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Fake News Checker declares TMI real-media reports ‘propaganda and untrustworthy’

You got to laugh at the desperation of these pathetic fool(s) behind Fake News Checker! How much are they paid for their self-assessed propaganda?

How can anyone take “fake news checker” seriously? Any authority on what is fake or real news cannot be some anonymous Tom, Dick or Harry. It would be a verified identity of a person with extensive qualifications and a person well-known within the media. It would be a journalist whoms unbiased political views can be verified. Fake News Checker has ONLY 22 FOLLOWERS. It’s an anonymous site. Just a nobody with a personal opinion.

Our articles have real people, qualified journalists and real media names behind them that any reader can verify, should they want to. If our news is fake so is Reuters, Associated Press, NBC, ABC, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Express, SvD and hundreds of the world’s largest news agencies, including government agencies and organisations. We rely on their accuracy to comment on their content and reports. Fake News Checker claim these sources cannot be trusted and are “propaganda”, “untrustworthy” and “unverified” simply because their reports appears on our blog. Sounds like the Checker itself is – fake news!

Unqualified opportunist trying to monetize on #fakenews keywords create websites like Fake News Checker by pretending to be some authority for the world’s media, while they are nobodys. Instead, they try to divert people’s attention from real topics.

If the reports in TMI cannot be trusted or validated, then President Trump is  completely accurate to call the mass media “fake news” because that is exactly where our reports come from.

What a bunch of FAKE idiots.







14 thoughts on “Fake News Checker declares TMI real-media reports ‘propaganda and untrustworthy’

  1. Just checked the original article, it appears TMI is telling the truth about the articl!
    -I’m amazed they didn’t manage to squeeze “Russians Did It” in there somewhere

    @TMI, sue them? They must have funding from somewhere, take some of it. If they don’t have funding, enjoy crippling them…and tell us about it, we’ll believe you, you Russian Trolls 🙂



    This is an hour long interview with Dave Rubin and Flemming Rose regarding the Danish Cartoon controversy. Very educational with insights into the use of the cartoons as weapons of poltical influence by a wide range of Muslim groups.

    J. Adams


  3. I forgot to mention the TELEGRAPH & Financial Times, both objective and unbiased news papers if one can get hold of them? Where I am difficult, used to read when in the UK. Believe it or not a journalist friend of mine (investigative reporter) recommended the Telegraph in 1970, this is how good the reputation of the T is, still has a readership and the respect of many journalists young and senior today!


  4. If there is one reliable publication about the facts regarding the impact of Muslim immigration and policies Muslim Issue is trustworthy. This is more than I can say for the standard News Channels. I no longer watch BBC Channel 4 occasionally SKYE, if you want the facts on global issues including muslim invasions suggest following RT, CGTV, CNC, NHK, Euronews is pretty straight forward and unbiased. Even France 24 is too left wing for my taste not objective enough. All of the above stations screen in-depth analysis of politics & economy.


  5. I M really relieved to know that TMI is fake news! I have found… Ure reports about the spread of muslim “bad behavior” truely distressing. Now that I know… I can once again bury my head in the sand & sing hossanas everytime someone in authority tells me…Islam is a religion of peace!


  6. I also find that even Fox News channel does not report on smaller issues of Muslim violence or rape jihad going on in the world. I think these stories must be reported so that people do not get a false sense of security with Islam.

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  7. I have done my research when, having read a TMI article, I think it may be misleading and usually I find that everything written is in fact the truth.
    The real fake news comes from the likes of CNN and MSNBC.


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