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Finland: Former Foreign Affairs Officer to Muslims: ‘I lived in your country for 10-years – you are sick, cruel’

Michel Paulat is a former Foreign Affairs Office for Finland. Calling them cowards, stupid, and worthless at a recent anti-Islam rally, he ripped Islam, Muslims, and promised that one day Europe would rise up against them and defeat them.

Here Paulat gives a speech at Finland First (Suomi Ensin):

“…. especially to you migrants and muslims. I am not like the other Finns. I lived in your country for ten years and I have seen how cruel, arrogant and stupid you are. You have not created [invented] anything. You have not done anything. You are just sick, cruel. You don’t respect your women. You force them to be your slaves. You don’t respect other religions….I have seen you murdering the Christians. And if you don’t like that – that’s the truth.”

“…You are out of this world you should not even exist! And you should be banned from any cvilised society. But don’t be dispaired. One day we will kick you out of our country.”

“But – be assured – be assured, one day. Most of Europe will rise against you. You tried before to conquer with weapons by war. But we will defeat you because you are not worth it. I ask one thing, Finnish people, rise up! Do not let the Islamification grow. Just – just stand up, be men, you have proved it before and [will] prove it again!….”

To hear more, check the video on YouTube:

20 thoughts on “Finland: Former Foreign Affairs Officer to Muslims: ‘I lived in your country for 10-years – you are sick, cruel’

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  2. Yes! I love listening to this brave man! Muslims have done nothing worthwhile because they’ve been inbred (cousins) for centuries. Glad he brought up how they murder Christians in their countries. Why are free societies letting this garbage in?

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    • If anyone tells you that islam is a religion of peace, just ask them if they read the koran.
      If they did not, tell them to shut up.
      If they did, they know full well about the numerous passages about killing, subjugating, beheading the infidels

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    • For anyone trying to understand the “refugee” crisis, just look up the word “hijrah” in the koranic context …..” go to the land of the infidels to spread islam in the name of allah”‘
      And that is all you needto know..the rest is just lies, propaganda and disinformation.

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  3. You are right they are to busy finding ways to hurt women to have
    time to invent anything that’s why they want their kids to think they
    Invented the world ….bunch of dirty lazy arrogant killers who think sex runs
    The world, they know women are smarter than them that’s why they want
    to keep them scared to do or say anything.Even their imams tell the women
    keep clean for your husband, nothing about the dirty men raping them.
    Dont move without your husbands permission screw that .
    ..if the women were smart they castrate them all

    – Jacquie


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  5. About f**king time a ‘political’ in Europe started telling the truth, not mincing words and ‘owned’ the devil-take-the-hindmost attitude.

    Islam IS incompatible with civilisation; the barbarians simply do not belong in Europe or ANY civilised society.

    If more Westerners actually did their homework and perused the Koran ( and other Islamic literature ), their confusion and exasperation would clear up rather quickly. Most people simply have no idea how sick, perverted, deranged and–dangerous–Mohammed and his ‘subjugation cult’ are.

    Muslims do not belong in Europe. They do not belong in Asia…or North America, or Australia…or anywhere else. Islam should properly be a footnote in history books, discussed frankly the way we present The Black Death or the destruction and loss of life endured in the San Francisco Earthwuake of 1906: horrible tragedies that we must learn from and prevent from occurring in the future by taking preventative measures.

    Mohammed was a badly, badly damaged, epileptic, emotionally-compromised, hypersexual psychopath. And we need to tell the Muslims this and force them to–eventually–acknowledge this…and the cult this man created ( a perfect reflection of himself ).

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  7. They figure they will simply annoy? the Europeans ito submission. The Muslims don’t know the Euros any better than the Euros seem to have known the Muslims…We will see now who will be the biggest MFers in the land! Let the blood letting begin!!!

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  8. The usual treatment for any plague spread by a vector is the destruction of the vector and then the eradication of the plague itself. Failure to do with is wilful ignorance to even the most basic of public health measures. In this case the vectors at least have a choice as to whether they wish to have and spread the plague: a choice that black rats were not given. Then the immunisation of potential hosts should begin and that should be by the closing of ALL madrassas and all mosques that adhere to violence as do 90% EVERYWHERE.

    Forget the rubbish about islam being a religion, It is an political ideology that hides behind its minimal religious content and abuses our freedom of religion laws and as it wages openly declared war on the west, as did Nazis or Communists, should be put down overnight.

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    • Will, you have expressed my thoughts perfectly. It should NEVER be recognized as a religion! Since they want to overthrow our government and replace it with defective sharia procedures, it should be considered unconstitutional, and they should be forbidden to enter any lands of the USA.

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  9. This is a brave man! We need more like him! Thank God for his speech! Thank God for those who cheered him on! I would like to meet him when I visit Finland. If possible, can we duplicate him into 10,000 copies and send them to the USA to run for public office?

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