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Spain: Muslim Drives Car Into Crowd in Palma de Mallorca. Police Calls it “Accident”.

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Car ploughs into group of people on the sidewalk in Palma

Spain Muslim drives car into pedestrians in Palma Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca: Car rushes in crowds

Mallorca Magazine
MM-redaktion, 15.04.2017 – 14:12 h

A driver of Northern African background drove onto the pedestrian walk at a main traffic road in Palma on Saturday morning. Five people who were waiting at a bus stop were injured, the Spanish sister newspaper of MM, Ultima Hora, reports on its webpage.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested. He is being charged with battery and endangering the safety of traffic. The word is that according to police, the young driver of Moroccan nationality lost control over the car. The car came to a stop at the outer wall of the branch of a bank.

Panic broke out immediately after the accident at the scene of the accident at the Avenida Alejandro Rosselló near the central Plaza España. Police started a large scale operation to get the situation under control quickly. There is no initial information about the background of the accident, which occurred around 10am CET.

According to Spanish media reports, the police are now investigating whether it is a simple traffic accident, or if other motives could lie behind the incident.

One of the victims suffered grave injuries. Ultima Hora tweets that the injured are four tourists from the Northwestern Spanish region of Galicia, all of them old age pensioners, and one young person from Palma.

The driver was travelling in a car of the SEAT Toledo brand.


10 thoughts on “Spain: Muslim Drives Car Into Crowd in Palma de Mallorca. Police Calls it “Accident”.

  1. Cars accidentally plowing into crowds.
    Guns accidentally going off and killing people.
    Hobbyists fascinated by explosives whose bombs accidentally go off.
    Knives that accidentally find their way into the bodies of random strangers.
    Muslims certainly seem to be accident prone.


  2. the situation is leading towards III WW between believers & non believers ie muslims and rest of the world and that too will start from …….Europe.


  3. It was a real speed driving and loss of control accident made by a Young fellow with a 2 months old driving license.
    The case is under Police investigation to confirm it or not.


  4. The government/police of Spain are playing the same dangerous Muslim appeasement game Merkel & the rest of the pro-E.U. press does, when it comes to Muslim terrorist attacks, in this case, the jihadist killer using a speeding car to smash into people in Palma de Mallorca.


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