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London Police Chief Puzzled that Clerics Aren’t Doing Enough To Discourage Jihad

What a fool! How can he serve as a Police Chief?

The liberal left are throwing Muslims under the bus who reject violence and who want to get rid of Islam. They leave them to face extreme Islamic hatred all alone without any protective safety net, although their lives are in grave danger. What kind of cruel and inhuman form of “humanness” do these leftists represent? These people, like honor killing victims, must be protected.



Muslim Scholars Must Tackle Terror, Says London Police Chief

Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

by Nick Hallett
Breitbart, 17 Feb 2017

Muslim scholars must do more to combat the violent ideology of Islamic State, Britain’s top police officer has said.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the retiring head of London’s Metropolitan Police, warned of the growing threat of extremists returning from Syria, describing them as “brutalised and militarised”.

Sir Bernard told the London Evening Standard that Islamic State was using religion to lure young people into fighting for them, and that Muslim scholars need to present a different interpretation of Islam.

“The hardest part for the western world is to interrupt this philosophy that Daesh [Islamic State] is perpetuating, which is that Islam in any way supports this horrific use of violence.

There is no interpretation I would argue that could say that, but some people are getting away with that.

“Muslim scholars have got to come up and be really challenging of that and be very clear that this can never be acceptable. There is no interpretation that can ever conclude it’s OK to kill people. We can’t be at all sensitive to religious beliefs. We have all got to say that is wrong.”

Sir Bernard added a “small army” of extremists had travelled to Iraq and Syria to fight with Islamic State, including around 850 from Britain, and they were now coming home as the terror group neared defeat.

“We are now seeing Daesh’s sphere of influence being reduced in Syria and Iraq and it looks as though it’s clear that they will lose and the other side will win. Some of those people are going to come home and that’s the threat that’s hanging there,” he said.

“The ones who return in reasonable numbers will put more pressure on us and will go to the top of the priority list in terms of looking at, because they will be brutalised, militarised, have friends and a level of organisation that we don’t experience today.

“They are the ones that we most have to worry about and it’s hard to predict when.”

However, he said no new legal powers were needed against these people as he was “pretty confident” they would be identified as they re-entered the UK.

Breitbart London reported earlier this week on how one former Muslim had called on the Metropolitan Police to do more to protect people who leave the faith.

Faisal Bashir said that after he stopped attending mosques in East London, local Muslims began terrorising his family.

“These people knew I had become an atheist and soon enough my whole family was being harassed.”

“I was called an apostate, a non-believer, I was told I had betrayed my God and my faith,” he added. “Sometimes they would even say things to my children – they are far too little to know what was happening, they were very frightened.”

10 thoughts on “London Police Chief Puzzled that Clerics Aren’t Doing Enough To Discourage Jihad

  1. He needs to secretly consult with the Ahmadi’s and the Sufi’s. The Sunni’s and Shia’s want to kill them all, so they should be willing to tip off the police anonymously. The Ahmadi’s and most Sufi’s have a doctrine that puts violence in the past and are considered heretics.


  2. Sweet lord! British police investigative powers are clearly in steep decline.


    Seriously, one wonders how people like this survived childhood near pointy things like forks, keys and door handles. And wit

    (Rumour has it, this particular policeman applied for a position within a secret counter intelligence unit, but was refused on the grounds that he was counter intelligence.)


  3. Have you passed through the red-light district lately? It’s chock-a-block full of young, drug-addicted prostitutes shamelessly importuning decent people.

    Astonishingly, their nattily dressed procurement providers, the ones driving about in those purple Cadillacs with the white tires, seem unaware of any real problem.

    I still can’t figure it out.


  4. Can’t the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, and others, see the problem they have. On the one hand they are saying that Islam has nothing to do with violence, the Islamic State, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab and others (all of whom quote liberally from the koran to justify their violence) all have nothing to do with Islam. On the other hand they are calling on muslim leaders, Imams and others to preach against the violence being committed by those same organisations and trying to stop their youth joining those same organisatios.
    Why is it that only muslims go to join those violent organisations. Do they accept anyone who is not a muslim?

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  5. ‘”The hardest part for the western world is to interrupt this philosophy that Daesh [Islamic State] is perpetuating, which is that Islam in any way supports this horrific use of violence.

    “There is no interpretation I would argue that could say that,”‘

    This man clearly either doesn’t understand Islam, in which case why was he in the position he was, or he is lying. The SOLE END of Islam is world domination through warfare. There is NO OTHER POSSIBLE ‘interpretation’. What a damn surprise that the ‘clerics’ are teaching that.

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