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Marine Le Pen’s France – Documentary

What terrorist-supporting fool calls this woman “right wing”?

Marine Le Pen and her party, Front national, have tapped into nationwide anxieties over Islam and the European Union. On the eve of the French elections, we consider why French voters have shifted to the right, and what hope the National Front party gives them of a new France

6 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen’s France – Documentary

  1. The situation in Europe is BAD. Islamic extremists, funded by Saudi , Qatar etc. are causing immense damage. Islamists love it, of course – Mohammed was a raping, slaughtering terrorist criminal. And sick Islam and criminal muslims REVERE him – they aspire to be criminals , like mohammed..and then PRETEND islam is a religion of peace……..

    search trop thereligionofpeace……


  2. Marine le pen is the saviour of the French people, let’s hope that the French realise that she could be their last hope of freedom from muslim savagery.


  3. It is absolutely insane that moslims are allowed into Europe or North America. They all need to be deported, ALL mOSLIMS need to be deported and permanently banned. Moslims are and always will be our enemy, their only interest is to convert or kill all Christians and Jews. If they can not be deported execute them.

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