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Update from Swedish whistleblower: ’22 out of 24 murders had a foreign background’

Peter Springare, the black-sheep of the Swedish judiciary, has once again posted one of his (to authorities) very unpopular facebook posts on the realities of his work as a criminal investigator in the small town of Orebro.

We can only guess how many of these crimes with “foreign background” are Muslims. We will guesstimate it is somewhere around the 90% mark, simply based on experience and exposure.

The city of Örebro has a population of 144,935 according to a government report from June 30, 2016.

Peter Springare’s Facebook posts from the end of last week, in which he pointed out immigrants from Africa and the Middle East dominate rapes and other serious crimes, have created a public outcry. The Facebook group “stand up for Peter Springare” has received over 150,000 members.


[h/t to Hans for story and translation]



Reference: Facebook group (Support Peter Springare): Sta up for Peter Springare

Peter Springare

I would like to once again send my very big, big thank you!!!! to all those around the country and from abroad, who sent letters, cards, support in different media, flowers, gifts etc. Similarly a giant thank you to all those who started and struggled with various groups on facebook in support of me. You should know that all this support and warms me well. Because, as I previously posted, it’s a freezing cold that bites by marrow and bone, when standing at the barricade in a full hurricane.

I have learned a lot this week. And how horribly infected the topic I brought up really is. But, [I am] also brutally become aware how easy it is to twist a text to be parsed to something completely different, than what it really said or the message intended from the beginning. According to their own political agendas.

I have also with a surgical precision been stamped as a racist, hater of foreigners and a “pundits”, whose “truths” and experiences of my own didactic has been put in quotation marks. It has surprised me how many commentators and senior politicians, reserved the right to deprive me of my own experiences and truths, by dismissing them as me being “wrong” and just base them on stencils.

I just want to say, that when it comes to what I say, think or claim, then it’s my unbroken truth. Similarly, what I see and experience in everyday life of misery, tragedy and sinister murders and the consequences for society at large, so too it is my unbroken truth. I would like to discuss things that are destructive and make a change. However, I am not for racism and discretion, when it comes to relate to other people. This is regardless of whether they are immigrants or “authentic” [native].

Unfortunately, I have not been able to work so much this week because of the “storm” that flows from different directions, as a result of my post last Friday. But I come here to report some facts, about a couple of the categories we examined here at the Serious Crime Unit in Örebro during the period 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2016.

The first is the category of murder/attempted murder, which is one of the most serious crimes in our penal code. It is often very complex to investigate and require very significant resources and time [manpower], which obviously affects the results of the investigation in the case, for example, on the variety of crimes.

Murder/attempted murder 1 Jan 2015-Dec 30, 2016;

– 12 investigated cases. 24 suspected perpetrators
– In 10 of the cases the perpetrators was of foreign origin.
– In 2 of these cases the perpetrators was of Swedish descent.
– Out of a total of 24 involved perpetrators 22 was of foreign origin and 2 of Swedish descent.

The vanishingly small proportion of all immigrants that are criminals, thus are greatly over-represented here when it comes to very serious violent crimes. And now, if this would be fairly equal in the country at large, we in Örebro got a very, very big problem.

Extortion; the same conditions in the time period.

– 18 investigated cases. 25 suspected perpetrators.
– In 13 of the cases the perpetrators were of foreign origin.
– In 4 cases the perpetrators where of Swedish descent.
– In 1 case, the perpetrator was unknown.
– Out of a total of 25 offenders 19 was of foreign origin and 5 was of Swedish descent and 1 unknown.

I will come back next week or earlier, with some reports from my end.

I would like to end with this;

Ahmed’s father did not want to see his children get killed in a torn, violent, war-torn country. He staked everything he had and fled to Sweden. He wanted to give his children a safer life and a better future.

Today, Ahmed was assassinated. Brutally shot down in the street in Sweden.[*We guarantee that Ahmed was assassinated by another Ahmed, although Peter Springare may not have details of this yet. TMI]

Majority of the victims of these violent crimes that I and other serious crime investigators in the country investigate, are just immigrants or children of immigrants. Therefore, it is not so strange that I got so much support by precisely immigrants, because they understand what it is I put my finger on.

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14 thoughts on “Update from Swedish whistleblower: ’22 out of 24 murders had a foreign background’

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  3. A statistical analysis can be performed to demonstrate that, over a five-year period, from 2011 to 2016, the rise in the total number of serious crimes is directly related to the rise in the number of refugees or immigrants from Muslim-majority countries after controlling for the number of refugees or immigrants from non-Muslim countries during the same time period.

