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Indian Woman Is Sold Into Slavery In Saudi Arabia For $4,000

Poverty drove this poor woman to become a lamb paraded to the slaughter-house on the pretence of work.



Another horror story from Saudi Arabia: Hyderabad woman sold to kafeel for Rs 3 lakh, faces torture

Omar bin Taher | TNN | Updated: Apr 24, 2017, 05.41 PM IST


  • Salma has sent an audio message to her daughter Sameena, requesting the Indian govt to bring her back home.
  • Salma Begum was allegedly sent to Saudi Arabia by two agents.
  • Financial woes and debts drove Salma Begum to Saudi Arabia.


Indian woman sold as a slave in Saudi Arabia for $4000

CHARMINAR: One more Hyderabadi woman was deceived by agents. She is facing mental and physical harassment at the hands of her kafeel (sponsor) in Saudi Arabia.

Salma Begum, 39, a resident of Babanagar ‘C’ block was allegedly sent to Saudi Arabia by two agents identified as Akram and Shafi of the same locality on January 21, 2017 on a housemaid visa.

Salma Begum’s daughter Sameena told TOI that her mother was cheated by Akram and Shafi. “My mother is in trouble in Saudi. She wants to return home but her Kafeel is not allowing her to get back here. I even met Akram requesting him to get my mother back, but he did nothing so far. We went to Kanchanbagh police station, but the police appear to be unmoved by the matter and has not taken any action so far,” Sameena said.

Sameena further said that she had learnt that her mother was sold to the kafeel for 3 lakh. “The torture started when she denied to a contract marriage with her Kafeel in Saudi Arabia. She however informed me sending message that she was sold by agents. so the Kafeel does not want to send her back,” Sameena added.

She alleged that despite several complaints and requests, the Kanchanbagh police have failed to take action against agents Akram and Shafi. Akram was called to the police station once.

He had assured us that he would bring our mother back home by February 20, 2017, but so far she has not returned home,” Salma Begum’s daughter said.

Salma has now sent an audio message to her daughter Sameena, in which, she is requesting the Indian government to bring her back to India.

“I am trying all efforts to bring my mother back home. I kindly request Telangana and central governments to bring my mother back to India,” Sameena Begum appealed.
Financial woes and debts drove Salma Begum to Saudi Arabia.

The GCC countries -Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman,Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE – manage its “temporary” migrant workforce through the sponsorship or Kafala system. Under this system, a local citizen or local company (the kafeel) must sponsor foreign workers in order for their work visas and residency to be valid. This means that an individual’s right to work and legal presence in the host country is dependent on his or her employer, rendering him or her vulnerable to exploitation.
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In most GCC states, migrants cannot leave or enter the country without their employer’s permission.

3 thoughts on “Indian Woman Is Sold Into Slavery In Saudi Arabia For $4,000

  1. Muhammadism [ie: the vernation of the historical pirate Muhammad bin Abdullah, arguably the most successful career criminal ever ] is an insult to the moral senses ubiquitous to the non-Muslim world. Such insult may be inevitable for a synthetic religion fabricated as a cover story, to suggest a moral patina to, and justification for, repugnant criminal behavior, like human trafficking.

    What five letter word describes a moral code of ethics citable by pimps, thieves and kidnappers? Rapists, murderers and church arsonists? Well poisoners, antiquities looters and airliner hijackers? Cattle rustlers, purse snatchers and food-stamp fraudsters?


  2. Okay folks it was through the channel of supplying staff to scum saudi royals in London, I met these savages. On three occasions I got my women/girls out of these foul households and dealt with this family astutely threatening legal action. Fortunately back in ‘ate ’70’s the royals couldn’t get away with as much as they do today. I have already told the story of the so called prince who attempted to pick me up while waiting for an acquqaintance due at 19.30 in a respectable bar just behind Liberties London. I swore at the savage told him he was a primitive from the deserts and to go back where he belonged or I would call the Police and have him arrested for harassment. The saudi’s had only just started flashing their petro $’s around at this time. HRH Charlie boy makes things worse by cavorting with this scum on horses at polo matches and his ugly wife dutifully dons the veil. Charlie gave this scum license to be members of one of the most prestigious Night Clubs in London ‘Annabelle’s’ of course the owners ‘aristocracy’ still believed there was a British Empire and so it seems does the British government today. Are we living in La La Land?

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