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Saudi Deputy Crown Prince calls Donald Trump a ‘true friend of Muslims’ after White House meeting

Notice how poorly educated The Indepenent writers are? The entire world knows the 9/11 attackers were Saudis. You’d assume a journalist would know this too without writing that they came from ‘Yemen’.

There are two reasons the Saudis are mooching up to Trump. They have constantly tried to outsource their wars to the US – who then gets all the blame. The media rarely mentions that all ‘conflicts’ in the Middle East and beyond that involves America and Muslims are actually outsourcing contracts initiated by Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have been trying to convince the US government to bomb Iran – their Shia infidel competitors to Allah. The refusal to do so has made them very angry and they have withdrawn whatever pathetic “counter terror assistance” they provided.
A second reason why the smooch up to The Donald is that the Saudis have been lying about their oil supply capacity for many years. It’s now open knowledge that they can barely sustain themselves for another 5-10 years, if even that. The Saudis are in a hurry to invest funds in other resources and parts of the world like their smarter neighbours to save themselves, which obviously is too late. One of these investments is the purchase of the LyondellBasell oil refinery in Houston. The Saudis are trying to purchase America’s oil assets as a strategy to control the oil industry from within the US itself – to then continue the funding and spreading of terror worldwide.

Let’s hope Trump is not that stupid. The US government should block them from purchasing or investing in anything in the US. The entire incentive to stop terrorism is to stop all access to funds and investments to these people, so they don’t make the profits they use for terrorism.



Saudi deputy crown prince calls Donald Trump a ‘true friend of Muslims’ after White House meeting

Prince Mohammad bin Salman defends US President over immigration ban. 

Lizzie Dearden
Thursday 16 March 2017 12:46 GMT
The Independent US

US President Donald Trump and Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and defence minister Mohammed bin Salman at the White House on 14 March AFP/Getty Images

Saudi Arabia’s deputy crown prince has hailed Donald Trump as a “true friend of Muslims” and said he does not believe the President’s controversial immigration ban targets Islam.

A senior adviser to Prince Mohammad bin Salman said the meeting marked a “historical turning point” in US-Saudi relations, which worsened under Barack Obama’s administration because of the nuclear agreement struck with Iran.

A statement said the prince’s visit had put “things on the right track” and marked a significant shift across politics, security and the economy.

“All of this is due to President Trump’s great understanding of the importance of relations between the two countries and his clear sight of problems in the region,” it continued, according to Bloomberg.

“Saudi Arabia does not believe that [the immigration ban]is targeting Muslim countries or the religion of Islam.

“This measure is a sovereign decision aimed at preventing terrorists from entering the United States of America.

“President Trump expressed his deep respect for the religion of Islam, considering it one of the divine religions that came with great human principles kidnapped by radical groups.”

Saudi Arabia has been accused of fuelling Islamist extremism with its adherence to fundamentalist Wahhabism and funding foreign mosques and schools that spread the ideology, sparking criticism from German intelligence services in a recent report.
Saudi foreign minister: Donald Trump ‘is a friend to everybody’

Mr Trump was criticised for omitting the Kingdom from the six predominantly Muslim countries included in his second attempted immigration ban.

It claims to be “protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States” but opponents have pointed out that the nations linked to most atrocities, including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt, are not barred.

Almost 3,000 people died in the attacks on 11 September 2001, the world’s deadliest ever terror attack, which was carried out by 15 hijackers from Saudi Arabia, two from the United Arab Emirates, one from Egypt and one from Lebanon.

The countries included Mr Trump’s travel ban – Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen – only have a handful of citizens involved in terror attacks on US soil but the White House argues the countries prevent an increased threat because of activity by Isis and al-Qaeda linked groups.

Prince Mohammad, who is also the Saudi defence minister, told the President his intelligence services had received information on a terror plot against the US.

A spokesperson said he expressed his “satisfaction with the positive attitude and clarifications he heard from President Trump about his stance on Islam”, adding: “President Trump has an unprecedented and serious intention to work with the Muslim world and to achieve its interests and Prince Mohammed considers his Excellency as a true friend of Muslims.”

The two leaders held talks in the Oval Office, with Vice President Mike Pence, Mr Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, chief of staff Reince Priebus and strategist Steve Bannon also present.

Donald Trump and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman prepare to have lunch in the State Dining Room at the White House on 14 March (Getty Images)

Separately, the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson received Saudi foreign minister Arabia Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, for talks on economic ties, combating extremism and the wars in Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq.

Saudi Arabia, which follows Sunni Islam as a state religion, views its main threat to be Shia Iran, which Mr Trump has frequently targeted while opposing the landmark nuclear deal struck in 2015.

