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New President Trump policy protects women, gays, minorites from Islamic atrocities

Pakistanis who Persecute Minorities could be Refused U.S. Visas

Rabwah Times
January 26, 2017, 8:44 PM

U.S. Pres­id­ent Donald Trump’s ex­ec­ut­ive or­der on U.S. refugees and immigration could severely affect Pakistanis who plan on visiting the United States. A draft copy of the executive order published by L.A. Times describes how U.S. visas could be denied to those who engage in “persecution of those who practice other religions”.

The order reads:

In addition, the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry and hatred (including “honor” killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice other religions) or those who would oppress members of one race, one gender, or sexual orientation.

Under the current Pakistani laws, Ahmadis who identify themselves as Muslims are persecuted for their religious beliefs. Ahmadi Muslims have been jailed for reading the Quran, reciting the Islamic creed (Kalima), the call to prayer (Adhan), referring to their places of worship as Mosques etc, and are banned from the pilgrimage to Mecca. All Muslims in Pakistan applying for a passport are required to sign a legal declaration against the minority Ahmadis, stating that they consider Ahmadis as non-Muslims and they consider the founder of their faith to be an ‘impostor’. This means any Pakistani citizen, Official or Minister who uses his or her position to arrest, harass or persecute Ahmadis due to their religious beliefs could be denied a U.S. visa.

In the past, several of the country’s top politicians including cricketer turned politician Imran Khan and former Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf have publicly expressed their support for the laws under which minority Ahmadis are persecuted. If the draft order is made into law, these politicians – and any others found engaging in harassment and persecution of religious minorities – could be denied a U.S. visa.

13 thoughts on “New President Trump policy protects women, gays, minorites from Islamic atrocities

  1. The only Muslim’s that are welcome in the United States, are apostates. Those Muslims who denounce Islam. Islam is not a religion, it is a totalitarian ideology that is shared by all Muslims, unless they become Apostates. The Muslim ideology is in direct conflict with the United States constitution, and the Qu’ran is in direct conflict with what our Holy Bible teaches us. The goal of Islam is to dominate the world. Their creed is to kill all ‘infidels’, meaning anyone who will not convert to Islam. Islam is like a melanoma cancer, where if not removed quickly, will grow roots, and spread quickly. The people of the United States must reject Islam outright. The plan of Islam is to; Immigrate+Infiltrate+Populate=Caliphate
    The United States has been infiltrated, and, if not expelled, to populate will be next. How do they populate? They rape women, and they marry many wives. If we accept Islam in the USA, Islam has won. Look at what is happening in German, Sweden and yes, France. Women are being raped, beaten and killed. Little children are having their clitoris brutally removed surgically, without anesthesia. This is not a culture that we share or will ever adhere to, therefore, those Muslims who wish to enter the USA should be required to pass an ideological test, in which they will have to denounce Islam, or not ever come to the USA.

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  2. The ‘Progressive’ Left will continue to reactively–and reflexively–object and protest everything and anything that President Trump or his administration tries to do. This is because they are hamstrung by their own ideology, their allegiance to ‘Multiculturalism’ and the belief that–somehow–‘protesting’ ( including property destruction, assault and preventing dissenting voices from being heard ) is a civic virtue. The mainstream media is basically a tool of the Progressive Left at this point–with the lone exception of Fox News and unabashedly conservative outlets like Breitbart.

    The Leftists / Socialists / Progressives / Anarchists seem to believe that the United States–alone amongst all of the nations in the world–should have largely unsecured borders and a completely open immigration policy. The have allied themselves ( quite naturally ) with the Islamists, another group that is preternaturally opposed to freedom of speech, Western Civilisation and ‘liberal’ values. This unholy alliance has been a perfect storm assaulting Western Europe, the Americas and other similar nations in the world. We have a Muslim problem ( few here doubt this ), but we also have a ‘Progressive’ problem. In order for any reforms to work, BOTH have to be handled.

