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Sweden’s riots: Police forced to shoot at Muslim mob in capital – yet PM is in denial

SWEDEN RIOT: Police forced to shoot at protesters as violence erupts – yet PM is in denial

SWEDEN’S capital was plunged into chaos on Monday as police were forced to fire at rioters after a violence erupted in an area described as high risk.

Express, By Lizzie Stromme
PUBLISHED: 08:30, Tue, Feb 21, 2017 |

The terrifying scenes took place just hours after the country’s Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, slammed Donald Trump for claiming Sweden was in crisis as a result of its liberal refugee policy.

Stockholm police were forced to fire a shot into the rampaging crowd in the hard-hit suburb of Rinkeby [Muslim no-go zone], after a mob of around 30 thugs started attacking the officers with rocks.

Violence erupted after the police had tried to arrest a wanted person on the subway.

Sylvia Odin, of the Stockholm police, said: “There was stone throwing and they were placed in a situation where a number of people jointly attacked and threw stones. They felt vulnerable and threatened.”

Shocking images depict violence in Sweden:

Riots in Stockholm, Sweden - 20 Feb 2017

Sweden is on the brink of becoming a LAWLESS state as the police force is losing the battle against unprecedented levels of crime, violence and a growing migrant crisis.

Sweden's capital was plunged into chaos as police were forced to fire at rioters after a violence erupted in an area described as high risk.

“The initial information we received was that a warning shot [was fired] but when the picture cleared, it turned out it was for effect [meaning it was intended to hit the target].”

Another officer told Aftonbladet: “The police were cornered between the stone throwers and their car and shot towards the stone thrower but missed.”

In addition to the police being attacked, emergency services had their hands full as 10 cars were set alight in Rinkeby.

A photographer from Dagens Nyheter was also reportedly attacked during the clashes as he said a group of around 15 people had assaulted him when he arrived in Rinkeby to report on the unrest.

“I was hit with a lot of punches and kicks both to my body and my head. I have spent the night in hospital,” he said.

A riot erupted in Sweden on Monday evening

No suspects have been arrested after the clashes, however officers are treating the incident as a riot and assault on police.

The shocking attack on officers came after President Trump told a rally in Florida over the weekend that Sweden was facing a crisis after Fox News aired a segment where a gloomy picture of Sweden was portrayed.

He said: “You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden.

“Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.”

Hitting back at the Republican’s claims, Mr Löfven said: “I was, like many others I believe, surprised by the comments made about Sweden this weekend.

“We have opportunities, we have challenges, we’re working (on) them every day. But I think also we must all take responsibility for using facts correctly, and for verifying any information that we spread.”

Violence erupted after the police had tried to arrest a wanted person on the subway

While former Swedish PM Carl Bildt roared on Twitter: “Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking? Questions abound.”

On Monday he added: “Last year there were app 50 per cent more murders only in Orlando/Orange in Florida, where Trump spoke the other day, than in all of Sweden. Bad.”

Footage of the riot comes just weeks after three police officers were taken to hospital after being attacked by a vicious mob in Rinkeby.

The furious debate about Sweden’s existential crisis comes as officials have placed more than 50 areas on a high risk list where they admit they do not have control.

Former Swedish PM Carl Bildt raged against Donald Trump on Twitter

Lawless thugs are wreaking havoc unchecked, and officers are often at personal risk when entering the crisis-hit areas.

As the crisis in the Swedish police force continues to grow as they are powerless against the increasing number of violent crimes, one officer took to Facebook to share his frustration.

In a seething post, Peter Springare, who works as an investigator for the police in Örebro, a small city in southern Sweden, said migrants were to blame for the majority of crimes.

The former deputy chief of the serious crimes division wrote: “I’m so f***** tired. What I’m writing here isn’t politically correct. But I don’t care.

“Our pensioners are on their knees, the schools are a mess, healthcare is an inferno, the police is completely destroyed. Everyone knows why, but no one dares or wants to say why.”

