow, I don’t think it will be that easy,(but, it is what they would do) you can be sure that soon the world will be fighting the Islamic state., it is coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

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  4. Yes, burn the mosque down quickly! Also, force the elected officials to become educated and accept the truth. Grab these haste preachers and unmercifully flog them to death! EXPELL all Muslims from the nation! HALT letting them get away with demonstrating and stating they will take over Britain!

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  5. Come on folks burn that mosque down for starters .
    Internet and social media have nothing to do with the radicalization
    of these people it’s the hate preachers that do it

    – Jacquie


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