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Jean-Claude Juncker’s political party: ‘Ban Islamic face veils across the EU’

This is the same Jean-Claude DRUNKER screaming Islamophobia at every opportunity he had. What has changed his mind now? How will anything change banning the veil if Islam is not banned?

The damage these Euro fools have done is already irreversible. They need to be tried and charged with treason. Nothing less will be good enough.



‘Ban Islamic face veils across the EU’: Jean-Claude Juncker’s political party – the largest in the European Parliament – calls for new rules and says covering up is helping terrorists

  • The European People’s Party said it would be beneficial for security and ‘human interaction’
  • The party is the largest in the European Parliament, with 216 seats
  • Motion approved at party congress specifically mentions the burka and niqab 
  • It also called for measures to avoid concentrating ‘third country nationals’ in any one place 

The biggest party in the European Parliament – which European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is a member of – has called for a Europe-wide ban on face veils.

The European People’s Party (EPP) claims the measure would be beneficial for security, and help ‘human interaction’.

It also called for measures to avoid concentrating thousands of ‘third country nationals’ in any one place, and said welfare payments should be linked to ‘mandatory integration requirements’.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is a member of the EPP, which has called for the measure

A ban on face veils was adopted by the centre-right party at its annual congress in March last week.

The resolution was named ‘For a cohesive society: Countering Islamic extremism’, and specified the burka and niqab.

EPP leader Manfred Weber told reporters in Germany: ‘We want a total ban of face covering in the EU.’

A measure introduced by the party states Islamic face coverings should be banned ‘both for reasons of security and because seeing one another’s faces is an integral part of human interaction in Europe’.

In December last year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for face coverings to be banned 'wherever it is legally possible'

The party, which is affiliated with Angela Merkel’s CDU party, holds 216 of 751 seats in the European Parliament.

The British Conservative Party was a member of the EPP until 2009, but quit because it felt the group was too pro-Europe.

Party insiders hope the measure will be will discussed by the EU, The Express reports.

In 2010 France introduced a ban on face coverings, and parts of Switzerland soon followed.

In December last year German Chancellor Merkel told her party conference that a full face veil is ‘inappropriate and should be banned wherever it is legally possible’.

Earlier this year British Prime Minister Theresa May resisted a similar move, saying: ‘What a woman wears is a woman’s choice.’

15 thoughts on “Jean-Claude Juncker’s political party: ‘Ban Islamic face veils across the EU’

  1. Probably the only rational and coherent thing he’s said in 15 years. He was either in alcohol withdrawal or totally drunk. I can’t believe he’s still in power. As head of the EC he has more power than the EU president, so he’s de facto our leader. That’s NOT exactly showing our best face to the world.
    Couple months ago I saw on N24 how he convened a meeting in his office with news reporters (all women) to dispel the notions that he’s a drunkard. At 10 am. By the time the meeting was finished 45 minutes later, he had finished a whole bottle of champagne by himself and when one of the reporters pointed that out he said something like “oh, well, you know, that was only 4 glasses (!). At 10am. I can understand drinking a couple of liters of wine AFTER he kicks off his shoes at home, but THIS!? How was he even able to be president of Luxembourg?
    I’ve seen him trip, slur his words, kiss old men MEPs on the cheek, you name it. I’ll bet any money there exists, somewhere, a video of him dancing in his underwear on a table.
    Clearly, the whole issue of freedom of religion has to be revisited! Either have a “no Islam” asterix clause in there or formulate it so as to disallow Islam in some other way, such as banning any religious movement that wants to kill people, overthrow the state, take over the world, or any other swinery. I’d actually rather have hordes of Wyccans from the US Middle West coming here than Muslims from the Middle East.
    If Germany can ban Nazi literature from being published, why not the Koran? Any good lawyer could conceivably make the case that that book is an incitement to violence, and by extension prove that Islam is ipso facto an extremist and terrorist organisation, having killed 670 million people in its 1400 year history. Christianity says “love your neighbour,” but how is Syria, Iraq, or Africa our “neighbour” and why do we bring these people in here to BE our “neighbour” when their only objective is to KILL US ALL one way or another.


    • You wrote:

      Clearly, the whole issue of freedom of religion has to be revisited!

      With remarkable succinctness, the First Amendment to the US. Constitution reads:

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

      Every particular within the First Amendment is a blasphemy under The Sharia, which is the acknowledgement of and acquiescence to Islamic Supremacy that the Islamists insist the world owes them. [ Their terms are The Sharia, or horrifying violence till they get it. ].

      Yet, although Islam is a political loyalty that openly declares its intention to whelp its way to world domination and promises the permanent abolition of Western Traditions, it poses as a religious persuasion entitled to First Amendment protection as a legal convenience. It has, in fact, managed to weaponize our courts.

