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UK: London descends into the Medieval times with a ‘modest’ Sharia fashion show

How sick! While these fools think they are being “open minded” they are only inviting medieval savagery into their society and portraying it as normal.



First ever ‘modest’ fashion show suitable for Muslims held in London

The clothes comply with Muslim values and organisers say the show highlights one of the fastest growing consumer markets.

People watch the show in London

 Video: ‘Modest’ clothing showcased at London Fashion Week

By Becky Johnson, Sky News Correspondent

The UK’s first ever “modest” fashion event is taking place in London with hundreds of potential customers queuing to watch a catwalk show where some of the latest designs have been on display.

According to the organisers modest fashion is one of the fastest growing consumer markets.

The clothes comply with Muslim values but the designers say they get interest from women of all faiths and cultures who simply want to cover up a bit more.

Forty designers have displayed their garments at the event.

Among them, London-based Bushra Shaikh who has grown her brand iiLa over six years and exports her clothes around the world.

Image Caption: One of the models at the show.

She’s currently in talks with big name high street department stores as she believes there’s a big mainstream market for her designs.

“We are literally trying to put this type of trend on the map,” she told Sky News.

“We know there’s a demand for it, we know people need it and it needs to be available on our high street where we shop every single day,” Ms Shaikh said.

“I’d like to walk down a high street and say ‘you know what, that’s my style, it’s something I’d wear tomorrow’.

“I can go into the store, buy the products and walk out.”

Salma Haidrani

Event organiser Romanna Bint-Abubaker, founder of modest fashion website Haute Elan, told Sky News: “The fastest growing global consumer is at the moment the Muslim market.

“One in three people – by 2030 – will be a Muslim in the world – that’s a huge population.”

Noor Akhtar, 23, from London came to watch the catwalk show.

“I think it’s about wearing clothes and looking nice without having to reveal a lot of skin,” she said.

“I don’t feel the need to wear the hijab because my clothing is modest.

“I feel like if I’m dressed modestly I don’t need to cover my hair.”

Her friend Saira Khan agrees. “I think it’s about wanting to wear fashionable clothes without attracting the attention of the opposite sex.”

4 thoughts on “UK: London descends into the Medieval times with a ‘modest’ Sharia fashion show

  1. While it’s nice that the usual ridiculous fashion dress that would never be worn in public are absent, I enjoy the irony of lots of “modest” women in hijab wearing prostitue make up. Silly Tarts


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