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Terror in Sweden: Muslim drives truck into pedestrians in Stockholm and gunman opens fire

Frankly, the Swedes are so stupid they (almost) deserve it. The pinhead Swedes suffer from the Stockholm syndrom and exist in a bubble of sickening denial where facts are replaced with fantasies. They imagine Muslims only terrorise other countries but will never attack their own. Muslims are never grateful for the generosity given to them by Sweden or any other non-Muslim nation.
Muslims terrorise. Period. Wherever you invite them – that place, town and nation becomes a target of terror. An endless target of terror which never ends until their population grows in deliberate baby-factories until they become a majority and the entire country turns Islamic.

What have the insipid Swedes gained in return for importing Muslims who now make up 10% of the population? A drowning welfare system where 80%+ of recipients are their new migrant pests. The school system falling apart from Muslim student violence and initimdation. The healthcare system at the brink of closure from exploitation by the Muslim population, not to mention a high increase in security from threats and attacks on medical staff by muslims refusing to accept care results. The police service pushed to a breaking point from unprecedented muslim crimes at rates so high they need to quadrupple the current force. Police and prison shortage is so bad barely 20% of crimes are even reported according to a whistleblower.



TERROR IN SWEDEN: ‘At least five people dead’ after truck crashes into a group of pedestrians in Stockholm shopping centre and gunman opens fire

  • Five people are said to have been killed after a truck smashed into shops
  • Police said a van rammed into a group of people at a mall in Stockholm
  • The driver is said to have been arrested

Up to five people are believed to have been killed in a terrorist attack when a stolen truck rammed into shoppers in Stockholm today.

Police said the vehicle crashed into a group of people on the street outside a shopping centre after racing down six streets.

Hundreds of shoppers were seen fleeing for their lives after the articulated truck rammed into the corner of the building. Dozens were believed to have been injured.

Shots were heard and the driver, who was said by witnesses to be wearing a balaclava, is thought to have been arrested. There were also reports of shots at a second incident.

The incident took place at Ahlens Mall in Klarabergsgatan.

People were seen running after a truck crashed into the mall earlier this afternoon

The back of the truck, sticking out of the shopping centre, is seen here

Shocking photographs show the devastation that has taken place outside of Ahlens Mall in Klarabergsgatan

Above shows a man being apprehended by police. Witnesses say this is the driver but this has not been confirmed by Swedish police

A man in scrubs was seen walking along the street with several emergency services people behind him

The truck is understood to have been stolen or hijacked from a Spendrups brewery. Extinguisher was seen being sprayed on to the vehicle.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said everything pointed to the incident being a terror attack and confirmed one person has been arrested.

Armed police were scrambled to the scene and were seen marching into the store.

A Swedish radio reporter said she had seen at least five dead bodies, Aftonbladet reported.

Swedish police confirmed three have been killed and eight injured.

Police spokeswoman Towe Hagg said: ‘A vehicle has injured people on Drottningatan.’

Witnesses described seeing a ‘lone man’ put a balaclava over his face before he drove the drunk into crowds of people.

Anna who witnessed the incident, said: ‘I saw hundreds of people ran, they ran for their lives.

‘I turned and ran as well.’

Eyewitness Jan Granroth was inside a shoe shop when he heard screams.

An injured person was seen being carried from the scene by a group of bystanders

Blood was seen on the streets outside of the shopping centre where five people are said to have been killed

Above are the scenes in the city currently, where dozens of emergency services vehicles are tending to injured people

A policeman was seen wearing a gas mask in the city centre

He told Swedish daily paper Aftonbladet: ‘We stood inside a shoe store and people started screaming.

‘So I looked out of the store and I saw a huge truck slam into the wall opposite.’

Mr Granroth managed to escape after running through an emergency exit.

Another witness, called Dimitris, described the panic and saw ‘at least’ two people being run over.

He said: I went to the main street when a big truck came out of nowhere. I could not see if anyone was driving it but it got out of control.

‘I saw at least two being run over – I ran as fast as I could.’

A woman, called Anna, witnessed the incident and described seeing ‘hundreds of people running for their lives’.

She said: ‘I turned and ran after seeing hundreds of people running, they ran for their lives.’