      It is testimony to the decline of American public education over the past century that any Americans would not see these contentions as an absurd canard. But they do, infuriatingly, in spite of all overwhelmingly contrary evidence.

      This changes or we are in real trouble. I favor blanket expulsion. My solution is no Islam, no mosques, and no Followers of the Prophet (other than patients receiving compassionate medical care and essential diplomats, but they all are to have subcutaneous GPS location chips). And the less they, and the world, like it, the more desirable expulsion becomes. Why, we would be the envy of a possibly dying world.


      • Great points and great arguments. The real reason we got ourselves into this situation, including the US, is that we formulated our religious freedom laws based on old conflicts of Catholic vs. Protestant. Neither Europe or the US ever figured islam into the equation. Shortly after the US gained its independence you had the Barbary Pirates, and these were dealt with quickly and effectively, same with the Gates of Vienna. Islam was regarded as a minor problem easily defeated and the only place it had any foothold was the Balkans. This became a problem only in the 1990s where after years of communist repression those conflicts resurfaced.
        The fundamental problem here is that every country hates every other country and when they were all put into this artificial EU garniture, it actually weakened Europe as a geopolitical entity. Instead of decreeing ONE official language, we have 20+ official languages and need 19,000 translators making 20x the paperwork of any other bureaucracy. The same goes for religion. There is no one official religion or group of religions (Christianity) that are official.
        The muslim invaders are here because someone wants to destroy Europe even quicker than just the inefficiency of the EU. If the pretext is population decline, then how come 98% of all asylum applications from Ukraine are rejected? And instead 99.9% of undocumented, undocumentable, nonproductive, and unassimilable invaders from Africa are? How come, if an American, Canadian, or Australian of European origin wants to move here, they have to get a Visa, then get permanent residency, then wait 5 years, commit no felonies, and if they want citizenship right away pay 200,000 Euros? Makes no sense. If they can pay up to 800 Euros a month (depending on state) + free everything to undocumented invaders (1800 Francs per month in Switzerland) then they could just as easily offer the same to Americans (et al) who want to come here.
        I’m from Czech Republic and 5 years ago I moved one country over to Germany. Bought a couple of apartment buildings and I live off rent because it pays more than interest did (at least until 2008 when interest rates took a nosedive). They promised that they’d give me a 6 month course in German language for free, but in the end I had to pay for it, 700 Euros. Because I have the houses, even if I were to have a traditional job where I’d pay into the system, I’d never qualify for unemployment (ALG 1). Many, many Czechs I know have had this happen to them. In short, they never gave me a single cent to move here or any tax breaks or anything.
        The German people don’t want the invaders here but the government does. They’re afraid to take their anger out on then directly, and instead they take their anger and frustrations out on people like me because that can’t be construed as racism. Yet, I never cost the German government a single cent and instead provide housing to people. 2 years ago I was thinking about goint into the T-shirt manufacturing business but have since changed my plans. The city I live in is no longer safe and you have horrific crimes here on a daily basis. A form of low-level terrorism. In the last 5 years, 2.6 million invaders cane to Germany and 1.5 million Germans moved out because of the 30% y/o/y crime increase costing the German government 46 BILLION Euros per year and that will only increase. So now, I’m in the process of selling all the houses and moving right back to CZ. They’ve proven that they don’t want people like me here. No, they want the invaders here.


    • Should Marine Le Pen become President the EU will collapse and Britain might finally have the guts to deal with her problems with Islam. Now Erdogan has established the Ottoman Empire II Germany unless Merkel goes will finish up as it did in WWII. Junker will be gone as well. So any French folks and nationalized French vote for Lady Liberte tomorrow she is your only hope as well as Europe’s.


      • I actually like Marine LePen’s positions and if I were French I’d vote for her and nobody else. BUT! If she wins, then all the illegal muslim invaders will move one country over into Germany. France has about 8% muslims and Germany has about 5.7%. Add to that the 3 million invaders that Erdogan and his little Ottoman Empire II are threatening and you have a recipe for pandemonium in Germany.
        Erdogan has actually said that his ultimate aim is to take over Germany using immigration and the existing 5th column we already have from the 1970s, and that he will gain the support for doing this by handing over pieces of German territory to the 9 countries that surround it. Cavusoglu was supposed to deliver a toned-down version of this and that’s the real reason that NL and DE stopped him.
        There is a flip side to this in that Erdogan can threaten to release more refugees, but we can just either start sending them back, or start shooting. The other one is tourism, since Turkey gets about 36 Billion Euros a year from tourism and that’s not including Hawala payments from Turkish nationals in Germany. If we stop going to Turkey on vacation, their economy will suffer.
        Yet the Turks call Germans Nazis for not allowing Cavusoglu to speak in Holland when in reality Holland was occupied by the Nazis, and Turkey was an ALLY of the Nazi regime.