    Additionally, the population of perpetrators can be grouped by crime committed and then split into two subgroups: those of foreign origin and those of native origin. Their respective trend lines can be compared over the same, five-year period to see if the rates of increase in the foreign origin group exceed those of the native origin group for each type of crime committed.

    A single variable can also be used more conveniently than using one variable for each subgroup: namely, the proportion of perpetrators that are of foreign origin. This is a continuous number ranging from 0% to 100%. This variable will also indicate if people of foreign origin are disproportionately committing crimes relative to their group size within the total population.

    In other words, as the author discovered, are people who are not of Swedish descent overrepresented (in terms of their origin) within the population of perpetrators as a whole?

    For the purposes of this analysis (and from prior experience), we are only going to look at male perpetrators (especially since rape is one of the crimes of interest).

    The prior assumptions that must be made in doing this analysis are as follows:

    1. The likelihood of committing a crime is unrelated to one’s origin
    2. The likelihood of being reported for committing a crime is unrelated to one’s origin
    3. The likelihood of being arrested for committing a crime is unrelated to one’s origin
    4. The ages of perpetrators are homogeneous (aka, similar).

    A quick review of perpetrator demographics would tell us which age group is most frequently-represented. Not knowing the actual data, I would venture to guess that 80% of perpetrators are between the ages of 16 to 30. Our four prior assumptions hold that “Justice is blind” with respect to age and origin. Therefore, to make our sample groups as homogeneous as possible and reduce any effects on crime rates due to demographic differences, we will select only those whose ages fall within a restricted range (such as 16 to 30) from the population of perpetrators.

    Demographic variables within our sample groups (Swedish origin|Foreign origin) are static and do not change over time. We would know from prior research that the crime rates among people of Swedish origin have remained stable across our five-year time period. We would also know from crime reports of other EU nations and from hundreds of historical precedents that the behavior of Muslim immigrants (from Africa and the Middle-East) to Europe changes as a function of their population size relative to their host nations. That change is almost always for the worse, I might add.

    Until we partition the numbers of crimes by the factors that influence criminal behavior, for the purposes of our statistical analyses, we have to assume that origin is not one of them (versus the alternate hypothesis that criminal behavior is directly correlated with origin and that, in turn, directly affects crime rates).

    The statistical procedure of Time-Series Regression is what I would use to test the validity of the alternative hypothesis.

    The number of people of Swedish descent within our target population should be static and predictable across our 5-year time period with any variation being due to unexpected out-migration or mortality. However, the same cannot be said for those of foreign origin whose rates of in-migration, although predictable, are highly variable.

    I expect to see sharp increases in the crime rates (especially with rapes) across the 5-year time period that changed exponentially (as opposed to linear, straight-line changes) and that the percentage increases in the number of foreign immigrants and refugees is the primary factor that accounts for these changes.


    • My family with the European roots used to say the appearance of a Gypsy encampment was always revealed by the disappearance of one’s laundry from the clothes line.

      Do you have the data to support a search for a conclusion? Will you reach a conclusion soon?


    • We have published correlated charts not only to rapes, but to robberies, arson and other crimes which escalate in tandem with Swedish muslim migration numbers. But even that is disputed by some.



    (Note: This contains information relevant to persons who are committing crimes with the full approval of Canadian law enforcement, please post, quote and forward this info widely)

    These are the usual suspects. The crack in the dam is Emerson/Franklin, Manitoba.

    They are responding to the dinner bell our gutless asshole of a prime minister, Justin Trudeau, rang loud and clear a week or two ago when he said that Canada was proudly the first “Post Nation State” and Canada has “no borders”. It was a dinner call heard by human garbage all across the Middle East and Africa.

    Essentially African and Middle Eastern human garbage, self-entitled, predatory and parasitic, uneducated, illiterate, unskilled, violent, backward and savage, shrieking the Marxist buzzwords like “racism”, “Islamophobia”, “cultural diversity” and “intolerance”, their hands extended and all with an overwhelming sense of entitlement based solely on their wombs in overdrive, the color of their skin and our crushing baseless sense of “White Guilt”, have begun to flood into the most lucrative welfare state in the western hemisphere; Canada.

    In fact the vast majority, almost the entirety of this group of African Muslim parasites are criminal fraudsters. There is no substance or truth to their claims, they are economic migrants, they have crossed dozens of countries, including staying for months and years in the USA and only heading to Canada to avoid serious scrutiny of their “refugee claims”. Now they have been informed that if they say they are homosexual they are almost guaranteed a free pass by the Canadian provincial and federal governments who celebrate and promote sexually deviant mental defectives. This process is an obscenity and an insult to the real refugees that Justin Trudeau completely ignores like the tens of thousands of Christians in the Middle East who have been slaughtered while waiting, or the thousands of Yazidi women and children who, ignored by Justin Trudeau, are driven into the rural areas and mountains where they are systematically raped, butchered, enslaved, tortured, and murdered en-masse.