He claimed to put Tehran “on notice” following a ballistic missile test in February, with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei responding by calling nationwide protests where anti-US demonstrators burned flags and shouted “death to America”.

“Prince Mohammed bin Salman has stressed how bad and very dangerous the nuclear deal is on the region,” his spokesperson said, claiming weapon development would continue.

“The President and the Deputy Crown Prince share the same views on the gravity of the Iranian expansionist moves in the region.

“Iran is trying to gain its legitimacy in the Islamic world by supporting terrorist organisations.”

As part of Saudi Arabia and Iran’s ongoing proxy war, the two nations are backing opposing sides in Syria and Yemen, accusing each other of terrorism and war crimes while denying interference.

They are also both accused of a litany of human rights abuses, including executions and Sharia-inspired justice systems, as well as crackdowns on freedom of speech and religion.

The issues were not mentioned in statements by the White House or Riyadh, with the Saudi spokesperson saying “huge Saudi investments” in the US and “exceptional opportunities” for American companies were discussed.

Prince Mohammad is leading a drive to revive finances by diversifying the economy away from a reliance on falling crude oil revenues, selling a stake in state oil giant Saudi Aramco and promoting the private sector.

The senior adviser said the leaders discussed the “successful Saudi experience of setting up a border protection system” on the Saudi-Iraq border that has prevented migration and smuggling.

Trump has vowed to start work quickly on his own barrier along the nearly 2,000-mile US-Mexico border to prevent illegal immigrants and drugs from crossing to the north.

Saudi Arabia had viewed the Obama administration with unease, angered over the Iran deal and Mr Obama’s suspension of some US weapons sales to the Saudis in response to thousands of civilian casualties in Yemen.

US officials said Mr Trump was considering ending that ban and approving the sale of guidance systems made by Raytheon Co  – a move already approved by the State Department.

Update: A typographical error in the original version of this article wrongly stated that 15 of the 9/11 hijackers came from Yemen. It has now been corrected to say they were Saudi citizens.

15 thoughts on “Saudi Deputy Crown Prince calls Donald Trump a ‘true friend of Muslims’ after White House meeting

  1. OK, compadres…since Ericka is entirely fed up with all the recent Muslim nonsense and has gone ‘nuclear’ ( and dropped the ‘bomb’ ) and The Thought Offender has posted a Pluto cartoon, I should go all legal on everyone’s arses for a bit. Islam, as many of us know, is a very LEGALISTIC religious dispensation ( even more so than Rabbinic Judaism–whilst at the same time being even more mystical and prone to ‘magical thinking’ than Kabbalah ). The Koran abrogates anything that had any pretensions to peaceful, tolerant and universal religious standards and after cancellation, substituted only bellicose, intolerant, unforgiving and draconian belief, commandments and practice in their place. Whatever their very many crimes against non-Muslims, Islam is far more dangerous, damaging and lethal to its own practitioners. It should come with product warnings like a pack of cigarettes, a drum of industrial solvent or a medical device.

    Here is the Muslim ‘Product Disclaimer’ for anyone who might be interested, inspired by a hand-lettered sign posted at the entrance to a ‘Snake-Handling Church’ in Appalachia a couple years ago:


    Scientology is the only other pretension to a religion I’ve seen that comes complete with legal disclaimers. Islam, of course, is far more dangerous to very nearly everyone than either Scientology or snake-handling cults, so…I wonder what a ‘Truth in Islam’ legal disclaimer would look like:



    “Mohammed, the [putative] archangel referred to hereinafter as ‘Gabriel’, the ‘ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD’© hereinafter referred to as ‘ALLAH’™, any Imams, Caliphs, Sheikhs, Zealots, congregants or suicide bombers are not responsible—and are held blameless—for any rigorously circumcised male ( * ) and most devoted supplicant not receiving seventy-two ( 72 ) Re-Hymenated Young Virgins® and/or twenty-eight ( 28 ) Eternally Youthful Pre-Pubescent Males® in ‘PARADISE™’ ( defined below in section A.41 and hereinafter referred to as ‘Heaven’, ‘Gehenna’, ‘Janna’, ‘Pearl Brothel’ or ‘That Place Upstairs Somewhere’ ), or for quality of said virgins ( if such received ), or for gender ( or lack thereof ), or species [ sic ] or willingness to procreate with the reputed supplicant ( hereinafter referred to as ‘Muhajadeen’ or simply as ‘Moo-Slum’ ).

