Muslims WorldWide

‘There is a movement in Australia to increase the Muslim population’

Islam in Australia, take-over funded by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Muslims want their own Country within Australia.

7 thoughts on “‘There is a movement in Australia to increase the Muslim population’

  1. Islam: seizing success through emulation of the cockroach.

    In florida my palmetto bugs were so large they grunted [ yes, it’s true, big cockroaches do grunt as they run, then they hop into the air and fly after the exact morsel of food you are trying to put in your mouth. I discovered this eating grapes in a darkened room while watching television. ] I thought this had real potential, so I taught them to speak.

    They demanded a mosque.


    • That is a rather nasty little comment, dear Sir!

      BUT ….

      … I have to admit – I pissed meself larfin’, mate!!! Then I changed me clothes and did it all over again … and again … and again! (chuck us a redback for me laundry costs, would ya?)

      😉 😉 😉


  2. They need to go home and fight for the country they have not take over
    one someone else settled. They are nothing but pigs

    – Jacquie



      • To be properly accomplished, dining within a strict budget requires dining in pairs.

        Only one can eat at a time, while the other monitors approaching traffic.

        Conveniently, coupons or early-bird arrival is unnecessary.


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