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Germany: Muslim migrant criminal suspects soared by more than 50% in 2016

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Number of migrant criminal suspects in Germany soared by more than 50% in 2016, as minister warns the number of crimes has ‘increased disproportionately’

  • German police were hunting 174,000 migrant criminal suspects in 2016 
  • Meanwhile crimes motivated by Islamism also jumped by 13.7 per cent 
  • The number of German criminal suspects fell by 3 per cent to 1.4million
  • Interior Minister blamed the increase on migrant crime on their housing 

The number of migrant criminal suspects in Germany soared by more than 50 per cent in 2016, data from the Interior Ministry showed on Monday.

Police were hunting 174,000 suspects classed as immigrants in 2016, the data showed, 52.7 per cent more than in the previous year.

Crimes motivated by Islamism also increased by 13.7 per cent. That includes the truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market by…

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3 thoughts on “Germany: Muslim migrant criminal suspects soared by more than 50% in 2016

    • They don’t care. They just keep burrying the head in the sand preferring to deny it and look the other way while the problems escalate out of control. It will pile up so much and for so long that eventually only a civil war can end it.


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