      • The Germans it seems are not smart enough to vote for the ATF, but will vote Merkel in again. Turkey will be on her back immediately. With any luck after French elections the rest of the European nations will dump the EU although I have to say the currency is useful but that’s about all. As a result of the break up of EU Germany will have a big debt to deal with as well as a monumental Islamic problem, just wonder how the Germans are going to deal with this? May be take a leaf out of ‘Vlad the Impaler’s’ book and murder as many as possible!


      • Actually I don’t know anybody here in Bavaria who is NOT voting AfD, however the elections are in September here. Nobody in Germany ever voted for Angela Merkel because in Germany it doesn’t work that way. Over here you can only vote for a PARTY, which then picks its own people. Since most people here are both Christians and Conservatives they voted for the CDU, the Christian Democratic Union. This is not Ameica where Democrats are the left wing. I can’t vote here in Germany but in Czech Republic I’m a registered Republican, which is a so-called “far-right” party led by Prof. Miroslav Sladek. We do not want to kick out all people of non-Czech origin, but we only want them to follow our existing laws. Concurently with that I’m also a member of the APC, which is exactly the same as the AfD in Germany except that we have a “different” stance regarding immigration. To top it all off I’m also a sponsoring member of DS, the (outlawed) worker’s party. You might think therefore that I’m a maniac but I just want our country and Europe to be free.
        I’m not one of those people who got rich because they had rich parents. I got rich because of struggle. The fact that I sympathise with both the ultra rich and the working poor means that I have never forgotten my roots, nor can I ever. My first, middle, and last allegiance is ONLY to the Czech Republic and not to any party.


      • I just hope for the sake of all of us in Europe that neither Merkel gets back into power and Le Pen is the next President of France. Britain has a monumental problem which as I see it is unsolvable, I no longer live in England for this reason. I share the same philosophy as you:-
        “The fact that I sympathise with both the ultra rich and the working poor means that I have never forgotten my roots, nor can I ever. My first, middle, and last allegiance is ONLY to the Czech Republic and not to any party.”


      • I know about the problems in Britain, and I’ve personally seen the situation in France. Because of the Schengen Accords, any such breach of security in any one country threatens all the other countries. If the situation becomes out of hand in France or Germany, what’s to stop it from spreading to Czech Republic. That’s why the Czech government donated 1/3 of the cost of Macedonia’s border fence despite public criticism. It was a good thing because what protects Macedonia protects us too. Right now the invaders aren’t coming to eastern Europe because in CZ they’d get only about 60 Euros a month plus they’re locked in camps whereas in Germany they get up to 800 euros a month. Also, if the invader refuses to (or cannot) identify himself they’re locked up, and they have to pay about 1 Euro a day for their food, and have to earn that money by working.
        We had a high-profile case where a doctor from Iraq and his entire 12-member family was given asylum in CZ, in Jihlava. The city paid to have a big house renovated just for them, but when they were to move in, he told the officials off saying the place was a pigsty and that he had had a much fancier house in Iraq. They then chartered a bus to Germany but were stopped at the border by Czech Police and locked up. They were later deported.
        In CZ most of the muslim population of about 3000 lives in Teplice in Northern Bohemia but these had come there many years ago. However, the local people don’t like them because they occupy the central park there and drink and make loud noises all night long. There’s also fights, garbage, and human waste all over the place.
        My local city government here in Germany has finally admitted on its webpage that 20% of the population of 40,000 people are, in fact einwanderer (invaders) and it shows. This is not good. It’s only a question of time before there’s a major backlash against them, and I don’t want to be around when that happens because it will affect all non-Germans.
        I sincerely hope LePen wins tonight because that will serve as the impetus for other nationalist and populist movements. I’m not against immigration as such. I’m just against uncontrolled and excessive immigration like we have now. It’s one thing when someone from Estonia moves to Portugal or vice versa, but accepting this many people from completely foreign countries is insanity. Allowing the existence of no-go zones in Sweden, France, and even Germany, like Berlin’s Neukolln district is unacceptable. The fact that the rule of law is gone serves a bad example for young people.


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  3. Junker is definitely a drunk we need a number ‘contracts taken out’ the Mafia could make it self useful by offering to do Europe this service. ISLAM MOHAMMADISM ISHMAELI’s All need deporting now good or bad. Go home to the middle east rebuild your cities and fight your rotten war between Wahhabi & Shia leave the rest of us in peace.


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