    Furthermore, the location and condition of the aforementioned Paradise is at the discretion of Mohammed, who as agent of ALLAH™ ( or his agent Gabriel ) make sole such determination and is non-negotiable, to be disbursed at such agents’ discretion only.

    ALLAH™ et alii are not responsible for the results of this product, which is manufactured and licensed by ‘Mohammed & Daughters, GmbH’© and distributed by ‘Gabriel’s Horn, LLC’ in North America and ‘Horny Boy, Ltd.’ in the United Kingdom, Austrialia and New Zealand. ( † )

    Furthermore, said parties are not responsible for funeral expenses or damages to self or others caused by ‘rucksack’ auto-incendiary devices, IEDs or other explosive devices, either during manufacture, distribution or use. ( ‡ )

    Vendors or re-sellers of said product must maintain a no-refund, no-exchange policy pending review of beta testing. ( § )

    Product comes as is with no warranty, express or implied.

    Other laws may apply, please enquire of your local authorities and medical professionals as to legality or suitability of any product advertised.

    _ _ _ _ _

    * Women, of course ( excepting only ‘Aisha’, ‘Khadija’ and ‘Fatima Bint Asad’ ), have either a) no souls, or b) form the majority of the inhabitants of Hell or c) are unimportant animated servile instruments to be used and discarded at the discretion of male users only and have no legal rights.

    † Warning: ISIS is not an authorised reseller of this product ( OFFICIAL MODERATE ISLAM POSITION® ). ‘Boko Haram’™, ‘The Nation of Islam’™ and other ‘fringe’ Islamic groups not specifically delineated in this disclaimer are entirely outside the purview of this product and are not recognised affiliates.

    ‡ Certified low IQ Muslim males who have not been properly trained in explosives or who confuse IEDs with IUDs or who insert such into the wrong bodily orifice are exempt from such provisions, but the onus of legal responsibility falls completely on their Legal Guardians, Caregivers or ‘Handlers’ in such a wise. All Islamic Legal Entities are exempt and shall be held blameless. ).

    § ‘Mecca’®, ‘Islam’®, ‘Jihad’®, ‘Suicide Bomber’®, ‘Mohammed’®, ‘Sandy Bear’® and ‘Moo-Slum’® are registered trademarks & may be used only with permission from the parent corporation, ‘ITSASHAM HOLDINGS, INC.’.

    _ _ _ _ _

    ‘THE HAJJ’™ is a shopping mecca located in The Hejaz in Saudi Arabia ( dba ‘Mohammedland’, an exclusive-only Muslim vacation destination. It may be included as part of the product package ( for those who meet credit requirements and can afford 3-star accommodations at 5-star prices ). ‘THE HAJJ’™ is separately incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is listed with ‘Sharia Kingdom’®.

    _ _ _ _ _

    ‘ALLAH’™, ‘THE ALLAH-MIGHTY D’ALLAH’™ and ‘THE ARCHANGEL FORMERLY KNOWN AS GABRIEL’™ are used with permission of their owners.

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    • I assume you don’t use Windows 10. I cannot get the newer OS to recognize the ALT+0999 extended ascii codes.


      • Sorry, Thought Offender.

        The special ASCII characters I used were the following:

        1. Copyright symbol
        2. Trademark symbol
        3. GMBH ( abbreviation for German legal corporate entity )
        4. All Rights Served symbol
        5. Asterisk and successive ‘dingbat’ characters for legal footnotes

        And…sorry I confused Goofy with Pluto ( unforgivable, I know, lol )

        I appreciated the comic relief, anyway, and it spurred me to finish the legal disclaimer and product warning.

        I have a hard time posting pics from my computer onto WordPress, so every system and interface has its idiosyncracies. In the future, I’ll probably try using HTML or other coding when I use special symbols.


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      • ‡ Certified low IQ Muslim males who have not been properly trained in explosives or who confuse IEDs with IUDs or who insert such into the wrong bodily orifice are exempt from such provisions, but the onus of legal responsibility falls completely on their Legal Guardians, Caregivers or ‘Handlers’ in such a wise. All Islamic Legal Entities are exempt and shall be held blameless. ).Fellow readers read this carefully and have a good belly laugh!


  2. It has come to my attention that Walt Disney (pbuh) was visited by spirits who urged him to reform the modern world through faith in the truest religion, brought to us by TechniColor. I expect the world’s Muslim community will appreciate that the Almighty they love and obey wants them to embrace the divine encouragement to drop hijabs and day-time lounging pajamas for black mouse ears. It’s like seeing a new dentist because your old one has sold his practice.

