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Trump’s missile insanity: ‘Assad not mad’ enough to use chemical weapons: Former UK ambassador

When we finally hoped we would see some sensibility in Washington, we appear to have just one more clueless donkey in office.

Trump is so clueless about Syria, he can’t even grasp that he is sending missiles over nothing but assumptions with no evidence to support the claims Assad was behind this staged “chemical” attack. This will encourage jihadists to stage more barbarity against hostage-held civilians in hope that the delusional Western leaders will do their job for them. Jihadist always commit their atrocities in jihad occupied areas while using civilians as human shields and trapping them, since that’s the only place they can enact their barbarity.

This event is nothing but a dejavu from 2013 when 70 Alawite children got kidnapped with women in Latakia and transported to Ghouta by Obama funded rebels. Two weeks later the jihadists poisoned the children to death and proceeded to act as grieving parents in front of White Helmet cameras. All victims were families of the Syrian government. The propaganda was quickly spread worldwide by Western media (talk about fake news!) and Assad was made the villain. Much later it was revealed, after weeks of test results and intelligence reports, that Assad had nothing to do with the chemical attacks. It was then too late. The media had feed millions of viewers of their anti-Assad narrative and the political elite wanted the removal of a victims of terror, rather than the cause of terror and the terrorists themselves. Nor were the children killed by a chemical attack. The symptoms indicated some form of poisoning causing white foaming around the mouth (Sarin gas created yellow foaming and the area gets contaminated). They had been poisoned by a home-blend of chemicals, which explains why rebels were able to freely move around in what they profess to be a chemical attack target without any protective gear or any effect.

And now we see the same media sensation against Assad, falsely accusing the victim of terror for the deeds committed by Sunni jihadists.

It’s disgusting, least to say. The West needs to STAY AWAY from meddling into the conflicts in the Middle East. They are making it much worse. At best, they should offer to distribute food and medical supplies to civilians. Nothing more.



‘Assad not mad’ enough to use chemical weapons: Former UK ambassador


Many of Peter Ford’s encounters with Assad concerned Lebanon in aftermath of assassination of Rafik Hariri


Assad’s government has denied it was behind Tuesday’s chemical attack (Reuters)
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Jonathan Steele
Last update:  Saturday 8 April 2017 8:37 UTC

Bashar al-Assad would have known that any use of chemical weapons would backfire, a former British ambassador to Syria told MEE.

Peter Ford, who served in Damascus from 2003 to 2006, said it was out of character for the Syrian president to provoke his US counterpart, in this case Donald Trump, just as Washington was taking a softer line compared to Barack Obama’s policies on Syria.

On Friday, US missiles hit a Syrian airfield in retaliation for an attack in Khan Sheikhun with a Sarin-like nerve agent that left up to 100 people dead. Washington blames the chemical incident on Assad, a charge the Syrian government has denied.

“He has an analytical mind and knows that actions have consequences”

– Peter Ford

Ford said: “Assad is not mad and would have known that when Donald Trump produced an olive branch in his direction, any use of chemical weapons would have been counter-productive.”

In the weeks before the deadly attack, US officials said that to remove Assad from power was no longer a top priority.

“He is someone who doesn’t leap without looking. He is trained as an ophthalmologist,” said Ford, who said he regularly met Assad during his service in Damascus. “He has an analytical mind and knows that actions have consequences.”

Ford has disputed widespread reports that the Syrian government carried out a chemical attack. Instead, he is inclined to believe that Syrian aircraft inadvertently bombed a rebel-controlled chemical warfare factory or stockpile.

He said there should be “no rush to judgment, no rush to war” because of the chemical incident in Khan Sheikhoun; instead, there needs to be a proper investigation into the facts of what happened before decisions were taken.

Assad and Lebanon

Ford has been a vocal critic of UK policy on Syria for several years. He has long believed it was a mistake for London to cut diplomatic links with Damascus and call for regime change.

Many of Ford’s encounters with Assad concerned Lebanon in the aftermath of the crisis caused by the assassination in Beirut of the Lebanese prime minister, Rafik Hariri, in 2005.

Syrian government officials were accused of involvement, but the facts were never proved. The crisis prompted Assad to bring back the large contingent of Syrian peace-keeping troops who had been based in Lebanon for almost 30 years.

