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Saudi Cleric calls for offensive Jihad and death for apostasy: ‘Islam does not allow liberalism and coexistence’

Saudi cleric Sheikh Ayman Al-Anqari cited various hadiths in support of his claims that “coexistence in the sense of freedom of religion… is null and void” and that there are two kinds of Jihad: offensive Jihad and defensive Jihad. Offensive Jihad basically means a Muslims has the right to attack the infidel merely for him being an infidel. It’s not only a Muslim’s right but it’s his duty to raid and commit Jihad. Defensive Jihad means the infidel should surrender, not fight back to defend himself, or he commits war against Islam and must be fought against and slain.
The punishment for apostasy, he said, “is one of the greatest punishments in Islam.” Al-Anqari’s lesson aired on the Saudi Al-Ahwaz TV channel on February 16.

If the Saudi authorities, the friends and allies of Clinton and Obama, hand religious titles to someone like this and grants him the powers to interpret and exercise Islamic law, what does it reveal to us about the Saudi government and royal family that runs the country?

The Sheikh looks like a failed cloning of a dog and donkey in one….

10 thoughts on “Saudi Cleric calls for offensive Jihad and death for apostasy: ‘Islam does not allow liberalism and coexistence’

  1. After decades of “seeding” us with the kudzu of Islam, I want to see the timetable for uprooting and removing the noxious weed of Islam.

    I shrugged off the cloak of senile indifference to vote for Islamic Expulsion and I’d like to see positive steps made before I pass unto the grave. Why is the frigging engine of state as motionless as if the wheels were welded to the tracks?

    Of course they’re [ the Muslim enemy of our human species ] still ovulating, copulating and whelping like hamsters on Spanish Fly, which is their plan. But they aren’t being prepped for removal and they even continue to arrive? WTF!?

    Russia, Schmussia. Islam is Job One and I want the lazy bureaucracy up off it’s collective ass and working in the country’s behalf. And if they don’t co-operate, dismiss and replace them, absent pay, retirement accumulation or positive reference.

    And I have zero patience with federal judges who violate their commitments to the Republic and their countrymen. I don’t know what to about them exactly, but detaining them without habeas corpus until they resume Constitutional function suggests itself. Look what Lincoln did to seditious newspaper editors. They either do their jobs or spend the next several birthdays in administrative confinement. It will be good for them, a real eye opener, in fact.

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    • Didn’t Obama veto a bill that had Congressional approval, that would force the Saudis to pay the victims of 9/11?

      Stupid prick. I voted for him and defended him like a good Kafir. He was black and I dislike racists, blah blah blah. He made FOOLS out of liberals. The indoctrination of the American leftist liberals by Obama Islam is breathtaking.

      I broke away and did my own
      ‘Investigation.’ I looked at C-Span videos, his speeches, it’s all there. My own perception is that he conspired to bring down Western Civilization. The disgust and horror is overwhelming. I couldn’t listen to his final speech. His own kid didn’t even attend. She had a school report that was due.


      • Obama blocked the victims of 9/11 the right to file a lawsuit against the Saudis. Obama veto the bill and went on to argue that the bill, known as the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act or JASTA, was misguided


  2. So what’s new?

    Politicians, liberals and this worldwide PC effort for multiculturalism who assert that Islam is ‘a peaceful religion’ and that violent outrages against us in the West is ‘a perversion of their religion’, haven’t got a clue.

    Islam is an evil, brutal, medieval, savage arrogant doctrine. It is not a religion; it is a social and political system that uses a deity to advance its agenda of global conquest.
    It instructs a total way life and contains within itself particular social, judicial, and political systems which includes geo-political aspirations – the conquest and administration of territory.

    There is no ‘Opt-out’ box to tick for those so-called ‘moderates’ who embrace the homophobic, misogynistic bloodlust death-cult. It is what it is and its adherents accept the evil message it promotes in its entirety without question nor criticism.

    Anyway, the term ‘a moderate Muslim’ is an oxymoron.

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