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Swedish police was forced to conceal 5,000 Muslim crimes in four months under ‘Refugee Code 291’

If anyone wants to accuse TMI for posting “fake news” this is certainly not the right moment. The source for this article, SvD or Svenska Dagbladet, is one of the country’s primary and most respected newspapers.

5,000 crimes were reported from newly arrived at refugee shelters in a short period of four months. Refugee shelter hold new arrivals, waiting to be processed and placed. Sweden’s migration agency claim that in early 2015 as many as 4,000–5,000 asylum seekers came to Sweden each month. This increased in the late summer – from 6,619 in June to 39,196 in October. Nearly 35,000 asylum seekers were already given permanent residence permits in 2015. The majority of new arrivals were still waiting for their permits. So, readers can do the math how enormous the crime numbers were in relation to the volumes of peoples in the shelters for only four months. Just remember to add the police statement in the interview, “It involves far more cases than the figures you have gotten, I can say this.”

Translated into English from Swedish with Bing/Google by David.



Thousands of incidents are hidden in police’s special “refugee code”

SVD REVEALS: Since October 2015, the police maintain recorded interventions at refugee shelters. The events have been reported in a specific code, R291, which have not been published.
SVD can now reveal that it contains thousands of incidents – ranging from assault and brawls to suicide attempts, mental illness, and bomb threats.


Photo: Anders Ahlgren and TT

By Jani Pirttisalo
Svenska Dagbladet, SvD, Jan 29, 2016

The situation at the thousands of different asylum shelters have been largely unknown to the public. One reason is that the national operational Department, Noah, where the police earlier determined that all of the information linked to the flow of refugees should be secret.

The events have gained a special so-called classified code: 291, which DN reported earlier this year.

“Regarding the classified code 291 that became known to the media. The code is used as a work format for the daily overview. The daily overview is classified secret, that nothing that is written within it should be public/… / Nothing will be printed on paper regarding the current Alma-charge as long as it is in progress. ”

So wrote NOA earlier in a document that our newspaper took note of. Every [criminal] complaint “where the victim, the suspect or a hearing where the person is a migrant must be marked with the special code 291”. The same shall apply to crimes or events that are related to the sites or buildings around refugees.

More than that, no one was permitted to know.

It was last October, when the flow of refugees to Sweden was very large that the police had many call-outs from alarms about violence, threats, arson and other crimes at various asylum properties. It was then that NOA introduced the special classification code for all the cases “involving migrant situations”.

SVD can now reveal that under code 291 [police] conceals more than 5,000 reported cases.

In a nationwide list of code 291 that the Svenska Dagbladet noted, there appears the image of a difficult and anxious situation for asylum seekers, police and staff at the refugee housing.


Svenska Dagbladet has compiled information from the incidents accumulated in police code 291. Photo: Anders Ahlgren, SvD

During the approximately four months as cases entered in code, it has been reported several types of crimes and incidents. Here can be seen many cases of violent crimes and threats; 450 reported fights, 559 registered cases of domestic abuse, 9 robberies, 194 cases of assault and 4 rapes.

There are 37 cases of suicide attempts, 26 cases of sickness incidents, 42 cases registered as “mentally ill” and three deaths. The cases are scattered throughout the country, all times of day and during all days of the week.

Under code 291 also includes 2 bomb threats, 58 fires [arson], 239 cases of automatic alarms from fires and 96 missing persons.

That the police are under heavy pressure is clear. In addition to the incidents already mentioned include 161 police dispatches, 912 “security observations”, 109 cases of “investigative work” and 869 inspections of persons or vehicles.

The information that Svenska Dagbladet read says nothing if the crimes have evidence and if there has been suspects, it says nothing about who is behind any breaches or incidents. An official report should be published from the police on 19 February.

National operational Department, Noa, is leading the initiative “Alma” ranging from border controls to fighting crime linked to the flow of refugees. All regions within the police has dedicated staff to work with “Alma”.

– It involves far more cases than the figures you have gotten, I can say this. It is a huge challenge, it’s a real situation at the [refugee] shelters. People are put together with other traumatised people. It is an insecure life and a concern [by refugees] to be sent back, and the slightest disruption in daily life can trigger an event, says Tomas Wallberg, command Chief at Noa, to SvD.

And the situation is becoming increasingly serious.

– “We got placed to face overcrowded places and people who are not feeling well last fall. Now, there is an increased tendency to heavy violence, it is a feeling we have [that it will get worse]. It’s not a speculation, but it is not confirmed. There is a logic in that it looks like this.

How do you mean?

– “The situation is becoming more and more pressurized, conflict becomes more obvious when you are together for a long time. I can only say that this is a major challenge.

How do you perceive that the information in the code 291 should not reach the general public?

– “It is sad that it is so, we can certainly develop our ability to communicate. We are very receptive to having dialogue with the media. But that the document should not be disclosed is something that is in the Administrative Procedure Act, and the Act simply do not exist. Thus, there is nothing to disclose. In this dialogue with you we’ve been open, so it’s unfortunate.

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    This is an hour long interview with Dave Rubin and Flemming Rose regarding the Danish Cartoon controversy. Very educational with insights into the use of the cartoons as weapons of poltical influence by a wide range of Muslim groups.

    J. Adams


  4. The dangers of mass immigration are made worse by several factors. Continual lawfare (such as taking British soldiers to court) and lobbying are carried out by Islamic activists to promote Islamic values, and protect Muslim criminals. (As an example- 5 years ago, we rarely heard of killers with “mental health” problems. Now virtually every Islamic attack has a perpetrator with ” mental health ” problems – and this disguises the true motives behind the attack.
    Pro Islamic propagande is pumped out 24/7. This is hard to define, but after certain events, if you search the internet, you find dozens of pro-Islam articles, and few without that viewpoint -news agencies, paid to create “news” by the likes of Saudi, ensure that the news is already doctored to suit Muslim tastes.
    And attacks on free speech are now wide ranging.


  5. This article has been sent to LOFVEN pm of Sweden, if I had Merkel’s email I would send to her also. Increasing the population by imposing mixed marriages as a result of rape is not a solution to our declining populations. A more expedient policy would be as was carried out in Italy after the war to encourage young men and women to have families, money spent through tax incentives would be a good start. Europe will be wiped out not only by muslims but the diseases the males carry from HIV AIDS Syphilis Herpes Gonareagha TB typhoid and others. Which ever way you analyse it MUSLIM importation is bad for us all.


    • Merkel doesn’t want to hear public opinion, so she has no twitter, no facebook, no email to provide people to contact her office. Quite revealing where her respect for democracy lies.


      • I managed somehow to get her on Facebook and attacked her, I was thrilled with the response I got from German nationals. My FB page is public, currently I am banned for another 20 days because FB will insist on kow towing to Muslim supremacy! I can’t wait for the elections and I sincerely hope the EU falls apart other than for the currency which is very useful in terms of foreign Exchange and Money markets.


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