“He withdrew Syrian forces wisely and under pressure after the scandal of the assassination,” Ford told MEE. “He never admitted a Syrian role, but he’s someone who withdraws when he sees it’s prudent to do so.

“Assad was relatively new in power when I had contact with him. He was learning the ropes and would get a lot of views from different people.

“He was criticised for being indecisive and vacillating. People would think they had persuaded him to take a particular course of action and then he would do something different.”

Assad’s cautious style remains to this day, Ford added.

Critical of UK policy

On Wednesday, Ford spoke at Syria: From Destruction to Reconstruction, a conference in London organised by the European Centre for the Study of Extremism. It brought together critics of the Assad government as well as Christian and Islamic leaders who see the defeat of Islamic State and other militants as the highest priority.

Rowan Williams, the former archbishop of Canterbury, gave the keynote speech. He was due to be followed by Ahmed Baddredin Hassoun, the grand mufti of Syria, but the British government refused him a visa. The Syrian ministers of tourism and national reconciliation were also denied visas.

Ford told the audience: “Among those who are in the front rank of destroying Syria is my own government.

“It’s very coy about the nature and extent of its support for armed groups. It declines to say how much it’s giving or what groups are receiving it, on the grounds that this will help Assad. The government takes us for fools because parliament has no opposition and the media for the most part is gullible.”

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Assad’s free ride for mass murder may be over

He also said that sanctions supported by the British government had had an immense impact in Syria, left many Syrians as refugees and should end.

He described British policy as “incoherent and grotesque” in continuing to demonise the Assad regime and stir up more sectarianism and hatred.

The way forward for the UK government in Syria today, Ford said, was “to stop making it worse, to stop supporting the armed groups, and to stop encouraging the illusion that they can win and that Assad can be forced to go. This is unkind to the Syrian opposition themselves. Any fool can see that this is not going to happen, especially after Aleppo.”

Opposed Iraq in 2003

Ford told MEE that he regretted not having opposed the Iraq war more forcefully in 2003. He was UK ambassador in Bahrain at the time and sent two critical memos to London but now wished they had been stronger.

He began to dissent seriously from UK policy when he was still ambassador in Damascus. “We showed no understanding for Syria’s behaviour vis-a-vis Iraq,” he said.

“I was under regular instructions to remonstrate with the Syrians over the flow of jihadis into Iraq, which I honestly did, but I could understand the Syrian viewpoint.

“They were worried that after the fall of Saddam they were going to be next. The Americans were virtually advertising the fact that Assad was on their hit list and he would be next, so it made sense for the Syrians to put spokes in the wheel and keep the Americans bogged down.

“The British government showed no understanding of this and just slavishly followed the American line.”


22 thoughts on “Trump’s missile insanity: ‘Assad not mad’ enough to use chemical weapons: Former UK ambassador

  1. @Blessed B – Gen/Sec’y of Defense Jim Mattis just said “he” personally viewed the evidence, & it is conclusive that Assad had the CWs & used them. Sec’y/Gen Jim Mattis is a man of moral character, courage & experience!
    Thing is the CWs weren’t even to be there in the first place. Russia & Assad gave assurances to Obama, that the CWs were gone. Plus there were over 100 Russian military personal on that base. If Russia didn’t know, Putin should resign as Prime Minister & KBG.
    Russia, Iran & Assad are allies, letting Russia step in and play monitor was letting the fox guard the gen house.


    • April….. Jimi is a good guy but the evidence that he looked at was given by the CIA! The CIA is a rogue agency and has been for quite some years! The CIA helped train the mercenaries ( ISIS and Rebels)…even with Chemical weapons training…. to do the dirty work of the Saudi’s and Obama to get Assad out of power in Syria! There were no CW’s to be taken out that Assad had! Those CW’s were supplied to ISIS and the Rebels by Saudi Arabia!

      There were over 100 Russian military on that base you say…..did it ever cross your mind that that is where Assad said for them to be to help out against ISIS from attacking a nearby Christian town?

      The KGB is no longer in service BTW and Putin has a very high approval rating in Russia…..he doesn’t need to step down as Russia’s PRESIDENT! He is not their Prime Minister!

