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Germany: ‘Man’ drives vehicle into pedestrians in Heidelberg

Heidelberg attack: Attacker armed with knife shot after driving vehicle into pedestrians in Germany

by Will Worley
The Independent Online

Police stand in front of the car in Heidelberg R. Priebe/PR-Video/dpa via AP

At least three people have been injured after a car drove into pedestrians a square in the middle of German city of Heidelberg.

The man was shot after being tracked down by officers.

Police spokeswoman Anne Baas said one of the three people struck outside a bakery on Saturday afternoon was seriously injured.

The suspect fled and was then found by a police patrol, and was shot by an officer following a short stand-off.

He was taken to a hospital.

There was no immediate word on the man’s possible motives.

14 thoughts on “Germany: ‘Man’ drives vehicle into pedestrians in Heidelberg

  1. It is fully rational to assume the attacker was a Muslim. You simply have to look at what the German establishment WANTS.

    They WANT to lie to their own population, by covering up Islamic attacks. Therefore, in case the attacker would have been a non-Muslim, they would have been very willing to release full information on this attacker. They would release the name, the background, the religion, the people who knew him, his hometown, etc.

    The fact that they still haven’t done this, is enough to know the truth.

    Another reason is the likelihood of a non-Muslim attacking random people on the street with an axe.

    Meanwhile, the apologia for Islamism is ingraining itself in the European society. Also in The Netherlands. This video offers insight into how incredibly Islam apologetic the Dutch media has become:



  2. Once again, just as in the ‘Beheaded Statue of Jesus’ piece, we may be jumping the gun.

    This sounds rather like a spate of lone-Muslim terror attacks with car and knife ( including one that happened close to my home at Ohio State University in November ), BUT…Heidelberg police are simply not releasing enough details. We really do need to know the name of the perpetrator, his ethnicity and religion. After three days, it’s getting stupid: we need to know.

    Sources will only allow that he is 35 and ‘not a migrant’ and this is simply not enough.

    Whenever I hear about ‘incidents’ on the news, I immediately think ‘Muslim’–and 95 % of the time this turns out to be correct, but in this instance we just don’t know the IMPORTANT details yet. So…shame on the Heidelberg Police for not being totally forthcoming, and shame on us for jumping to a conclusion sans actual facts. We’ll just have to wait and see whether this was yet another stupid Muslim being a ‘good’ stupid Muslim.


  3. Reasonable frustation by an oppressed people for Angela’s failure to move forward w/a 2 state solution w/them! Also obviously excessive violence used by police…why didn’t they administer pepper first?


  4. There was no immediate word on the man’s possible motives.

    So we don’t know for sure but there is that old Islamophobia showing its ugly head when, after all, it was the pedestrians who were blocking the damn sidewalk. Sheesh!

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  5. From the BBC website: “Police were unable to confirm local media reports that the attacker was mentally disturbed.”

    We can be absolutely certain that they will confirm that shortly.


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