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UK: Toddler Madeleine McCann abducted by people traffickers to be sold to Muslims, says ex-Met detective

Isn’t this what we have been saying for a long time?

The parents vacationed in Portugal. Like Spain, Portugal is infested with illegal Muslims. They pour in through Africa. The EU’s failed social experiment with open borders has created a million-Muslim march of a constant stream of the most inadapatable,  violent, intolerant and nefarious people on earth pouring into Europe in uncontrolled numbers devouring the countries from within. Muslims are the primary clients for human trafficking victims and the main reason this industry exists in the first place. Age is no bar.

Europe is now a place where adults cannot even travel safely with their children. The British media and public treated the poor parents of this young child with appalling cruelty, when the real fault is with the politician who imported Muslims into Europe. With Muslims come Sharia – slavery, violence, misogyny, human rights violations and medieval savagery.



Madeleine McCann ‘abducted by people traffickers and sold to rich family,’ says ex-Met detective

by Patrick Grafton-Green
The Evening Standard

Madeleine McCann may have been abducted by people traffickers and sold to a wealthy family, a former Scotland Yard detective has said.

Almost 10 years after she disappeared while on holiday with her family in Portugal, it is believed the 3-year-old could have been smuggled by ferry to Africa.

The news comes as it was revealed a girl who looked “identical” to Madeleine was seen on a key trafficking route in Morocco shortly after she vanished.

Gangs in Mauritania, West Africa – where slavery was only outlawed in 2007, the year of Madeleine’s disappearance – are known to sell youngsters to wealthy Middle Eastern families.

Madeleine McCann

Former Met detective Colin Sutton told the Mirror: “The Mauritania line is certainly a possibility and needs to be looked at.

“If someone wanted to get a three-year-old child into Africa it’s the obvious route.

“The infrastructure and contacts for people smuggling are clearly there.”

It is unclear if police investigating Madeleine’s disappearance have looked into links to Mauritania, however private detectives hired by the McCanns reportedly believe there are “strong reasons” to think she was taken to Morocco, a route into the country.

Four days after Madeleine disappeared from her family’s holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz, a traveller told Crimestoppers they saw a girl that looked like Madeleine travelling from Tarifa to Tangier.

Two days after that, a tourist reported seeing a girl “identical” to Madeleine with a man in Marrakech, looking sad and asking the man with her: “Can we see mummy soon?”

Mari Olli and British husband Ray Pollard had not heard of Madeleine’s disappearance when they made the possible sighting and only made the connection when they returned home.

Madeleine vanished on May 3, 2007 when she was sleeping in the family’s apartment with her siblings as her parents dined at a nearby tapas restaurant with friends.

Kate and Gerry McCann with a computer image of how their missing daughter Madeleine might look

11 thoughts on “UK: Toddler Madeleine McCann abducted by people traffickers to be sold to Muslims, says ex-Met detective

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    • Thanks for responding, poor girl now 14 probably already a sex slave to some filthy stinking arab [deliberate use of lower case] princeling or some old man 20 years senior to her father. I pray for her sake she is dead and not suffering a fate worse than death.


    • Who are you? Some heartless savage who doesn’t believe trafficking exists? What a small mind you must have! Guess you think Muslims are innocent? Read your damn history you moron, really read your history. Go back to the fall of the Roman Empire, the onset of the .f………g madman muhamad, who today would be diagnosed as clinically insane, a psychotic narcissist, a psychopathic killer, a sex maniac and a Pedophile, Have you ever met members of the sick bloody saudi royal family? I have dealt with this scum royalty personally. It depresses me the world still does business with these savages simply because the world won’t invest in alternatives to stinking arab oil. The Brits themselves sell fighters to these devils and a WOMAN no less for £10,000 a shot was sent to saudipilots to teach these bloody morons how to make strategic attacks. What do the idiots do? Kill civilians, they don’t want to loose their little dicks if they are fired back at! These morons truly believe in 72 Virgins in Paradise this is no longer funny and it is time politicians like Furhrer Merkel woke up – she has been the biggest driver of the EU and the drunk Junker can only think of money. Stop seeing the world through woolly headed rose colored liberal glasses. Pity people such as you are not jailed for stupidity.


  2. Poor little Madeleine, my heart still aches when I watch TV documentaries about her. We all know how Muslims treat foreign kids, especially girls. One can only hope that the kid retains memories of her parents and makes a break at some stage.

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