      Assad asked Putin to come in and help get rid of those who were and are trying to overthrow his legitimate government! Who the hell do you think should be able to tell Assad what he can and cannot do in his own country? Do you think that America should be the one to dictate to any other country what they can and cannot do? What arrogance and ignorance!

      From what I have read of your comments….you aren’t very well informed on what is going on in Syria. I suggest you read some of the past posts of the muslim issue to figure it out.


  2. I agree and don’t agree. If the West seeks to destroy jihad terror we ought to assemble allies in East and West and finish them all off once and for all. Picking on a local tyrant is nothing. For the time being a tyrant can be “valuable” as long the US hasn’t decided what they want. – And besides, al-Assad isn’t bent on expansion.


    • @REd Barret – And just who’s that gonna be … Germany with Merkle flooding her country with murders, rapists & Islamic Muslim terrorists?
      France or Belgium? Who have an out of control Muslim Jihad problem? Or … maybe England who voted in a Muslim mayor who does PR for his Muslim terrorist friends; there also the resent “Terror Attack” which according to the British politicians is the real “Brits” fault. They should just like the Shariah Law & shut up about it!

      And “picking on a local tyrant” ?? Are you for real … ? Syria & Iraq are destabilizing the world! And all you have there is “Extremists, Assad Muslims, ISIS Muslims, various groups of other Muslims (all looking for 72-virgins; add Russia, N. Korea & China in somewhere. What’s needed is safe spaces AND for International laws “IN PLACE” to be observed!
      That “Red Line” has been crossed too many times. Leaving the possible use of CWs as a new norm!
      The U.S. GAS decided what it wants “ISIS GONE”! And, CWs not used against innocent ppl.
      Trump said he’d do this & I for 1 applaud him.
      Its about time a leader stands up & protects the innocent. I personally despise it when leaders make “hot air” speeches, that leave the innocent ppl being murdered while we “wait & see” if aggressive, oppressor is going to comply or just “move” said offense to a secret location.

      If it were you or yours would you like being the “innocent victim” that the world leaders did nothing about ?? NO YOU WOULDN’T !

      I thank God that Donald Trump is America’s president. That we finally have a chance to win over the “Global Elite”.
      For the first time in along time I’m proud to be an American! You can have your multiculturalism I’ll take my national pride!


      • April43 Trump made a mistake and evidence arising since the strike has proven this act to be wrong. Hence and rightly the MOAB on Afghani Taliban is sending a good message of which Russia and also China would agree. The Taliban has been in operation since the late ’70’s. Under Russia communist or not women had freedom and didn’t wear those bloody full Burqa’s. Look up some modern historical pics and articles. I must say the world was a lot more honest in the ’70’s before the OPEC crisis, the rise of Ayatollah’s and Saudi getting drunk on Petrodollars. For all the strikes I wish we had those kinds of politicians, Maggie was the icing on the cake and then everything went pear shaped. Today it is all about the elite ‘nobody’s’ career politicians, staying in power protecting their unearned pensions and incomes! What we need is a revolution. Sane nations like Syria under Assad & Egypt & as it was in ’87 need to ally themselves to a United Front to protect our civilizations. I view Israel as our ally already. BBN’s approval of Trump just threw me but then he needs the US to put pally’s in their place. The upshot leave the damnable Sunni/Wahhabi’s & Shiia to go to war with each other, the rest of us go on the defense. One shot in our direction we nuke ’em good and proper with small nuclear bombs as in Nagasaki & Hiroshima – both cities and Japan have since recovered well so don’t spout all that crap about nuclear fallout, this is to do with the size of the bomb & wind direction, we have enough instruments to foretell wind direction etc. First target needs to be Mecca. If you want women and children saving a wise move – then airlift them out – do you really believe their misogynistic men will let us? I can tell you MUSLIM men will hold the women & children as hostage hiding behind them. So a war between the nutters of the middle east is really the only answer let them kill each other off. They have been at it for 1400 what difference does another 50 make? We need to act now!


  3. I agree. Asad wouldn’t use such weapons. He knows it would be a red line. In 2015 when he almost lost the war, he didn’t use any chemicals. Why now, when he almost has won he would use such tools?


    • @Matt – Gen/Sec’y Jim Mattis just said he personally reviewed the intelligence & it was Assad who had the CWs & who used them.
      Gen/Sec’y Mattis is an honorable man of character, he wouldn’t lie! Plus he is experienced, he knows what he’s doing.


