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UK: Muslim racist spits in the face of a baby and tells mother: ‘White people shouldn’t breed’ – blamed on mental health

If he was white, would he get away by blaming mental health issues? Hardly. He wouldn’t be getting ‘treatment’. He’d be in jail.



Man spits in baby’s face and tells mother: ‘White people shouldn’t breed’

Rezzas Abdulla has two previous convictions for race-hate attacks against white women. 

by Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith
22 February 2017 16:26 London
The Independent Online

He was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court

A man who spat in a baby’s face and shouted to its mother that “white people shouldn’t breed” has been spared jail after being convicted of racially aggravated assault.

Rezzas Abdulla, 33, spat in the face of a nine-month-old baby while she was in her pushchair last January.

Mother Rebecca Telford, 25, had been walking with her baby Layla-Jean in South Shields when Abdulla spat at her child and shouted “white people shouldn’t breed”.

13 thoughts on “UK: Muslim racist spits in the face of a baby and tells mother: ‘White people shouldn’t breed’ – blamed on mental health

  1. As a Christian I should speak out against violence against the offensive man spitting at a child.
    However, I’m not a very good Christian (work in progress) if he’d done this to my child I’d have snapped him in two.
    Our justice system almost gaurantees a protectionism favouring filth

    Lady Justice, your blindfold has slipped, sword is blunt, scales read false.

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  2. This guy should be locked away. It’s dangerous to let him run around society. Where are all these horrible violent racist neo Nazis we keep hearing about? That baby hughy looking freak needs to be dealt with. Get the townsfolk with pitchforks take care of this inbred dumbshit.

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  3. This is the expected result of the intellectually diminished residue of systematic inbreeding being instructed life-long that they are privileged by divinely awarded supremacy.

    The remedy is to eliminate the blood line and start over fresh.

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      • This is what happens when you find your keyboards in the Bargain Bin. He has to make-do without a lowercase “m”.


  4. Released back into the community; let the community pass appropriate sentence. They can always claim physchiatric problems!
    Sorry, only Muslims can claim crazy.


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