Firefighters are seen as several cars were set on fire during a riot, according to local media, in Rinkeby suburb, outside Stockholm

A police car is seen as several cars were set on fire during a riot, according to local media, in Rinkeby suburb, outside Stockholm

Riots in Stockholm, Sweden - 20 Feb 2017

Riots in Stockholm, Sweden - 20 Feb 2017

A policeman investigates a burnt car in the Rinkeby suburb outside Stockholm

A horrified Swedish woman has said the country's third-largest city is descending into lawlessness after thugs set her car alight

This is one of many incidents from past years:

26 thoughts on “Sweden’s riots: Police forced to shoot at Muslim mob in capital – yet PM is in denial

  1. The ‘war’ must inevitably start, as the bulk of the Swedish people, and the rest of Europe and the U.K., are aware of, and currently stunned, at the sheer stupidity of their politicians in accepting the ‘people’ – or is a better description, ‘Islamic animals’!

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  3. This has been going on since before 2011 it has taken just over 5 years for International News to pick this up. If you listen to Ingrid Carlqvist, in truth problems started as far back as 1975 all be it on much smaller scale. Nevertheless this is Swedish National guilt for the 1933-1976 Eugenics program. Just a nugget the red head of the Abba Group is the product of Lieben’s Barn. Sweden declared herself publicly neutral in fact she accommodated Hitler in WWII – ask any Norwegian or Dane! Sweden was also at one time and still is covertly communist. Press is censored & paid by the government. You won’t see any movies focusing on the problems in Sweden not even in Swedish Noir. You will see plenty of porno all the same! Lofven is an ex trade union leader and the silly greens are primarily run by feminists.

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    • Ericka, you have a front row seat. I’m viewing this from the back of the theatre and things look quite awful enough. In the United States, we have a problem to be sure, but not as bad as you. I do sympathise.

      We had a terror attack here in our neighbourhood in November of last year, just a few blocks away from our family home. A disaffected Somali Muslim student ( “inspired” by ISIS ) drove his car into some university students, then exited and tried to hack them with a machete. Fortunately, a campus police officer quickly shot him. ( Apparently, this Muslim immigrant posted in social media just prior to the attack that he felt ‘uncomfortable’ kneeling down and praying in public. There are three local mosques and prayer spaces in community centres and campus facilities all ’round, so this doesn’t make any sense. But neither does attacking complete strangers. ) Muslims are too stupid, violent and damaged to be able to function well in our societies. The next day, university officials mostly commented on how ‘this wasn’t really Islam, that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance’. Through an intermediary, our ( former ) President, Barack Obama made lame comments about how stronger gun control was needed ( the terrorist used his car and a knife ). Our leadership was clearly insane…or actually want mayhem and disorder in our country.

      I was involved in an altercation with a crazed Muslim back in 2002, who came into our store and started smashing bottles of beer and spirits. He ‘respectfully requested’ that we remove alcohol from our store for Ramadan…and didn’t like the answer ( this was his ‘solution’ to the ‘cultural insult’ we were directing at his religious beliefs ). The police would not arrest him and did not label it a terror attack. Two weeks later he went to the large supermarket across the street ( again dressed in white thobe and skullcap ). Armed with a golf club, he destroyed $ 20,000.00 US worth of wine and other alcohol and assaulted a store manager and bystander in the process. It was STILL not labelled a terror attack, only as a property vandalism ‘incident’. We were supposed to ‘testify’ in court, but everything was just hushed up. Why bother ? He wasn’t even forced to leave the country as an undesirable alien.

      The people who were running things for us were quite largely in denial about the problem. In Europe, your leaders are mostly still in absolute denial and never ‘solve’ the problem; they just broaden its scope.