  4. Sorry administration” I don’t agree with you!
    I doesn’t matter who used the weapons, because “Trump’s” response is correct.
    For 16-years (& more), the leaders of this nation & the world have stood silently by while innocent ppl were brutally tortured & slaughtered. While genocides have occurred we did nothing.
    Oh we postured & demanded, but we did nothing! – Except give the perpetrator’s if these atrocities & genocides times to hide the weapons & commit more atrocities!
    Trump’s actions gave notice that the use of “CWs” will not be tolerated & will be met with force! THANK GOD for that! Russia, Syria (Assad), ISIS, China, N. Korea and/or to anyone else (with the insanity to use “CWs”) now know 1man stands for in innocent ppl.
    And that is what we’re talking about here innocent ppl slaughtered by dictators & the leaders of the Global elite.
    All the leaders of the world did nothing !! Only Trump drew a line & enforced it.
    I Thank God for Trump & Pence; for all his cabinet! I support Donald Trump a man of God, who did the right thing.


    • You miss the point. Trump is not standing for “innocent people” with these acts. He is aiding and abetting terror. Assad is not behind the chemical attack. To target a victim of terrorism is pure insanity. If they target Assad and remove him, the entire region will fill up under terrorism control. It would be an entire disaster not only for Israel, making their demise more likely, but it will trigger meddling and potential wars spreading far further – to our own shores. It’s important people really grasp what is happening here.

      Liked by 1 person

    • What is more astonishing is President Xi Jiping was staying with Trump like Russia China suggested caution is necessary, an investigation be carried out before any further attacks. So Trump can’t handle his damn bull headed Generals? I am so disappointed. Red Barnett I disagree, Assad is not a monster, the media just doesn’t know enough about him or his background. If those being tortured in prison which I believe is correct were rebel Sunni/Shiia muslims – were I leader I would have done the same. Let damn Sunni’s & Shia’s fight each other and the rest of us should stand back. The move over to nuclear power would just be hastened, there is enough Oil out there for cars without depending on the middle east. As soon as electric cars are cheap (I would love one) we will need Oil even less. It seems where ever there is Oil Islam is determined to dominate e.g. Indonesia, Nigeria, Israel, Caspian Sea, Uzbeckistan, Ireland, Bay of Genoa, and others, which before Oil were never Muslim. Saudi is buying up many fields outside Saudi. They are too lazy too work just like Muhammad villain, thief, pedophile, killer, booty snatcher etc etc. All Muslim immigrants flock to the wealthiest parts of Europe to claim dole money and contribute nothing, calling it jitziya. Merkel/Lofven/May and the rest just can’t see it. Where the hell are we going to finish up one wonders?

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    • This was a good analysis, I read all the way through, I have one criticism where is the proof Assad is a Monster? I recall a screening on BBC4 UK tv around 15 years ago. My criticism of Assad he was encouraging Palestinians to wage Intifada against Israel. There were a number of Palestinian areas in Syria, now why he was doing this remains a mystery, since most Pally’s are Wahhabi/Sunni and would eventually turn on secular Assad. If you go back far enough in modern history the US has been very interested in Syria, Saudi, Iran, Iraq & Libya due to OIL. US objected to Mid East Oil producers desire to use an alternative currency to the $, the alternative I believe was €. US caused the fall of the Shah, but had no idea what they were dealing with the Ayatollah’s, Libya after Gaddaffi, Saddam, Morsi etc etc. And at the same time backing ISRAEL it is no wonder Obama tried to dump Israel, a) he is a Muslim MB member b) he would have had all Oil producing nations behind him who would have willingly annihilated ISRAEL the only sane nation in the mid east. Although I have to include Jordan. So far Jordan has not shown much ambaviliance against ISRAEL since ’47 nevertheless Jordan is one or other of extreme Islam, Sunni or Shiia?


