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Korea Warns Against Visiting Paris After Muslims Set Fire to Tourist Coach

Yet one more country warns its people not to visit France. The list is building up.

Estimates suggest there are 500,000 Muslims out of a total population of 1.53 million (32.7%) in Saint-Denis. Saint-Denis is home to the Union of French Islamic Organizations (UOIF) in the Bourget district, which annually hosts one of Europe’s major Muslim conferences, Paris-le-Bourget. In 2005, 56.7% of young people under 18 were of foreign origin including 38% of African origin (22% from Maghreb and 16% from Sub-Saharan Africa). Islam is believed to be the most practiced religion in the department.

Paris is in terrible condition, all thanks to Muslims. And of all Muslims the Africans are the worst. France is turning into a Muslim infested shithole. With the growing Muslim population all the problems have piled up causing serious damage to the nation’s financial structure and economy. The French capital has lost half of its tourists since the last two terrorist attacks. And the visitors are not returning. There is a constant stream of arrests across the country, now on a weekly basis. The budget must be huge across Europe to maintain the Muslim babysitting bill and monitor a people that are a constant source of misery to everyone, no matter where in the world you are. They are not willing to ban and deport them, which is the only sensible long-term solution.

One of our volunteers recently visited Paris and came back complaining that arrival in the city, formerly the most tourist popular city in the world, was an arrival into Maghreb. There are more Africans and Muslims seen than natives and their offspring is everywhere. Paris is slowly starting to resemble Cairo. The city is very dirty and badly maintained, usually a sign of reduced government funding (=financial problems) diverted to other more urgent costs. There is a constant shortage of staff creating a complete chaos at travel points, train stations, airports, with no information or guidance provided to travelers, demonstrating budget cuts on jobs. Transport services seem fully in the hands of the Maghreb crowd contributing to a creepy blend of insecurity and rip-offs. Shops stand completely empty of any activity and buyers. Cafes and restaurants are almost empty. Entire neighborhoods have swapped signs into Chinese, trying to profit from Oriental visitors when all else fails.

But even Chinese tourists have been adviced to stay away after a couple of Chinese women got raped by Muslims, others have been robbed and complain of feeling unsafe. The EU’s open borders have contributed to criminal gangs from across Eastern Europe joining the Muslim problem. The Chinese government declared the security for its travelers was so bad, they offered to send their own security team to the French capital. In 2016 Chinese travel agents offered a full refund to visitors who cancelled their travel plans after the Nice attack. America issued travel warnings to its people traveling to France in 2016 declaring that ‘terrorism in Europe is now normalised’ and France is no longer safe.

European countries have been forced to implement heightened security features to passports and identity cards because the previous features are no longer sufficient since Muslims now possess their own printing machines for illegal passports and id cards. A few weeks back The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) released information on which countries are currently considered a high-risk status and which are a very low risk. Europe is all red, marked as a high-risk region. And now Korea warns of the same…

And all of these problems are solely related to Muslims and the irrational doling out of residency, passports and visas to Muslims into Europe. Without Muslims none of this would be necessary. Who will they send a bill to for the financial decline? Saudi Arabia?



Korea Warns Against Visiting Paris Migrant Suburbs After Men Loot, Try to Set Fire to Coach of Tourists

The Korean embassy has warned against visiting the migrant-dominated Paris region of Seine-Saint-Denis after thugs terrorised a coach of tourists.

A group of around forty South Korean tourists were ‘slapped’, threatened, and robbed by five men who climbed aboard their coach as it was stuck in traffic near Bobigny, where anti-police riots were taking place.

The intruders first “slapped” some of the passengers, then proceeded to loot the vehicle, stealing “all valuables: blue cards, cash and even Eurostar train tickets” before finally attempting to set fire to the coach as they left the vehicle, Le Parisien reported on Tuesday.

According to the Korean embassy in Paris, the perpetrators shouted as they boarded the coach, and then threatened tourists with what is believed to have been a glass bottle, which they also used to “tap” the heads of passengers sitting towards the front of the vehicle.

The incident took place as the group of holidaymakers travelled from the Eiffel Tower to their hotel in Seine-Saint-Denis. Describing them as “panicked” when they finally arrived at the hotel, its manager said the tourist group refused to leave the hotel to report their ordeal to the police.

“What has happened is extremely regrettable, but thankfully it remains marginal,” the hotelier told Le Parisien, which reported that since then the Korean embassy has advised Korean citizens not to visit Seine-Saint-Denis.

On Saturday evening as the attack on the coach took place, a large gathering of around 2,000 anti-police protesters near the hotel had turned violent after just an hour with “violent incidents, broken windows, tear gas and burnt vehicles”, according to local media.

Seine-Saint-Denis, a department in which already by 2005 almost 60 per cent of under 18s were of foreign origin, has been badly affected by ongoing violence as anti-police protesters riot over the assault of a black youth worker who alleges that he was anally raped with a truncheon while being arrested.

Last month Breitbart London reported that France has seen a steep decline in visitor numbers from East Asia amid surging violence and crime.

President of the Chinese Association of Travel Agencies in France, Jean-François Zhou, warned that “increasingly violent” thefts and assaults are turning France into “one of the worst destinations for foreign tourists”.

4 thoughts on “Korea Warns Against Visiting Paris After Muslims Set Fire to Tourist Coach

  1. What better way to DOMINATE the world.
    Not by war as the Nazis tried in the last war (and I am not getting at the German people) but it is a historical fact.
    The MUSLIMS on the other hand move into a region and OUT BREED the local populous and intimidate the remainder by intimidation and basic low standards of hygiene.
    What better way to gain what the second war failed to do” Dominate and assimilate” by taking over France, the centre of Europe and when will it end, when everyone is either forced to convert to the Muslim religion or those that won’t are simply wiped out.
    Call it scare mongering if you want but even if it is not intentional it is happening and will only get worse.
    This is a war but unfortunatley it’s a religious war and has been going on since the middle ages, it’s just that these days terrorism has become the new weapon of choice.
    It’s only a matter of time before they use a chemical or radioactive device to cause mass murder.
    Who is to blame, us the people for standing by and thinking it would never happen” Isn’t that what they said just before Adolf Hitler massacred 6 million Jews.
    You have been warned.

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  2. The French and European governments are to blame. Politicians should be charged with treason; the government is participating in the ethnic cleansing of their own people.
    It will not be long until we see a civil war across Europe with the indigenous people and the Muslim paedophile invaders.

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    • The solution is to remove the Muslims from Europe and forbid any further entry, for any reason, of Muslims into Europe. They are incompatible with Western culture, do not wish to assimilate, and must be limited to living in Muslim countries. These subhuman goons are essentially thugs and criminals. Let us hope that President Trump and his team can successfully implement and enforce appropriate restraining laws in the USA.

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