      This fiasco has been steadily building in Sweden for some years, yes. When I think back on where Sweden was 30 years ago and where it’s going now…disappointing. Beautiful, vibrant, clean, orderly and peaceful Sweden is being overrun by barbarians. Once nearly empty Swedish prisons are now filled with Muslims and Africans. Sweden once had the lowest rape statistic in the entire world and a very, very low crime rate. Now it’s the highest rape statistic per capita in the world and tied with Lesotho, South Africa. Violent crimes are surging, with Muslims and militant Leftists causing riots and mayhem. Swedish social services are glutted with Muslims. Their inbred and low IQ children have maxed special needs programs. This is a nation whose leadership has ‘programmed’ the nation to mimic the lemmings running over their cliffs: Sweden charted a steady course of racial, cultural and economic suicide. The Globalists, Progressives and Multiculturalists seem to hate not only Western Civilisation, but Northwestern Europe specifically. They seem to especially hate Scandinavians to invite in all of these dangerous, inbred–and quite inferior–barbarians. Burkhas, Abayas, Hijabs and all the rest of the ‘women are chattel’ nonsense–and other Muslim ‘religious’ clothes–simply do not belong anywhere in a truly civilised society.

      Stefan Löfven seems to be cut from the same mold as Angela Merkel and Barack Obama. These louts are enemies of our civilisation and our nations. It’s time to throw the Progressivist Socialist / Multiculturalists out of office and allow people to retake their own countries and reassert their own cultural imperatives ( and get rid of the people who–clearly–have no business living there ).

      Muslims are an especially awful ‘fit’ for Europe or any other Western nation: they simply do not belong in our midst ( not even as visitors ). We will not truly be ‘safe’ from their terrorism, their hatred of our nations and cultures and their stupidity until they are removed and otherwise neutralised.

      This is a clash of cultures. This is a religious war…directed against US. Mohammed declared this war on civilisation 14 centuries ago. It is a war that WE must win. The barbarians must be vanquished and removed.

      -adena properties-

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  4. This Muslim “Hatred”exists in many Swedish cities, called “No Go Zones”; and it’s the very thing Trump was referring to when he spoke over the week-end.
    Sweden is a multi-cultural dead zone. The Swedish culture is being replaced by a predatory Totalitarian Ideology, called Islam. Sadly the Swedes will not rise up & take back their freedoms from their politicians!

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  5. since you are strongly anti muslim you are obviously going to try and publish something to support Trump’s anti muslim lies; So it is difficult to believe what you publish.


    • Derek Brown – Sooo, what’s the error in the article? Or are we to believe on your word alone this article is a “LIE”?
      All your post is, is a “Personal Attack”. You apparently, blindly support Muslims in anything they do!
      If there’s an error, STATE IT or SHUT UP! Because your personal attacks aren’t “Truth or Fact” they are just your personal opinion, & you’ve shown that to be “WORTHLESS”!

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    • Don’t believe TMI, Derek? [ And your name is Derek, right? And you’re not a Muslim posing as an incredulous European, right? ]

      Then don’t pay attention to the Muslims. Because when someone says he hates you and is planning to kill you, and has killed before prolifically, and clearly exults in killing, celebrates death and says killing you and your beloveds will bring him closer to his God, and that killing is his preferred form of worship, sleep peacefully, he’s pulling your leg.

      Everyone knows what kidders Muslims are.

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    • In case other fools might be taken by D. Brown’s utterly low I.Q., be aware you can’t change the mind of an ignorant fool. Brown and like-ilk snowflakes are strictly 100% part of the problem and highly unlikely to ever change . . .

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    • So…you’re living in a trash can in some back alley, a la Oscar The Grouch ?

      Are you even living on the same planet as the rest of us ?

      Or have you been so brainwashed and hamstrung by your own Leftist ideology that you cannot see what is actually happening unless CNN ‘sanitises’ it and packages it all up nicely so you won’t have to actually look at anything or believe anything but the party line ?

      When the Multilcultural Never-Trumper Thought Police got hold of you, exactly how much of your little grey cells did they leave behind after the ‘cultural lobotomy’ was performed on your hairy green hiney ?


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