  5. I have to agree with this point of view Muslim Issue. Since Trump’s emotional over reaction and that of Nicki…………..firing missiles without investigation was utterly stupid and thoughtless. The impact on Russian/Syrian alliance will go badly for US. I am even more appalled at Netenyahu’s response he is being neurotic. The last attack came from FSA the rebels Obama backed. My personal opinion is chemical weapons were dumped in the line of fire and where civilians were attempting to protect themselves while trying to vacate ISIS held area’s. This is far more logical. Trump has behave foolishly, it is not about showing Obama up it is about dealing maturely and logically with the Syrian problem. Trump is lucky both Xi Jiping & Putin are smarter than he.

    Liked by 1 person

    • @Ericka – I support Donald Trump, he did what other leaders have not done, he stopped (for now) the use of CWs & put those on. Office who would use them he will deal with them swiftly! Trump has said, the use of CWs are universally unacceptable & he backed it up!

      This is t the 1st time CWs have been used, but it is the 1st time a world leader stood for the innocent, ppl they were used on! It’s about time!
      Maybe, if the leaders of WWII & its ppl would have stood up to Hitler the Holocaust would not have occurred!
      I thank God Trump stands for what’s right; & that he did something!


      • April he went in feet first instead of using his head. Like you I was relieved Trump became President. I am not suggesting no retaliation but I am pretty sure it will have been rebel forces just as in 2015 when Sarin was last used. This time it will be covered up since Trump will have egg on his face, if it isn’t. I believed Trump had the guts to stand up to his bull headed Generals and Nicki Haley just got too emotional showing too much sentimentality and femininity on seeing the babies maimed. I don’t condone Sarin any more than anyone else but one must think with one’s head and not emotions. War always brings child victims, not nice, but look how many children have suffered under ISIS and other rebel groups? This whole thing is about Sunni vs Shia both Russia & the US should have kept out of this. China in her wisdom provides funds for refugees but she takes none. US & Russia could have done the same along with Europe – but what do they do? Make matters worse all because of OIL. There is more wisdom in China than the whole of the West put together. China wasn’t always communist this only lasted 60 years. China’s history is over 4,000 years old. Even Netenyahu didn’t use his thinking brain. Syria can make as many threats as she wants but Russia pulls the strings and Iran is kept in its place by Russia. We haven’t heard a whole lot out of the insane Ayatollah’s – Rouhani is the only one whose given an opinion and for once he is right. Persia has not always been Islamic, again her history is 5 to 4,000 years. Israel recently extended his hand to the people of Persia. It is clear ISLAM is the world’s problem led by Saudi vs Iran.

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    • @Red Barnett – “Non-involvement” is Shariah Law when dealing with Arab Muslims, & it isn’t working.
      The whole Middle East is destabilized & its destabilizing the whole world!

      If free men value their freedom they must stand & fight, or lose everything & become the slaves of Muslims.

      Have we learned “Nothing” from WWII ??? You can’t placate a tyrant, they simply are never satisfied!


      • I agree and don’t agree. If the West seeks to destroy jihad terror we ought to assemble allies in East and West and finish them all off once and for all. Picking on a local tyrant is nothing. For the time being a tyrant can be “valuable” as long the US hasn’t decided what they want. – And besides, al-Assad isn’t bent on expansion.

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      • April….. Where is the proof that Assad is a tyrant? Who exactly labeled him as such? You do know that women are allowed to get educated and have careers in Syria? That Christians, Jews and muslims have lived side by side for a very long time in Syria?

        This whole war in Syria was instigated by the Saudi’s with the help of the Obamanation. It was for the same reason as what was done in Libya and Egypt. Saudi’s wanted all three of those countries to wage war on Israel for them. They all said NO, fight your own war with them. We have done that before and lost big time…having our men die for your cause is not acceptable this time. So….. the Saudi’s found another way to create the war but they had to also make the leaders of those countries that denied them pay for disobeying them.

        Obama helped with training ( including on how to use chemical weapons!), and paying mercenaries ( ISIS and the Rebels) to inflict pain and suffering on Syria.

        Trump got the wrong Intel from someone and that someone should be strung up in a public square! It made Trump look bad and has set back relations with Russia big time. This could lead to a war with the USA and Russia which will be fought on American soil with no Russian boots on the ground but with nuclear missiles launched from 30 miles off the East Coast!


      • This is true and exactly why we need to annihilate ISLAM. Hopefully Jordan, Egypt & Syria if it is restablised as it was before the war, these three nations will join the offensive against Wahhabi/Shiia Islam.


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