    This new flood of African Muslim human filth is expected to rival that of Europe’s’ as the Marxists, the gutless RCMP, the blundering Canadian Border Services, the treasonous politicians and judiciary, all supported by the Mainstream Marxist media, all in overdrive and in the deepest throes of Stockholm Syndrome, are falling over themselves in rolling out the Welcome-Wagon and handing this scum the keys to Manitoba and Canada. Now, just like Europe, we are on the hook for billions of dollars in welfare support payments for these parasites and in addition to that, will have to suffer the violence and crime waves that they bring with them.

    Yesterday, in Emerson, Manitoba, the gutless RCMP, the blundering Canada Border Services and a gathering of Marxists and Muslims, all with the fawning media in attendance, were on hand to lie through their teeth and assure the Canadian public that all was roses and sunshine and that this wave of doctors, carpenters, architects, welder and electricians from Africa are just what Canada needs. Not one single word of the Muslim war being waged against Europeans was mentioned. It is madness off the charts.

    In fact, with complete impunity, completely free of scrutiny from the RCMP, CSIS and Canada Border Services, through the alliance with the Marxist and the Muslim, these 5th Columnists have set up a welcoming committee across the southern border of Manitoba, running teams of persons who wait at the border to spirit this human garbage into the Canadian cities to the north. And like I said, not a peep from the law enforcement agencies in this country, not one single peep.

    This is exactly what prefaced the disaster that has exploded across Europe in the last 18 months as human garbage floods across the continent from the Middle East and Africa.

    This is exactly what paved the way for the mass rapes, the sexual assaults, the explosion of waves of crime, the acts of terrorism and hatred of Europeans that have all been the handiwork of these Muslim and African “refugees”.

    This is exactly what has turned Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France and so many other European countries into festering sores of Muslim violence, crime, intimidation and destruction.

    This is exactly what gives rise to European and now, Canadian, patriots, picking up weapons to defend themselves, their culture, their traditions and their nations. And who can blame them. Who can blame them?

    Of course one of the driving forces behind this little sewage back-up is the legal industry. You see, in Manitoba, the province pays the legal aid fees for the parasites. So there has been an explosion of lawyers calling for the dismantling of Canada’s border laws and the US-Canada “Safe Third Country” agreement. If successful this will result in a flood of hundreds of thousands of this garbage making its way into Canada. The treason and complicity of the legal industry in promoting and furthering the destruction of Canada should come as no surprise as it was lawyer Dennis Edney and many other Marxist lawyers who worked tirelessly to turn the convicted murderer and terrorist Omar Khadr loose amongst unsuspecting Canadian.

    One lawyer in Winnipeg, an immigrant Muslim himself, Bashir Khan, has set himself a little cottage industry in providing legal services for these “refugees”. Khan heads up the “Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council Inc.”

    Essentially Mr. Bashir Khan, a filthy little Marxist con-artist and litigator, lures this economic migrant scum across the border and then provides himself and his little company with massive amounts of taxpayer revenue for legal services he also provides. It beat chasing ambulances and is fast becoming a get-rich-quick scheme replicated by the legal industry across Canada and the US.

    This must stop. Sooner or later a patriot will pick up a weapon and begin to rid his or her country of scum like Bashir Kahn and his clients. Hopefully our government will see what is happening in Europe and come to their senses soon. If not, they will surely have blood on their hands.

    As for the RCMP and those law enforcement agencies charged with our protection, they have chose the path of least resistance, they have abandoned us, they have chosen treason.

    We also face the activism and treason of our judiciary, a treason and activism that grows exponentially, a treason and activism that is decidedly in favour of the Muslim, a treason and activism that is unadulterated Marxism.

    We are on our own. So be it.

    Let us act in our own defence. Let us act decisively.

    And here is a little icing on the cake. In Edmonton yesterday a Syrian “refugee” (parasite-fraudster), a father of 6 children, Soleiman Hajj Soleiman, has been charged with six counts of sexual assault and six counts of sexual interference. This Muslim animal was at the West Edmonton Mall water park and couldn’t keep his filthy Muslim hands to himself and sexually assaulted 6 young girls. Ask yourselves, would a little vigilante justice be appropriate in this case?, both for this Muslim filth and the politicians who let him into the country? You be the judge.