    In keeping with sacred traditions, once per lifetime they are required to visit Pasadena, where an all-week pass and lodgings for a very reasonable one third of their lifetime wages, will simply lock them in solid with their new God, Pluto.

    The Companions of Prophet Walt:

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  3. Saudi Arabia is a perverse country. They are quickly running out of options and have well-overplayed their hand and overspent their own revenue stream.

    The royals are one mixed back of tricks, but they are shrewd. They will do or say anything to stay on the ‘good’ side of the leadership of the United States, even as they foment terrorist actions against us. Quite as Mohammed counselled his followers, they are prepared to lie to us and engage in faithless treaties in order to survive and to continue to advance their degraded religious dispensation and their barbaric practices.

    The law of the land in Saudi Arabia is Sharia. The religious police are EVERYWHERE; Saudi Arabia, for all its apparent wealth, is in fact a police state. The Saudis maintain a stranglehold over the cities of Mecca and Medina, where religious pilgrimage is fast becoming their primary source of income as the oil revenues
    inevitably fade.

    The Saud ‘royal’ family has been a source of mayhem within Islamic society for hundreds and hundreds of years. They follow the dictates of Wahabism, a stricter, more violent sect of Islam that considers almost every form of worship and cultural express to be shirk ( idolatry ). Although the Saudi princes engage freely in almost every form of excess and perversion known to man, they are rather insistent that their citizenry follow Wahabism. This is enforced brutally. Women are still executed for being ‘witches’ and stonings, amputations and be-headings are still de rigeur.

    The Sauds are from the ruling Quryash tribe ( as was Mohammed ) and they have always had territorial ambitions in the Hejaz. Whenever they have seized the Hejaz ( most recently from the Hashemites and from the Ottoman Turk ) and secured Mecca and Medina, things have gotten rather ugly. They seem to have a rage against history and landmarks, for example, considering only the Kaaba in Mecca and the Tomb of Mohammed in Medina to be ‘sacred’ places. Every time they gain control, they begin a planned–or spontaneous–programme of cultural destruction, in tandem with their endless purges and proselytizing AGAINST other sects of Islam and in favour of their own ‘brand’. The Taliban’s desecration of the ‘Bamian Buddhist’ statues ( a world heritage landmark ) in Afghanistan a few years ago was basically dictated by Wahabism and mandated by their Saudi headmasters. Expect the worst. Wahabism expresses an endless and unsmiling rage against anything cultural and particularly against everything non-Islamic. If you think Boko Haram and Isis are somehow ‘un-Islamic’, then think again: they are following Wahabist and Islamic dictates TO THE LETTER. This is scriptural Islam in a nut-shell. They are simply being very, very ‘good’ Muslims.

    Since the ‘Kingdom’ was established in the 1930s ( cementing a series of conquests that began in the early 1900s ), they have steadily worked towards desecrating, then destroying all vestiges of what passes for Islamic ‘culture’, architecture and ‘places of interest’. Mecca was fairly littered with historical sites, ancient fortifications, Ottoman buildings, ancient family homes and the like. During recent years, the government has accelerated its OBLITERATION of all things historical and ancient. Khadija’s house ( Mohammed’s first wife and the ‘mother’ of Islam, who encouraged him to pursue his ‘visions’ ) actually survived more or less intact throughout the past 14 centuries. The Saudi’s finally bulldozed it a handful of years ago, installed a block of toilets and a parking lot where it had stood. The ancient colonnade surrounding the Kaaba was wrecked to make room for the ‘modern’ mosque and an enormous hotel looming overhead. Ottoman fortifications were likewise reduced to rubble. The list goes on. Many pilgrims who come with older maps in hand and vainly searching for ‘familiar’ sights and places of interest are met with harsh rebuke from the religious police, who chase them away and tell them that all such searches are idolatry and vanity. All this destruction has been carefully planned to obliterate their own history. Islam, for them, must exist in a perfect void.

    Mecca is no longer a meeting ground for pilgrims from different sects and peoples, where Muslims come, share and discuss events. Gigantic shopping malls and hotels have replaced this. People are herded in their narrow tour groups from their hotels, to the malls and then to visit the Zam-Zam well and the Kaaba, then back to their hotels, so pilgrims don’t really mix. The Wahabist imams yell at them from the sidelines, telling them what unbelievers they really are and enjoining them to convert to the ‘true’ faith ( of Wahabist Sunni Islam ).

    The Saudis know full well that their oil reserves will not last. They have been busily turning Mecca into their own version of ‘Mohammedland’, to reap the revenue from pilgrimage and shopping, then sent the pilgrims home, suitably ‘milked’ of their hard currency and credit ( and suitably insulted ). What a treat !