Shocking video footage showed hundreds of terrified shoppers sprint for their lives after the truck rammed into pedestrians.

Just moments after the suspected terrorist incident, armed police wearing gas masks quickly rushed to the scene and shut off the busy road in the centre of the capital.

Maria Nathalie was on the top floor of the store when the fire alarm was triggered.

Speaking on the phone, she told NBC: ‘People started running down the stairs when the fire alarm started.

‘When we came down to the bottom of the building all we could see was a lot of smoke.’

This comes after trucks were used in terror attacks in Nice and Berlin last year. A car was also used to kill pedestrians in the Westminster Bridge two weeks ago which killed five people.


The incident in the Swedish capital this afternoon mirrored a terror attack in central Stockholm in December 2010.

A fortnight before Christmas, a car blew up in a busy shopping area in Drottninggatan, followed moments later by a second explosion nearby.

The suicide bomber who blew himself up was identified as Iraqi man Taimour-Al-Abdaly, 28, who graduated with a BSc in sports therapy at the University of Bedfordshire in 2004.

He rigged an Audi car with explosives in the hope it would drive people to Drottninggatan, a busy shopping street about 200 yards away, where he was waiting to set off two more devices strapped to his chest and back.

The car bomb never went off, and after setting fire to the Audi he was unable to detonate the other two explosives as planned.

He made his way down a side street off Drottninggatan and, in an apparent attempt to fix the faulty trigger up his sleeve, set off the bomb on the front of his body, killing only himself.

According to investigations by FBI, the bombing would likely have killed between 30 and 40 people had it succeeded.

In March 2011, Strathclyde Police in Scotland arrested 30-year-old Nasserdine Menni in the Whiteinch area of Glasgow in connection with the Stockholm bombing.

He was jailed for seven years in 2012 after being found guilty of supplying money.

13 thoughts on “Terror in Sweden: Muslim drives truck into pedestrians in Stockholm and gunman opens fire

    • The Swedes do not deserve scorn–NO civilised people deserve to have scorn heaped upon them for terror attacks, despite whatever ‘weaknesses’ in ideology have brought them to this point.

      The Swedish people arguably are amongst the most civilised on earth and heretofore had the lowest crime rates–and the lowest violent crime rates and rape statistics per capita–in the entire world. The rather ineluctable and unfortunate fact that they now have the world’s highest rape statistic and sky-rocketing crime rates does need to be addressed, and of course everyone realises that this is ‘The Muslim Issue’ for them–quite as it is for the rest of us.

      Their leadership has abandoned good governance and thrown open the gates to the barbarians who vex them, but it is the Socialist / Globalist / Progressivist / Multi-culturalist ‘True-And-Revealed Religion’ of the modern era that has poisoned the minds of many Westerners. This ideology is TOXIC. Any nation can survive its temporary fools, but it cannot survive an ‘inner’ systemic assault on its values and institutions from within. Even the Romans realised this….

      Let’s be frank: Socialism only works if all of the people in a society are honest, industrious, peaceful and solicitous of one another. If Sweden had remained Swedish, Nordic–and European–this would not have been a problem. Socialism actually did ‘work’ after a fashion for the Nordics. They didn’t have to worry about spending for defense, because NATO and the US secured this for them: they could invest heavily in Health Care and Infrastructure and Social Development, as a result. Their ‘Protestant’ work ethic and institutions were quite strong: their GDP and per capita wealth remained high. Scandinavians are genetically and culturally ‘wired’ to cooperate and help one another. Socialism can only succeed in such a milieu…and it did until they ‘invited’ in those ‘Less Fortunates’ who simply don’t belong in our societies. The outcome should have been predictable, but meanwhile they had come to believe that EVERYONE ELSE was–somehow–wired the same way. This premise is simply false. The beliefs underpinning the notion of Multi-culturalism are as false as those underlying Communism: everyone is not equal, some ethnic groups are genetically and socially superior others ( with more ‘desirable’ behavioural traits ). Societies are not equivalent and some cultures are intrinsically superior to others. The Globalist Agenda is a false religion designed to destroy the civilised cultures of both East and West. It was originally ‘created’ by the Soviets to undermine America and Western Europe, but it managed to take root and outlast the fall of European Communism. We must exorcise this daemon.

