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UK: Muslim is arrested with a backpack filled with knives outside the Parliament

His name has not been released as of yet but it’s not hard to figure out that the religion of peace is once again involved in this.



BREAKING NEWS: Man ‘carrying a rucksack of knives’ is pinned to the ground and arrested by armed police yards away from Parliament

  • Armed police flooded Whitehall to tackle man ‘armed with rucksack of knives’
  • Pictures from scene show blades strewn across the floor near Downing Street
  • Scotland Yard confirms man has been arrested and no one had been injured
  • It comes 36 days after six people were killed in a terror attack in the same area 

By Alexander Robertson For Mailonline
Published: 14:46, 27 April 2017

Armed police have tackled a man ‘with a rucksack full of knives’ near Parliament Square today – five weeks after the Westminster terror attack killed five people.

A bundle of gruesome-looking knives were seen on the floor next to the man, as the roads surrounding Whitehall were sealed off this afternoon.

Pictures from the scene show a bearded man being pinned to the floor, before he was held against the wall of the Treasury. Scotland Yard say no one has been injured.

Witnesses saw at least two kitchen knives strewn across the pavement near Downing Street and police confirmed they arrested the man.

A suspect is being held in Whitehall after reports he arrived at the scene with a bag of knives

3 thoughts on “UK: Muslim is arrested with a backpack filled with knives outside the Parliament

  1. The rate at which the police are breaking up the plots hatched by these animals indicates some good intelligence work being done. Presumably they have informants who may themselves be Muslims but are working for the Light. Hence the saying, the only good Muslim is a secular Muslim.


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