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ISIS Propaganda Video Proves White Helmets Work for the Terrorists

Isn’t it peculiar that in all these “chemical attacks” supposedly launched by Assad in jihad held areas, not a single terrorist is killed but civilian children die like flies?

Anyone with even rudamental knowledge of international aid-work know that no organisation or volunteer can have a presence in a conflict zone with free access to terrorists and their leaders unless they either work for these terrorists or are terrorists themselves. The White Helmets are free to move around in terrorist held areas, take photographs and be their main press and UN contact. This is a region where taking photos gets you crucified for ‘spying’. White Helmets have no problems yet serve as the main contact point to report on “chemical attacks” in Syria’s terrorist held areas, whether it’s ISIS, rebels or al-Qaeda.

That should be a strong warning sign. But what do government’s do? Fund them. It’s total insanity.

The White Helmets (al-Ḥawdh al-Bayḍāʾ / al-Qubaʾāt al-Bayḍāʾ), officially known as Syria Civil Defence (SCD), professes to be a “volunteer” organisation that currently operates in parts of rebel-controlled Syria. The White Helmets should not be confused with the Syrian Civil Defence Forces which have been a member of the ICDO (International Civil Defence Organization) since 1972.

The “rescue” teams that later became SCD emerged in late 2012, when the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad began to lose significant amounts of territory to the Free Syrian Army in the Syrian Civil War.

“Inside Aleppo” (12:00 minutes), published 9 February 2015 (Released to YouTube on February 17, 2015). Cantlie states in the video it will be the last film in the “Inside” series.

SCD is supported by the aid agencies of a number of external donor governments. Initially the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office was the largest single source of funding through Mayday Rescue Foundation. As of 2016, SCD state they are also partly funded through Chemonics, a U.S. based private international development company.

Funders now include the Canadian government Peace and Stabilization Operations Program, the Danish government, the German government, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the United Kingdom Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF). USAID now appears to be the largest donor, having contributed at least $23 million from 2013 to March 2016. The British government had provided £15 million of funding between 2012 and November 2015, increased to £32 million by October 2016.

“We do not hide it, we admit [that] there is funding from the USA, from the UK, from Germany, from Netherlands,” Abdulrahman Al Mawwas, the chief liaison officer of the White Helmets said in 2016.

The SCD has also received individual donations online to their Hero Fund, which provides treatment for “wounded volunteers and supports their families”.

SCD is widely cited, quoted, or depicted in regional and international media coverage of the conflict in Syria. Raed Al Saleh, the Director of SCD, has been an outspoken advocate against bombardment of civilians, addressing the United Nations Security Council and other international bodies on a number of occasions.

A UK government £5.3 million media activists programme included assisting the reporting of “White Helmets” activities across Twitter and Facebook.

The streaming service Netflix released a documentary film entitled The White Helmets on September 16, 2016. The film won the Best Documentary (Short Subject) at the 89th Academy Awards.



Locals in Syria have a different opinion about the “volunteer” work White Helmets do for “civilians”


Vanessa Beeley reports from Syria:

The video in this report is a compilation of testimonies taken from Syrian civilians, finally liberated from almost five years of Nusra Front-led terrorist occupation of all districts of East Aleppo. The unadulterated, unedited, uncensored voices of the Syrian people, released from Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda jail in East Aleppo, finally given a platform instead of corporate media’s terrorist propaganda amplification and “regime change” narrative monopoly.

I was in East Aleppo during its final liberation from Nusra Front-led extremism and during the lead up to Christmas until the 27th December. I witnessed the emaciated civilians arriving at the Jebrin registration centre to receive food, hot drinks and medical treatment. Medical treatment that the Nusra Front dominated, extremist groups, had refused them. We saw a young boy whose foot was missing, he told us that he had received no attention for his wounds prior to arriving in Jebrin. He had been injured in a terrorist mortar attack on the district he had been living in.

I was in East Aleppo between the 9th and the 14th December when the majority of the districts were liberated. Every civilian I spoke to said the White Helmets were effectively Nusra Front’s civil defence. Some said they “occasionally” helped civilians but then qualified by adding that their priority was the “armed groups”.

The content of this video also exposes the #FakeNews peddlers, Channel 4, who have consistently acted as “cheerleaders” for Nusra Front-led terrorism in Syria. Where were they when the civilians were free and their voices could be heard condemning the “rebels” that Channel 4 and so many other corporate media promoted as “freedom fighters”.

This video is not only a further exposure of the truth about the multi-million NATO & Gulf state funded fraudulent White Helmets, it is also a testament to the honour, the integrity and the fortitude of the Syrian people, who despite all they had suffered and endured during the almost five year terrorist occupation, came out resilient and determined to rebuild their shattered lives.




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      • One thing I know is Assad is neither Sunni/Wahhabi/Shiia, these three versions of ISLAM are the real problem. Trump was a fool to fall for it or did he have it organized for prestige? As for Assad’s torturing prisoners I would bet my life on it all prisoners were rebels of one or other of the above three aspects of ISLAM. In view of the way these three ideologies behave since the 9/11 torture is too good for them death penalty immediately.

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