    The Saudis have used much of their oil wealth to finance terrorism worldwide–not only in Western nations, but also in other Muslim cultures. Wahabi-recruiters are busily turning Bosnian and Chechnyan youth ( with their European outlook and ‘relaxed’ Muslim cultures ) into Wahabist fanatics. Muslim European and North American youth are being radicalised via websites or in the mosques, newly infiltrated by Wahabist ‘sentiments’. We have watched formerly bare-headed girls and women in Egypt and the Balkans take up the veil or abaya during the past thirty years whilst their children become radicalised. The overweening force of Wahabist infiltration in the Sunni world is matched only by the fanaticism of the Shiite clerics in Iran, who have turned their formerly western-leaning nation into another Islamic banana-republic, fomenting terror and leading their nation back into the unending shade of Mohammed’s Dark Ages.

    The rulers of the Kingdom are not dummies; they are shrewd. They are ‘playing’ a long-game and will do or say whatever is needed to cozy up to the American government directly, through their CAIR agents or by greasing the wheels of American politics with their oil wealth. Many Americans know what louts they truly are, but politics makes for strange liaisons and our leaders still believe we must find common cause with them and not throw in too heavily behind Israel. No American president directly challenges the Sauds or takes them to task for their ‘hobbies’ of funding terrorism and undermining ‘competing’ sects of Mohammedanism and cultural desecration. President Bush, if you will remember, even helped some of the royal family escape the USA–wealth intact–as a first order of business post-911. His priorities, like most American presidents, were skewed by the influence of the Saud royal family and their Allah-mighty dollars.

    You can count on the Sauds to lie, to deceive and to engage in underhanded business deals. You can count on them to bargain and enter into treaties faithlessly. Mohammed tells them it’s perfectly OK to do these things, that they MUST do these things sometimes, so that they can eventually defeat us: Muslims lie; it’s just what they do.

    Their indolent, low-IQ, shuttered and shopping-crazed citizens may slumber fitfully for yet awhile longer. Eventually, they will run out of oil reserves or nations East and West will switch to other sources of energy. They may count on their revenues from The Hajj for awhile after that. Truth be told, their society is self-destructing quietly out of sight, as are all Islamic societies in this modern age of ours. Most work is done by foreigners and even by Westerners. Foreigners make up the bulk of their population, and when The Reckoning comes, all the clerics and imams will not be able to keep it at bay.

    The world is beginning to wake up to the stupidity of Islam, the vileness of what passes for Muslim culture and society and the threat posed by its followers: there will be a backlash. It may certainly be epic, but whatever else, it will be final. Saudi Arabia will not survive.

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    • A brilliant appraisal Adena, did you see the Saudi’s took an huge bunch of princes to China just this last week? I hope the Chinese are shrewd enough to deal with these louts. Oddly enough an entertaining program screened Monday night is almost prophetic. A Chinese female bio-chemist had discovered a new way to desalinate sea water. A map of the middle was shown 20 years from now – droughts all over. Israel has already seen this coming – the upshot of the story the Chinese blackmailed the Sauds who were desperate for water! I’d like to see Saudi & Iran nuked with bombs used for Nagasaki & Hiroshima. Both cities have recovered and are doing well but this taught the Japanese a lesson they have never forgotten!


  4. “The Saudis are trying to purchase America’s oil assets as a strategy to control the oil industry from within the US itself – to then continue the funding and spreading of terror worldwide.” Not only US Oil but Italian, Maltese, Irish (new fields) wouldn’t surprise me if this lot didn’t start taking over Libya and other middle eastern Oil fields. I hope Trump is not foolish enough to fall for Saudi rhetoric? Maybe this article aught to be posted on the President’s FB page, it is certainly on mine.

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  5. “Saudi deputy crown prince calls Donald Trump a ‘true friend of Muslims’ after White House meeting” – OK, for those of us in the know, it doesn’t mean anything – but it’s a statement that can be thrown in the face of a libtard when he opens his mouth! 😉

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    • Muslims,like to speak, tongue and cheek,and are cryptic in their speaking,..they are referring to Trump policies ,further angering Muslims all of the world– ultimately fulfilling their plans of a Muslim populated earth.–.Muslims are the only adults in the world that believe they ,should not, be held accountable for their actions: it is like dealing with a bunch of selfish children..
      The Saudis are financing terror activities all over the world…Trump should stop money transfers from,Arabia,or any other’ Islamic cuntry’ ,that advocates for Sharia law~stop their money.and investigate, CAIR.

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