    The Leftists are the recent problem, largely arising and taking root since the genesis of the Soviet Union and World Communism. Now that World Communism has largely been discredited and expired, we are still stuck with the aftermath. The Progressives never seem to make the connexion, and thus can never accept the fact that their basic philosophy, their specific ideology and their practical ‘solutions’ have all been disproven and are unworkable. Shame on them.

    Islam is the enduring problem, arising 14 centuries ago in the hinterland of civilisation. 1,400 years of world history has attempted to show us–repeatedly–that Islam is a blight on civilisation. We’ve forgotten this and now ‘extend’ the hand of friendship to Muslims, even ‘inviting’ them to colonise our nations. Shame on us.

    If Islam is a religion, it is a religion of spiritual and cultural vampires. They take all and offer to us in return nothing. Entire cultures have vanished or been subsumed beneath the shadow of Mohammed and its unending and self-imposed Age of Darkness. Europe itself was assailed repeatedly. It took a cultural revolution and an equally fanatic Spanish-Catholic crusade to rid Iberia of this barbaric menace. It took an equally long and aggravated assault upon the Ottoman Empire in Eastern Europe and the Balkans to rid Romania, Greece, Austria and other nations from their assailants. Russia was essentially forged in the fire of the Slavs burning away their Islamic overlords. The casualties from this Islamic conflict were–quite frankly–unacceptable: Byzantium, Visigothic Spain, pre-Islamic India, Persia, Old Armenia and the Manichean / Buddhist cultures of Central Asia were all quite thoroughly obliterated by Islam and sucked dry. The much-vaunted ‘Golden Age of Islam’ is in fact propaganda and quite largely a myth. Islam is NOT a ‘new’ menace and it’s modus operandi and its goals have not changed: Islam is our self-declared and ancient enemy. We have merely managed to forget our own history ( including our own American history and our republic’s early struggles with Muslim nations ). Shame on us.

    The Progressives, the Islamists and their apologists will continue to resist us and will continue to put up roadblocks to prevent President Trump and our officials from securing our borders, banning dangerous ‘refugees’ and stymieing his efforts to fulfill his oath of office: to safeguard the government, our nation and our people from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Islam is our ( self-declared ) enemy. Although individual Muslims may be taken at their word and may in fact integrate eventually into Western civilisation and become real Americans, Islam–and most Muslims–can never be trusted to do anything other than fulfill the promise they make to Mohammed: to subjugate the Infidel. In fulfilling this promise, they will take Mohammed’s advice: they will lie, cheat, deceive, steal, rape, enslave and kill. This is what they have done, this is what they are doing and this is what they shall continue to do in the future so long as Islam exists. We must have effective safeguards in place–and secured borders and extreme vetting–to prevent the worst of them from ever making it into our country.

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  4. Islam is un-American.

    Allegiance to Islam suffices to justify banishment of all who profess it.

    Islam is an unwelcome philosophy. The worm of Islamic supremacy and Jihad to achieve it arrive intact within their scripture or documentation or juris prudence or battle plan for the subjugation of the human species or however one describes it.
    There is no vetting possible. The seething, whelping Islam will explode upon the suckers who think it has become tame. Like the Canadians.

    And I would like our Congress to unequivocally state this, and act under the understanding that intolerance of Islam is an act of self preservation and mandatory for the peace, prosperity and longevity of the Republic.

    And it is our duty to remind our Representative and Senators of their duty to us and the Constitution. It’s Sunday morning and I just finished listening to enough buffoonery to know to a certainty that several individual buffoons are overdue for an update upon the absurd and ill-informed notions they present as reasonable opinions. And we, dear readers, and voters, are exactly the ones responsible for guiding them. It has to be, because it was because of you [ and me ], or in spite of you [ and me ], that they were elected. Criticism is the sine quo non of good government; it is again, our duty.

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  5. A way to get it past Libtards would be in the wording.
    For instance, any member of a majority people within a nation that persecute as policy, a minority within that nation by way of violence, should be excluded from international travel.
    It’s then broad enough to apply to every nation equally. Libtard heaven.