    Of interest is the series of violent sex attacks and acts of violent aggression and intimidation that have been visited on non-Muslim students across Canada by these Syrian “refugees”, a series of sex attacks and violence that municipal and federal Canadian government and law enforcement have worked very hard to keep secret. This is very clearly treason, pure and simple.

    Here are a few of the cowards that are embracing the refugees and hell bent on destroying Canada. Give them a call and tell them how you feel.

    You can also call the advertisers that list on the “Southeast Journal” and ask them why they are listing on a newspaper owned by Marxists, Don and Brenda Piett, who are actively engaged in illegal trafficking of aliens into Canada.

    Note: By their actions, Greg Janzen, Don Piett, Brenda Piett and Bashir Khan can be considered clear and present threats to the national security and sovereignty of Canada and the United States of America.

    Greg Janzen, Mayor/Reeve, Emerson-Franklin, Manitoba (actively supports illegal aliens) 1-204-427-2557

    Brenda and Don Piett, Emerson-Morris, Manitoba, Owners of “The Southeast Journal”
    1-204-373-2493 Email: sej (at)

    (The Pietts are devout Marxists and routinely engage in the illegal trafficking of aliens across Canada’s borders. Their activities are known by the RCMP but are ignored)

    Cliff Graydon, MLA, Manitoba (supports mass immigration and a “no borders” policy)
    1-204-712-5482 / 1-204-324-9901 Email: cliff.graydon (at)

    Ted Falk, Member of Parliament, Manitoba (silent on immigration issues)
    1-204-326-9889 / 1-613-992-3138 Email: ted.falk (at)

    Bashir Khan, Scumbag Lawyer For Refugees
    (supports mass immigration and a “no borders” policy)
    1-204-977-1000 Email: bkhan (at)

    Ahmed Hussen, Immigration Minister (and proud Somali Muslim immigrant)
    1-613-995-0777 / 1-416-656-2526 Email: ahmed.hussen (at)

    Rona Ambrose, Spineless Conservative Leader,
    (supports radical Islam and a “no borders” policy)
    1-613-996-9778 / 1-780-782-8686 Email: rona.ambrose (at)


    • We don’t need no stinkin’ borders!!

      Trudeau didn’t invent the borderless concept. Laurel and Hardy did. Works just swell.


  5. And HOW MANY FAKE STORIES MADE UP BY SOME SWEDS FROM THE ZIONISTS BACKGROUND are bringing the INNOCENT OTHER SWEDISH CITIZENS OF FOREIGN AND IN PARTICULAR MOSLEM BACKGROUND to the Police and thereafter to the COURTS and persecute these innocents for the CRIMES THEY HAVE NEVER COMMITTED and force them to A VARIETY OF PUNISHMENTS OF hard slavery working of weeks ad monthes , jail, and payments which they hardly afford but instead get longer jail for AND REGISTERED AS CRIMINALLY EXISTING BAD CITIZENS.for even harsher persecutions for the next times and away from the chance that the Swedish Society is normally offering to it,s citizens as pivilages ??????????????????
    Why is the SWEDISH JUDICIAL SYSTEM TURNING BLIND EYES ON the FACTS AND TRUTH behind the made up stories of some NATIVE SO CALLED WHITE SWEDISH OPPORTUNISTS AND RACISTS , confirm and support them and THEIR LIES ??????


    • So, Swedish Zionists are persecuting innocent Muslims? The nerve!!

      Of course, I’ll wait for the release of the documentary. With so much “fake news” being bandied about , it pays to be fastidious.


  6. This whole article is void in the second paragraph.”We can only guess how many of these crimes with “foreign background” are Muslims.” I’m at war with Islam as a religion. But I cannot use supposition or guesses to support my position. I need evidence. This is just speculation.


    • You could try extrapolating the numbers of estimated refugees vs indigenous population? Would give an “educated guess” figure of murder ratio. That would be a strong argument against 1) refugee admitance 2) cultural difference between western vs Middle East/African Muslims or 3) the probable shape of things to come in western countries as Islamic population increases and adopts middle eastern attitude/behaviour


    • Laughably naïve.

      I propose the complete, permanent removal of the Musselmen population from the West.

      Their birthrate and incurable incompatibility with every indigenous ethnicity upon the planet demands it. They go or we do.


    • To you it’s speculation. It’s speculation for those with no work history with refugees, asylum seekers, within terrorism, within law enforcement or within services involving this particular group of people. We have this background so we don’t even need actual figures. We have published plenty of articles in the past supporting this hypothesis from other countries that don not hide their data like the Swedes.


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