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Marbella: Car Deliberately Ploughs Into Seven Pedestrians

Only a few weeks back another car Jihad took place in Marbella, but the local police decided to call it an accident. And apart from a small article in the local papers it got no further media coverage.



Car mounts pavement and slams into pedestrians in Marbella near Puerto Banus nightspot the Ocean Club before trying to flee the scene

The Sun
By Gerard Couzens 28th May 2017,9:53 pm

SEVERAL pedestrians are understood to have been injured in the past hour after being hit by a car which mounted the pavement near Puerto Banus’s Ocean Club on one of the club’s busiest days of the year.

Police have closed off part of nearby Marbella’s Golden Mile where the hit-and-run driver crashed near a five-star hotel a couple of miles from the Ocean Club after fleeing the scene.

Several pedestrians have been injured by a hit-and-run car in the Brit holiday hotspot of Marbella

Several pedestrians have been injured by a hit-and-run car in the Brit holiday hotspot of Marbella.

Marbella muslim ploughs car into crowd - car jihad

The injured were left on the floor following the incident in Puerto Banus tonight.

Did you witness the incident in Marbella? Email us at or call 0207 782 4368

It was not immediately clear if the incident could be terrorism-related or an accident.

One of several men said to have fled the car after it was “intercepted” by police on the Golden Mile is understood to have been arrested.

The car involved was a black Audi which was still at the crash scene at 10pm local time tonight as traffic police diverted cars elsewhere.

A police source said at least two or three people had been injured and declined to rule out the possibility the car was deliberately driven at those hurt, although he said it was “too early” to draw conclusions. The nationality of the men inside the car was not immediately clear.

Local social media sites carried pictures of an injured man in shorts lying on the ground, with one social media user commenting: “A car has just sped along the seafront by the Ocean Club in Puerto Banus and has run over a lot of people.

Puerto Banus is popular with Brits and the nearby Ocean Club had been hosting its annual champagne party tonight

Puerto Banus is popular with Brits and the nearby Ocean Club had been hosting its annual champagne party tonight.

The nearby Ocean Beach Club is famous for its champagne parties and is a popular haunt of Towie stars

The nearby Ocean Beach Club is famous for its champagne parties and is a popular haunt of Towie stars.

“The car has fled the scene.”

A spokesman for the Ocean Club, where most revellers are Brits, said they were not aware of the incident and it hadn’t happened inside the club.

The club was today celebrating its annual Champagne party, at which revellers often end up spraying each other with expensive bottles of bubbly.

The event normally attracts celebs and top footballers.

Initial fears the incident on the Golden Mile was terrorism-related were ruled out by police, who said the driver was drunk as he ploughed into other vehicles, pictured, on a police chase

There was carnage on the streets of Marbella after the car struck several pedestrians 

15 thoughts on “Marbella: Car Deliberately Ploughs Into Seven Pedestrians

  1. What lying nonsense claiming it as terrorism when no such thing was found and the drivers are white British men there in Spain to get a tan and were involved in a drunken brawl per both witnesses and investigators. I appreciate facts by this site. But this is clearly based on hunches and guesses. Neither it has been ruled to be definitely deliberate, it’s still being investigated. If you have to report something try not to write it just based on what you want to be believe so it fots in your propaganda or want to make others believe. Just like the claims that Mecca was a Jewish city. Mecca was only partly Jewish with Jewish tribes only formed a part of Mecca. The ex-polytheist Meccans who visited Muhammad and accepted Islam formed a significant portion along with other polytheists. The Lie Issue needs to be the name. And this isn’t the sole premature or false claim made by the site. Sadly this website is just losing its credibility and just becoming a reactionary site. I quit this baseless site. There are many sites which report facts, but don’t slip in guesses and hunches.


    • I’ve perused the text and find no reference to terrorism. Are you sure you are commenting upon the proper article?


    • Oh i’m sorry, i didn’t know he was not calling it “terrorism”. he was indicating it. What the hell does it have to with “Jihad”? nothing.


  2. I dont see what relation this has with Jihad and terrorism.

    I like your blog, and you purpose, but posting news without sources and making up facts, you loose credibility and harm the reputation of all of us that argue against islam, but with trustflul facts.

    I encourage you to remove this post, or prove it with reliable sources.
    Any way, I am forced to abandon this website, as I find it highly unreliable.

    In the spanish media nothing has been said about muslim perpetrator:


  3. Moslems are drunks and druggies also. I don’t know anything about this, but I do know that the police lie about moslems in every Western country.


  4. According to most news sources this was a British driver high on cocaine who mowed down seven pedestrians. Including a seven week old baby. In my eye’s this is still an act of terrorism, regardless of the mans faith or colour.


    • Please also reblog. Even the witnesses stated that the drivers were drunk white British holidaymakers there for a tan and were involved in a brawl which has been said so by witnesses and even backed up by photos of the drivers.


      • Will you please explain why it is so VERY important to preserve a careful record of every tragedy not attributable to the malice of Islam?

        FWIW, malicious homicides by other “religions” are easy to tabulate. The typical annual sum, word-wide is zero. But this can be clearly understood as churches, synagogues and temples typically don’t double as divine arsenals of blessed munitions. That’s a Muslim specialty.

        It appears they have their own God, a proprietary God, that demands [ demands! ] that religious celebration and blood-letting are the same. That’s why they teach their kids how to slit throats to celebrate the end of their holy month of Ramadan. It’s training for life.

        Kill for your tribe! Kill for Allah! Kill to preserve our traditions! Kill for fun!

        I wonder if they realize their societies were the model used to create the Zombie genre of motion pictures?


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