    In practice, what nations do this? Myanmar (Burma) Buddhist might have a bit of trouble, but can appeal (criteria would be to disprove that the people accused of violence as a whole, either engaged in the violence, or that it was unjustified which would be a lovely press coup

    What nations would this affect
    Me thinks a pattern would emerge…


  6. Good idea. Maybe we should adopt something similar in the UK.
    Oh yes we already have a similar ban but it doesn’t apply to Islamic hate preachers only those who point out the truth of what Islam preaches and teaches.

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    • When notable members of Parliament, Prince Charles, the Queen and the ( former ) Welsh Archibishop, Rowan ( God save us all ) Williams all ‘suggested’ allowing a ‘parallel’ system of Sharia courts to ‘function’ in the U.K., you lot all knew you had problems. It was a complete effront against all the gains of the past 1,500 years. It suggested that–perhaps–the British legal system simply wasn’t ‘good’ enough for all those poor Muslims and honourable Pakistani gentlemen and their cloistered females. Multiculturalism is NOT a virtue. Sharia is NOT an acceptable legal ‘alternative’. The Barbarians offer nothing to British jurisprudence, except perhaps for legal contortionists to ‘agonise’ over whether or not Taqqiya is an acceptable ‘defense’ within the parameters of the law. ( At what point did British intellectuals–and Westerners generally–turn into such unutterably spineless weenies ? )

      Last time I was in Britain ( and England is in far worse shape than Wales, mind you ), I felt like I had stepped into an ‘Islamic-alt-History’ ( through-the-wrong-side-of-the-wormhole ) version of Europe. It even started to SMELL like Pakistan.

      Despite all the mayhem and with entire towns turning into burkha-clad ‘perfection’, Britain is still in far better shape than countries like Belgium, France, Germany and Sweden. And–at least–the British have competent security services. ( The French and the Germans seem to have none these days. )

      Brexit was a start, but it will take a sustained, nationalist revolution in the U.K. to get back on track. We are quite hopeful that a Trump administration ( should it be successful ) will be a clear signal to other Western European patriots in their own countries, to try and reassert their own cultures and people, counter the Multicultural, Progressivist, Islamist nonsense and return to sanity.

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      • I couldn’t agree more with everything you have said. it is a sad thing what the European (don’t forget UK is part of the European porject at the moment) elites are doing to Europe.
        I am sorry but I am unable to answer any of your questions about how we have got to this state but I blame the liberal left who live by their moral equivalence regime of Islam is equal to or better than the Christian/secular west.
        An example for you – At the 2015 election the sitting MP for my constituency was retiring, the candidate from her party started campaigning a couple of weeks before the election campaign officially started.
        She knocked on my door and introduced herself and asked what I thought, so I asked her what she thought about Islam. Admittedly my question could have been phrased more diplomatically but what was asked was true. Her response was I was racist, hatefilled person because she knows many muslims and they are all wonderful people. We did end up having a 20 minute conversation but I did not make any dent on her impression of Islam.
        On the day the campaign officially started I forwarded an email with 5 links to different truthful articles about Islam and Islamophobia to all the candidates for my constituency. Only the Liberal candidate, whom I had already had a convesation with on my doorstep, bothered to respond. She sent back saying that what I had forwarded did raise some concerns and IF she won she would like to discuss them further. The other candidates failed to respond and I know the eventual winner, the Conservative, did not even bother to read them because I managed to ask him after the last question and answer session for the candidates of the election. I suspect that the other candidates couldn’t be bothered to read my correspondence either.
        That is what we are fighting in the UK but I believe we are gradually making headway at least I am hoping we are.

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  7. Yes he does protect women that means a lot.
    I agree deny visas to any group,religion or cult that believes that women have no rights they have no place here

    – Jacquie


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  8. Well done Trump.
    Why has this not been done by any previous politicians.
    All the time Trump is being deemed crazy, by the people that are flooding us with savages


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