      We are bringing people on board who do not hold our values, who are not higher IQ, who are rather seriously inbred and harbour genetic weaknesses ( and similarly diseased doctrines ), have little interest in actually contributing to our cultures and societies–and largely cannot contribute–and, moreover, actually resent and hate us and mean us real harm. They are parasites and we should simply remove them from our midst or otherwise neutralise them.

      There is a very strong and growing minority to Swedish, Scandinavian and European society that realises this, if only on an instinctive level. It wasn’t that very long ago that the National Socialists came to power and tapped into that undertow and pushed Europe into the riptide and out into the maelstrom. The Nazis largely based their ideological diatribes on half-truths and lies, attacking and savaging people who were completely blameless ( and higher-IQ, productive and more valuable to society, to boot ). The Nazi leadership was also quite clearly insane, remember ? The aftermath of their stupid assaults on Europe and its social order left half of Europe in ruins and allowed the Progressives to rise to power. ( Flooding Europe with barbarians mayhaps was somehow a form of ‘penance’ for these societies ? Get over it already…. )

      People are fed up. The lies can only be repeated so many times and the stupidity can endure only awhile longer. It is clear to most people that Muslims are a problem and that barbarians do not belong in our cultures and contribute nothing meaningful and are doing actual damage: the emperor has no clothes. The ‘reaction’ has already started. The European Union is coming undone in fits and fiddles. Right-wing candidates are beginning to take office. National identity is once again becoming a campaign ‘promise’ to the disaffected. People want–and need-real order.

      Sweden and other European nations will wake up again; they MUST. Let us hope that they do this in time to reverse course without seizing the engine and breaking rudder. If this goes on too long or if the assaults upon us become too egregious–or there is large 911-type event that shocks people to their core Weltanschauung–groups like the Nazis may become empowered and we will have a nasty repeat of the ‘cleansings’ and the social and economic control over every aspect of our lives, largely exerted by people who wield power, yield to their own daemons and succumb–ultimately–to the lures of empire.

      Muslims are on average much lower in intelligence, have weak intellects and cannot think productively. Quite as Mohammed intended, they have ceded their ability to reason in exchange for mere Certainty, for their easy-to-digest worldview of black and white, us-vs-them, Dar al Islam against Dar al Harb. We can never afford to make this type of error ourselves, as it is OUR ability to think and reason and the free-and-open discourse of our societies that has allowed us to shape world civilisation and advance the frontiers of knowledge and improve our lives. Falling into a Nazi-era trap would leave us quite the poorer, despite the temptations of such a ‘solution’.

      We created this problem and we can solve it, but we cannot solve it by sinking to the level and mindsets of the barbarians who we have allowed to vex us so. The Muslims and Africans are barbarians…but so were the Nazis.


  1. All Muslims should be banned from driving, banned from public transport and band from using pedal bikes or skateboards. Might make for a safer world!


  2. During a victory rally in Florida on 18th February, President Trump said that Sweden, after accepting large numbers of migrants, “is having problems like they never thought possible”. “You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden! Who would believe this?…. Sweden”, he said. His comments, which he attributed to a story he’d seen on Fox News the previous day, were mocked by journalists, pundits and comedians.

    He was immediately ridiculed, with Carl Bildt, the former Swedish Prime Minister asking “what has he been smoking?” and the country’s US embassy appeared to mock him on Twitter.

    The silence now from all those liberal lefties is deafening.


  3. Ok, let’s see if I get this right:

    1. A lone wolf attack… even if there were 2 or 3 of them.
    2. An isolated incident (how many of those in the last year?)
    3. He had mental health issues (this one’s a favourite).
    4. He became radicalised very quickly on the internet (another favourite).
    5. Just returned from Syria, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Social services have not done their job properly here and have not taken good care of this returned soldier of Allah.

    Grab your teddy bear (any left at home?), buy a bunch of flowers on your way to the appointed site (florists will be flourishing everywhere at this rate), and, oh, don’t forget your candle! But you know the drill by now, don’t you.

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  6. Wonder how long it will take to start hearing and seeing that Zionists are ultimately responsible for this. Swedes seem allergic to seeing anything wrong with Islam, that Islam wants global dominance. Some are starting to see, but how many Swedes will have to be killed till they get it and change their trajectory?


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