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India: Gujarat Assembly Sign Bill For Life Imprisonment For Muslim Cow Slaughters

Muslims demand respect from others. But they do not respect anyone else or the customs and cultures of other people. The Muslims have known for 14 centuries that the cow is a deeply sacred animal in Hinduism. They have not cared but have abducted cows and taken them to slaughter houses, which are mainly run by Muslims. The cow is a protected animal. In fact, in ancient Hinduism all life, both animal and human, was protected and any killing and consumption of animals was a crime – until the Muslims arrived. As docile pacifist who refused to engage in killings, it was easy for the Muslim invaders to slaughter their way through India to take control of the country.

400 million Hindus got brutally slaughtered by Muslims during more than 12 centuries.


India state to give life sentences for cow slaughter

Hindu activists have long accused the Muslim-dominated meat industry of covering up the slaughter of cows.

Al-Jazeera, March 31, 2017

Hindu devotees offer prayers to a cow on the bank of the river Saryu in Uttar Pradesh in 2012 [Adnan Abidi/Reuters]

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat on Friday increased the punishment for cow slaughter from seven years to life imprisonment as Hindu hardliners push for tougher protections for the holy animal.

Under the stiffened penalties passed by Gujarat’s state assembly, anyone caught transporting cows for slaughter could also face up to 10 years in jail.

Cows are considered sacred in Hindu-majority India, and their slaughter is illegal in most states.

“A cow is not an animal. It is symbol of universal life,” Gujarat Law Minister Pradipsinh Jadeja told the state’s assembly.

“Anybody who does not spare the cow, the government will not spare him.”

The amendment still needs the approval of the state governor – a formality all but assured – before becoming law.

Millions from India’s huge minority populations – including Muslims, Christians and lower-caste Hindus – eat beef, although it is not widely available.
Protests against meat shops’ crackdown in India’s biggest state

But Modi’s ruling right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party, which recently won India’s largest state Uttar Pradesh in a landslide, has long campaigned for the protection of cows.

The BJP’s new chief minister in Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, has launched a crackdown on abattoirs since taking office in March that has ground the state’s meat industry to a halt.

Hindu activists have long accused the Muslim-dominated meat industry of covering up the slaughter of cows and passing off the meat as buffalo, which are not revered as holy.

Cow slaughter is a hot-button issue in India, where even rumours of cows being transported can spark murderous reprisals and religious riots.

Squads of “cow protection” vigilantes are known to roam highways inspecting livestock trucks for any trace of the animal.

In 2015, a 50-year-old Muslim man accused of eating beef was dragged from his home and beaten to death by a mob. Police later said it was mutton.

3 thoughts on “India: Gujarat Assembly Sign Bill For Life Imprisonment For Muslim Cow Slaughters

  1. Animals can be eaten, but only in limit and nature must be respected and we should live with balance amidst the nature in Dharmic tradition. Since everything is out of balance in this human age, Kali Yuga has arrived in full force and it won’t be long before we destroy ourselves. Only those who want to increase their chances of attaining salvation and higher plane of illumination should denounce meat completely in their whole life. Cows are especially sacred since a cow gave and nurtured a person’s life in ancient times. Its all fine and dandy for many to say its an animal and can be killed for meat once its purpose is over, but there is an emotional bonding in every Indian over the cow no matter how buried it is. Even most adults eat and drink products from a cow every single day.

    Though life imprisonment seems harsh, its also a sad fact that most rules aren’t followed and most punishments aren’t doled out in many such cases. Real hindus are secular and peaceful (the actual kind of peace, not the ones spread by people of Abrahamic religions), but the reality of living with non-secular people has turned a small portion of the populace into hardliners to defend our own culture. Do not forget that the entire subcontinent extending upto Indonesia were once upon a time places of great culture with Hindus, Buddhists and people following many other faiths from India whereas now half of those countries are nurturers of islamic terrorism and harsh critics of other religions. In a country where a Chief Minister (Mamatha Bannerjee, also known warmly as Mumtaz Begum in West Bengal) openly abuses Hindus, stops their festivals, gives no place for burial and metes out harsh punishments to them with the help of the state police force and appeases muslims by doling out billions of dollars to mosques, burial places, islamic festivals and hiding their abuses against Hindus, is it any wonder that Hindus are getting fed up?


  2. If the Muslums don’t like it, they should move to Bangladesh which was given to them. They can eat all the cow they want there. Leave the Hindu people alone.


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